jennifer girlwholikesgaymen: boogle boogle boogle
violababe16: AHHHHH!!!!!
violababe16: you snuck up on me!
girlwholikesgaymen: I try
violababe16: I love that song.
violababe16: hehe
girlwholikesgaymen: ??.... don't think I have heard of the song... who's it by?
violababe16: "I try" by Macy Gray
girlwholikesgaymen: okay.... i see
violababe16: it's really cute.
girlwholikesgaymen: cool
girlwholikesgaymen: so.... how've ya been?
Yahoo! Messenger: violababe16 has logged back in.
violababe16: oops!
girlwholikesgaymen: have fun?
violababe16: I think I did
girlwholikesgaymen: hee hee.....
girlwholikesgaymen: well.... I got stood up by my Mark friday
girlwholikesgaymen: stupid bitch
violababe16: oh! Poor thing!
violababe16: hey, David's being an ass!
girlwholikesgaymen: really..... I'm sorry
violababe16: I don't know why, either
girlwholikesgaymen: you must really be pissed... you're calling him David and not Davita
violababe16: he's just being kind of, "oh, uh, hi Jen"
violababe16: I know!
girlwholikesgaymen: My mark was supposed to come in town, and hang out with me
girlwholikesgaymen: he never came in... at least if he did, he never called
violababe16: argh!
girlwholikesgaymen: QUEENS PISS ME OFF
girlwholikesgaymen: maybe it's their time of the month
violababe16: no kidding!
girlwholikesgaymen: ggrrrrrrrrr
violababe16: this EXACT same thing happened this time LAST month, swear to god
violababe16: he was being a poop
girlwholikesgaymen: you know... now that I thinki about it... Mark was being this way at the same time in Oct.... Nov too
violababe16: god, they DO PMS.
girlwholikesgaymen: oh... but I bought a chair today
girlwholikesgaymen: atrociously ugly thing
girlwholikesgaymen: green and orange striped... I'm going to get pics of it and put in on my web site
violababe16: but the sad thing is, I'm PMSing at the same time he does. It was really bad last month, we were bitching at eachother NO END
violababe16: cool!
girlwholikesgaymen: yeah.... me and my mark do the whole "cat fight" thing... god, he's worse than a GIRL
violababe16: oh, David too
girlwholikesgaymen: men... GAWD
violababe16: but he looks like a mental patient when he does fight with me
girlwholikesgaymen: hee hee.... that I want to see
violababe16: kinda like when he dances, too...men...*sigh*
girlwholikesgaymen: let's kill them.... they'll never breed anyway
violababe16: let's!
girlwholikesgaymen: hee hee
violababe16: ugh...David's running to his OTHER best friend (we're kinda rivals, sad I know), and complaining about me, I can tell.
girlwholikesgaymen: man..... life sucks..... :P
violababe16: grrrr...Julia is sooo irritating
violababe16: we're, like, exactly alike
violababe16: it's scary
girlwholikesgaymen: I know how it is... my mark has his DARCI (stupid... ew!!!) and she is in CONSTANT fights with me to see who can marry mark fisrt
girlwholikesgaymen: it's like hellOOOO
violababe16: oh god.
girlwholikesgaymen: it's... just... geez.... then she found out that we (me and mark) are going to Vegas this summer, she practically threatened me
violababe16: Julia just does all these things to make me look like a bitch to him.
violababe16: ugh!
violababe16: argh....
girlwholikesgaymen: because we stay in the same hotel room, and I'm always sleeping in his bed... she hates me more than his mother does
violababe16: oh my god.
violababe16: that is pathetic.
girlwholikesgaymen: I know....
girlwholikesgaymen: at least I know that I WILL NEVER "HAVE" HIM!!!! she just doens't get it
girlwholikesgaymen: I mean... with me and mark, it's like Nina Barowski and Georga Hansen from Object of my Affection
girlwholikesgaymen: totally
violababe16: I wish Julia and I could be better friends, but she doesn't seem to want that to happen
girlwholikesgaymen: yeah.... I kinda wish Darci would lighten up a bit... she's a real nice girl
violababe16: she thinks there can only be one "Grace" (like W & G)
girlwholikesgaymen: but a little.... off.... in the head
girlwholikesgaymen: YUP!!!
