puredream I've been dreaming myself a circus. All our faces appear on the heads of clowns and we are clothed in words and whispering a mess of emotion. Spewing from our mouths are silhouettes of dancing children climbing higher to the tops of the circus tent. Each child contains a glowing dream within their back pocket. Atop the highest rafters they line up front to back. One by one each dreaming child takes a step forward. One by one plumetting to the ground. The dreams each fall from their captors hiding their frozen faces of long gone purity. Shattered. The circus ring is littered with broken dreams and the battered shadows of once happy children.

In the stands is a vacant crowd. Blank faces with blank souls, blank words. Each person has their arms outstretched offering a mournful comfort. A song lifts from their fingertips. Echos of the past stray by our faces and lightly singe our hair. The ocean of yesterday encloses our circus ring of clowns and sways and grows like a beckoning fear. Why isn't there any light in this place?

The music is spinning us round and round and tearing words like patches from our clothing. Letter by letter lost words create holes that leave us standing naked and baron in a place of thought. There are ladders leading up to the trapeze and the broken words are climbing to the very tops. Swinging from the tattered ropes daring each other not to fall. The nets have disappeared and the moment of truth is near. Four words stand out. Love. Hate. Tomorrow. Forever.

Love wrapped tightly around the North rope. Hate the South. Tomorrow the East and Forever the West. They all glanced around in a circle and stared directly into our broken eyes. If one should fall which one of us clowns could possibly catch?

On the count of a lifetime they all flew through the air. Hate dashed around Love, and Tomorrow flew passed Forever. Forever held hands with Love. While Hate threatened Tomorrow. We watched with awe as Love soared over Tomorrow and crashed head on with Hate. All the while Forever lingering on the outskirts. Forever jumped in to catch Love just as it began to slip and they both made it back to the ladder stabalizing each other. Hate and Tomorrow dashed round in jumpy circles and Tomorrow begged for Love to join them. Love jumped without a second thought and plunged into the centre of their frenzy. Tomorrow had begun to grasp Hate around it's twisted neck trying to make it fall. But forever wouldn't have it and flipped down trying to grasp Hate's ankle to pull it back up. But Forever tripped on Tomorrow's rope and lost grip. Falling, Forever dragged Tomorrow and Hate down, lost in their rage. But Love still remained. Love quickly grasped the three tightly and with all it's strength attempted to save the three. And they all fell.








Clumsily we clowns toppled over each other trying to save one or all. But we created a mountain of failure, tripping over our own dreams. But just when we had lowered our heads in mournful loss a light began to grow. Looking up we saw the centre of the ring aglow.

The remaining words had gathered together.

Hope. Dream. Believe. Life. Pure. Light. Memory. Forgiveness. Comfort. Beauty. Today. Remember. Reality.

All these words and more entwined to create a net. And unto the centre of this luminescence fell Love, Hate, Tomorrow and Forever. Uttering a gasp of relief we watched as Love let go of Hate and Hate released Tomorrow and Tomorrow picked up Forever. All standing together the words spread apart. Scanning the littered ground of broken shadows each word grasped a frail hand and picked up a fallen child.

Together the words pieced together the fallen dreams and gave a new face to each mislead and forgotten child. Alight the children joined together and lit up the crowd. No longer faceless we can see bright colours and letters upon letters. And scanning the ring we see letters creating words and words coming together to form sentences. A new song is flooding our ears. It slowly lifts all us clowns to our feet. Heads turn from side to side. Reading as much as our eyes dare take in.

A Dream will only last Forever if Love is among it Today.

Hate can only kill Tomorrow if Forgiveness does not stand close by.

Each Memory has a story and to Remember is to Believe.

Even the smallest Light of Hope can Save a fragile Life.

What is truly Pure is the Beauty within.

Look to Love for Comfort, Hate to Remember Reality, Tomorrow to appreaciate Today, and Forever to keep Love alive.

The music around floods our souls with new messages. The children offer new hands to each of us lost clowns. One by one we are joined by a child with a new dream. Hand in hand we begin to walk forward just as the circus tent is lifted from above us. The stands disappear and the children fade into flowing fabrics that surround us. We are clothed in dreams and surrounded by a blue sky. Looking up we see puffy white clouds and dare to whisper of what we see. Our fuzzy wigs and bright red noses slowly creep away and unveiled is a world of blue and beauty. We let our thoughts linger and our words finally flow. We let our dreams live. Our world is a circus and there are no clowns. We are only the children of our lives and the dreams for our life are spelled out in our words. And our words are beautiful.
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luminesence pete... piss off.... this, as well as other stuff...... isn't about you.... or your two cents..... 040607
pete what?

i didn't say anything. *shakes head* if you read something that makes you feel intense emotions do you not acknoweldge it?


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pete plus, on the side, what makes you think i think things are about me. what makes you think that what i wrote is in relation to what someone else wrote? fuck. i dont want to posion this medium any more than we already have. goodbye. 040607
puredream I'm so glad this page is now tainted.

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