Shar I don't get PMS. Really.

You'd be cranky too if you had to go to the bathroom every hour to check if you were leaking blood all over the place.
MollyGoLightly Sometimes I can't get out of bed, it hurts so bad. Some say its natural, it's beautiful. I say its a stupid punishment for a crime I didn't commit. 000404
dicole I don't recall volunteering to be a member of this wonderful procreating chain.
Thanks a lot mother nature
medea I would say that this is the greatest gift.. once you get past the consumeristic bullshit of pads and PMS you can really start to learn about the cycle that lies underneath, it's not a curse but rather an opportunity for self-exploration and self-realization.. "If you think you are emancipated, you might consider the idea of tasting your menstrual blood - if it makes you sick, you've got a long way to go, baby." - Germaine Greer. 000407
dicole gift?
who gave it to me?
I can go through self exploration without bleeding for five days
frippy If men did it, it'd be a ritual part of becoming an adult, a monthly cause for sexual expression among men. Menstrual fluid wouldn't be considered repulsive, pads would be given out at bars, they'd be huge and bulge obviously through pants and they'd be advertised on giant billboards. Fellatio during menstruation would be encouraged "It doesn't taste bad and it's not unhealthy."

And if women didn't menstruate, they'd be excluded from this very important, openly discussed process.
MollyGoLightly As much as I despise my period, I have to say that the above post made me very, very happy. 000505
Tank go frippy, go frippy!!! 000823
gwyllynne the annoying thing that happens every month and acts as a reminder that this body will never bare a child. 000823
chanaka bleeding is a sign of our strength
we are all strong to brave
cramps pms bloating
all in the same hour
i am strong
i don't need my friends for
i don't need someone to give me heat
i supply my own heat
i supply my own strength
Thyartshallshant Wow, i think im the first guy to blather on the topic of Mr. Monthly.
*honored* Well, the way i see it, and you guys are all gonna laugh and say "NO!!! Thats not even true! Never!", but us guys have a similar thing going on with us. Its called getting hit in the balls. Now don't scoff, let me finish. Cause i kno your all sayin "Thats BS cause it dont happen every month and it sure as hell dont last 5 days." But hear me out, it IS the most painful thing this side of childbirth im sure. Its compareable to getting hit in the lower gut with a good sized hammer, but with the pain originating at the gentials and reverberating up inside you to your inner stomach. This is a pain that also triggers the need to throw up(lucky us). And depending on how hard you were hit, this pain, a pain that you nearly paralyzes you when you have it, can last for, at the most, a whole hour. Can you imagine the worst pain you ever felt being centered directly at your gentials for up to an hour? It hurts me thinking about it. But im not done. Figure this happens in a mans liftime between 15 and 20 times. That is a hell of a lot of pain. Probally nowhere near what it is to put up with all the shit of womanhood, but its still something, something to think about while your all cursing the day you were born women. You all may kick me in my proverbial balls now.
cazzi 15-20 times in a mans life you say, well this happens bloody 600 times in our lives and it's not just an hours pain, it's about 120 hours pain. I woke up this morning hardly able to move. so count yourself lucky. 001231
Thyartshallshant *puases proverbial kicking* I do, Thank You :) And i never said it was the same thing. *blows whistle* *commence kicking* 001231
moonshine Dear god, its me margaret 010110
Sintina hurts at first, then you take a pill, then it's just routine:
Bleed, put on a pad and/or tampon
Bleed more, change it
Bleed more, change it again,
take another pill if it hurts again,
Bleed more, change it.

I often forget I'm even on the rag. It's not that big a deal to me.
My boyfriend hates it though.
unhinged i really would like my uterus removed....i used to want to keep it in a jar and save it for later...but now i realize that a uterus is just an evil thing for me. 010110
Shugarhi I see menstruation as another thing that brings women together and gives them something to talk about...

But it IS a big pain in the ass!
grand poohbah of hate why so coy, it makes you hot and adds lubrication. it also makes going down taste a whole lot better 010517
Dafremen Like I told my wife and three daughters this morning:

Why don't you all go somewhere and bleed for a few days?
grand poohbah of hate all in a field together, having one of those wonderful fried green tomatoes moments we are all hearing about and giving the rest of us the chance to grab a few beers and beat the crap out of each other (which is our version of the same thing) 010517
god menstual flow is tasty. 010527
Aimee I hate my body because of it. I can barely move during the first 3 days, and since my mom believes I'll go out and fuck every guy in town, I can't have birth control pills. So instead I'm put on pain killers that don't work worth a shit, but require me to eat a huge meal before taking them cause if I don't they'll rip my stomach lining to shreds. God I hate my body at least once a month. It almost makes me wish I could get pregnant.... cause my mom told me they get better after children.... right... 010527
god i can make you pregnant, but be warned. it's a lot of responsibilty (especially when i do it!) 010527
Keemeers You just try cleaning sheets and then not want to curse genetics. 011025
simon i like the patterns
blood &the thick
globs like D-P-D- test&
spattered bugs from
my cunts
yr big red pad in
the morning left for
some time might(if
yr lucky)become
what's it to you?
who go