birdmad She thinks she's respectable now that she's escaped from that seedy little mobile home park out on the westside down by the freeway and run away to wherever she's gone up in the Northwest.

Let me tell you, child. You are my equal in debauchery and dirt.
The stain of the things you have stolen and the games you have played and the lies that you tell yourself and others aren't so easily washed away by a change of place, clinging to you like the faint scent of patchouli and sweat, clinging to your karma like the stench of cat piss that haunts the trailer that sits rotting on lot L-543

i couldn't believe how easy it was to bullshit them and walk in, taking back my keys and disappearing, leaving a circle of stones on the walk and a small piece of parchment painted with the same black ashes i sewed into damian's jacket.

though i am always obvious, i am usually unseen

and you owe me for those damn books, tina
birdmad does that mysterious High Priestess card from the crowley deck still pop up after you sometimes

he was the prince of swords, and the ten shall be his fate
ClairE We don't got no toilet!

Don't use that evil_eye on public_television, my_dear.
princess mombi her skin is a bright orange and the insides of her garments are caked with her own petrified body ash. with all those little pieces of foil in her hair, her powers must be mandated by the sun, by Gum! weilding a magic emeryboard to turn her toady cheatin good fer nothin balding, bucktoothed and scabby manfriend into something uglier. which requires the highest order of sorcery. she is great indeed. 020424
helplessly pissed off ever had a forced vaginal exam? ever had your mom leave the room and allow it? ever resisted doctor's orders? ever had a nurse throw you on a table violently holding you down while being sexed like a rabbit? ever been emotionally scarred by this after a lifetime of sexual abuse? ever had your own mother not believe you were molested and nearly raped numerous times? ever had your own mother not understand why you were hurt so deeply by something like this? ever had your own mother actually be pissed at you for having these things happen to you as a child? ever felt like killing yourself for stuff that wasn't your fault so you could just get away? ever not been able to stop crying for days? ever gone back to cutting after being clean for a year? ever felt like the only thing that was yours to control in your life was your body and lost that? ever felt this angry and depressed and filled with rage and tired and sad and weak and hateful and vengeful and helpless all at once? ever wanted to just shoot someone this bad? ever needed a hug this badly in your whole life? 040623
donna yeah, but the scary thing is:

there's more than just one sweetie

one evil witch swirling diabolical magic out of her parents smoke filled trailer

but not one
the many that equal ONE

one cause one breath
one life one death
oldephebe bird - what is patchouli and what does it smell like?

are the rites for a sorcerer different for those of a wiccan?

are they somehow related? do men relate to the magics differently? is it harder for men who dabble?

helplessly pissed off - damn. sounds like your moms got to wake up and stop finding her peace in denial and maybe just realize how much you need her to do that...i've got 4 sisters and i know parents can make serious mistakes when it comes to not honouring the authentic experiences of their daughters and maybe even accepting a little responsibility for whatever explicit or implicit contributions they may have made to thier daughters experiences...or even just to say.."whatever's happened to you my darling nothing can undo the love i have for daughter, my fragile weeping flower nothing can be undone by LOVE..especially a mothers love.."

How can you tell if you're the subject of a spell or something...i mean is there a way to find out w/o being ripped off by one of these gypsy grifters?
oE wait..i thing i meant to say "nothing can undo the love that i have for you.." 040717
phebe ..or "there is nothing that CANNOT be undone by love" 040717
birdmad patchouli is a resin/oil extracted from the patchouli plant (Pogostemon patchouli) it is/was used as a base in some fragrances. it has a very strong, persistent smell to it which can be pleasant in small, dilute traces, but smells similar, in larger or stronger concentrations, to insecticide.

among those with at least some penchant for jam-band-oriented vagrancy it is sometimes used in some degree or other to mask body odor...depending on the level of stink and the quality ad amount of patchouli (just a teensy bit of both in conjunction), this is, strange to say, not always a bad thing.


as for majick, religion, and witch-craft in all of their various forms...those have, over time, become my less-traveled roads. but that's another set of stories for another set of days
venomous angel that little gobshite still owes me for the books she stole 090803
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