402_325_6058 WHEEEEE 000807
ClairE Thank_you!!! 011219
j_blue i have little faith in things like luck and hope


dont_get_me_wrong, i still believe in them, just not very well
grim teat So so-and-so informs Napolean of such-and-such, saying he'd make a good general and listing all his applicable attributes.

Napolean listens, then says, "But is he lucky?"
amy one of these days you'll learn how to say goodbye, i suppose. you have to want the finitude, although not for it's own sake. 8-9 years ago i would have said it wasn't tragic. now i know this isn't the case, but i also see the no-way-out zones that i passed through (or as thought i did since my head is not as firmly on my shoulders as pride would have it...) i was wrong. it no longer matters. fate sure did call. a graceful note is plucked: the times lie, no need to save yourselves for this nothingness. always believe in a good future. is it dark tonight? uhhhhh, yah. 080819
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