violababe16: grrrrr.....
girlwholikesgaymen: I get that reference too
violababe16: I hate that!
violababe16: OK, there's this big monologue me and my friends have about Julia and David, wanna hear it?
girlwholikesgaymen: yeah
violababe16: Ok, David plays the viola, rigfht? And he is FANTASTIC
girlwholikesgaymen: yeah...
violababe16: so he's gonna grow up and go to Julliard...
girlwholikesgaymen: wow.... sweet
violababe16: but Julia wants them two to settle down and live together somewhere
girlwholikesgaymen: oh geez
violababe16: and she is just tying him down!
girlwholikesgaymen: live somewhere is understandable... but I highly doubt he will "settle down" with a GIRL
Yahoo! Messenger: violababe16 has logged back in.
girlwholikesgaymen: tee hee welcome backj
violababe16: argh!
girlwholikesgaymen: yahell.... evil
violababe16: so, anyhoo...where wasd I?
girlwholikesgaymen: julie wanted to settle down... tie down david
violababe16: yeah.
violababe16: and whenever he gets all excited about leaving for arts academy next year, she gets this irritating sad-puppy look on her face
violababe16: and it makes him feel bad about following his dreams like that.
girlwholikesgaymen: ggez
girlwholikesgaymen: she has no right to do that too him
girlwholikesgaymen: it's not his job to make her happy
violababe16: she's the kind of person who'll fake sick so he'll call her during lunch and cheer her up.
violababe16: ugh.
girlwholikesgaymen: she has to realize (like I have to with mark) that he has his own life and his own dreams, and if she is not in them, then that is not her fault, but she can't change that
girlwholikesgaymen: she can't force something that isn't there
violababe16: I just let him be, and he appreciates that, but Julia is SOOOO manipulative that is affects him greatly how she treats him.
violababe16: it's so sad, he doesn't know how to function w/o Julia, he's been friends with her for so long.
girlwholikesgaymen: yeah.... I kinda see where he's coming from
violababe16: he complains about her for hours on end to me, even propsing "a trial seperation"
violababe16: proposing
girlwholikesgaymen: I had to do that with mark... I ahve concentrafted on him for so long, that now I am trying to back away, and it's killing me
violababe16: and then when he's finally getting somewhere, she gives him all this affection and he changes his mind!
violababe16: ARGH!!!!!
violababe16: and then she gets all this attention, and it just makes me look horrible all over agian, because I usually encourage the trial seperation!
violababe16: oh my gosh!
violababe16: I NEVER rant like this!
girlwholikesgaymen: geez..... if we wrote this down it would make on helluva scrip
girlwholikesgaymen: t
violababe16: yeah, it would...a soap oprea
violababe16: opera
girlwholikesgaymen: but a cool one
girlwholikesgaymen: that was actually interesting
violababe16: wow
violababe16: it's going on RIGHT NOW...
girlwholikesgaymen: i know... it's weird isn't it
violababe16: he's being SO annoying
cares "puddle me" he said
new worlds found
he never came all the way back
Arwyn "mommy I made a puddle!"
"it's all yellow and purdy!"
jesse i stepped in a pud muddle 020725
phil today 020729
kermits_perfect_ainbow_/^\ i almost drowned in one once then i got up went on with my day. 040229
Tenra drip drip fell the droplets dropping in the puddle 050322
amillio a bottle has tipped it's self over, and slowly poured it's life onto the table. emptied it's soul out and now it's very essence is being soaked up in this new world of splinters and varnish. soaked through, the filthy remains now drip from 'neath the wood out onto the yellow linoleum floor creating a oily puddle that sort of resembles the way i feel inside when i'm alone 051002
p2 i tried to read the above conversation
but halfway through
it liquified my brain
which leaked out my right ear
and dripped down to the floor
forming a big gray puddle
Joins p2 in Brain Liquifying Experiment p2 is brainless!

p2 cleanup in aisle 5! 051003
Laughing bring extra mops!!! 051003
p2 for that size brain
a paper towel will do
flowerbed on a cloud In Le Fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain, there is a scene where Amelie vaporizes into a puddle of water on the floor. Within just a second of seeing him and some other being stepping in, she melts.

It is how I feel tonight.
lostgirl knows the feeling 110707
what's it to you?
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