paste! wow, those two weeks sure went up quicklike, eh jabronski?

so what should i do now? i've done alot of different shit, but specialize in nothing. i like/need money, but unwilling to sacrifice any personal standards for it. i kinda like working with people, but i hate everybody else. hmmm, damn i miss college. any suggestions for paste!?
ClairE If you need quick cash, you could sell blood or ::shudder:: telemarket. I'll think about it and get back to you.

Hope you don't have to stoop so low.
Norm If you don't want to stoop that low you could always go one step higher and sell drugs, steal or prostitute your body. 011202
god get a menial job at a reputable firm with a future, work your way up, learn a trade, get insurance and benefits, retire by the time you're 60 011202
paste! gracias;
following the suggestions of--

ClairE: plasma if necessary
Norm: by the end of the week. hopefully i can steal some weed, sell it, then sell my johnson.
god: now that's really stooping low. unless i can somehow pull it off and retire in a few months, nada.

but really, contrary to popular belief i can be fairly rational. a job and some cash? easy. because it means so little.
ClairE Yeay!

Good_luck, dude!

Keep us posted!
paste! 2 1/2 months later and i'm back into that goddamn worfkorce. down with joining the worfkorce!

ahh 2001------
taxes my backses.
file my nuts...support the NEOLOGISTOCRACY!
ever dumbening wanted:
experienced oon, flonto preferred, proximity to scahu a plus. flarchsquidlery proficiency desired.
apply to:
666 The Honorable Vanderfookin Dr.
Scahu, TJ 90125
paste! i rule.

i quit my job again.


(aside:) what's it gonna take, oh paste!, to commit thyself?

i must have "strange personal integrity" or balls or something to keep walking out of jobs without having a backup plan. ah fuckit. (tattoo it on my forehead...)

12 days of corporate schmoozing is more than enough for me. and it's funny how they placed so much of an emphasis on keeping call times down and not so much on actually helping people and providing the RIGHT answer for them. as long as the ILLUSION of help is there, and it's done quickly, everybody is happy, or so we're supposed to believe. i talked to an old grumpy vet from florida yesterday who was pissed off about slow connection times and whatnot and the solution i gave him (verbatim from the "tools" we use) wasn't gonna work and i knew that there was no logical way it could work, yet i had to lie and convince him with full confidence that "this will take care of your issue, sir". and so on. all day the same thing. it's really sad how a company like that can be so successful. it's a baffler. anyone in tucson wanna give me a job? i can dance, charm, criticize, make up things, hang out and puzzle people...

is open to all job offers.
birdmad vs the red tape (or ami the red tape?) dude, if this wasn't the sublime horror of state government and there wasn't a hiring freeze in place, i'd lobby for ya up here in phoenix.

hey, run for office, god knows integrity and balls are in short supply in the legislative chambers round these parts
carne de metal see blather_from_work . 020312
minnesota_chris Me too. Jobless that is.

The temp job ended about a week ago. I'm going to try to collect unemployment for a change. Actually do some job searching, see what I come up with.

I really want to be a hitman. But only kill really mean people. I wonder how you could get a job like that.

Things to avoid in my_next_job:
Shrill middle aged women bosses
Small cubicles
Places where they call you "the temp"
Data_entry / filing
Critical people

It's odd really. I'm smart, really smart. But I just can't seem to get my shit together enough to find a job, or get another degree. Can't hold my head up enough to succeed at a job interview.
June shut up chris
i get jobs
i just don't go to 'em

what's it to you
you're over there one the other side of the damn planet concerning your brain cells with some fool's lack of empowerment, i mean employment
minnesota_chris hmm. I know lots of truly unintelligent people who always seem to have a job. They never get fired, no matter how doltish they are. And when they are available, the employers just lap them up.

Well, folks, it's resume/want ad/odd job time again.
realistic optimist having my unemployment benefits end was the best thing that has happened to me in a long time! (strange, i know, but it broke the spell of my stagnation, and now amazing and wonderful things are transpiring.) now i have a great temporary job i can be proud of, and some time to figure out what to do next. good luck to you chris, and i hope you're doing something fun, paste! 040410
minnesota_chris right now I'm paying $4000 to student teach for 3 months.

When you add in the fact I'm not working, those four months are going to cost me around twelve grand. I'm working at a job for negative money.
daxle When I did my student teaching I had a similar reflection. The real teacher of the class was definitely getting a deal. However, having taught for a couple of years now I think it wasn't actually that odd to have paid for the experience. I learned more from my student teaching than from any of my classes. The more you teach, the more you learn about teaching (hopefully). 070919
minnesota_chris I believe it. It's just so expensive and long. 070920
Lemon_Soda I didnt have to pay for my student teaching...is that normal? 070920
stork daddy i hate life. 070921
what's it to you?
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