splinken when a mosquito lands on your hand, and you decide that it would be interesting to watch what it does--what it does hurts like a motherfucker.

mosquito bites are not supposed to hurt. and they don't. unless you turn your attention to the mosquito as it pokes the thingie (purely scientific term) through your skin. it's quite a sharp, needle-like pain.

but as you watch, you'll notice what a polite little movement it is. delicate, even. mosquitos really are lovely, if you take the time to look at them.
typhoid probuscus, maybe.
but the face_fucking_bats, man, gotta watch out for them... no beauty there at all.
splinken oh hell.


where do they live?
Barrett I'm de Bat-man! 001011
silentbob Mosquitoes are insect pests that occur in areas of stagnant water or they migrate from distant breeding areas. Mosquitoes lay eggs in the water where the eggs hatch into larvae, called wrigglers, within a few days. The wrigglers feed on microscopic plant life, molt several times as they grow, and become pupa, or tumblers, that turn into adults. The entire process from egg to adult can be as short as 7 days. Mosquitoes can breed in any stagnant water, including cans, tire swings, and plugged rain gutters. The females suck blood from mammals before laying eggs. A localized reaction on the skin to the saliva injected by the female causes small bumps on the skin that can itch. Control is implemented by eliminating standing water and implementing chemical treatment of breeding sites. 001117
tourist Or in the case of small water fetures in a yard or garden toss in a few cheap goldfish, they'll keep the population in check by picking off the wrigglers. They look pretty cool to and if a cat eats them you're only out 50 cents or so, unlike the more expensive Koi. 001117
florescent light I think they
are living
in my bed.
Every day I wake up with a bizillion more.
Last night the bites were big...BIG.
They didn't look like a bite, more like my elbow has blown up, and my legs, my poor legs. Give me a moment to do an Official Mosquito Bite Analysis (OMBA).
Results are as follows:
Right Leg=12
Left Leg=8
Right Arm=1
Left Arm=0

An official copy of this OMBA may be requested by writing to the address listed thereof.
farmfish poor girl. don't let the bed bugs bite. 010429
florescent light uh oh- there's one on my forehead.

It itches.
mmm they r the reason i hate this time of year... that and alergies 010503
Keemeers I remember when I was little and we used to want to collect tadpoles just like everyone else. We used to think it would be great fun to have a bunch of little green frogs flipping around on our front lawn.

So I took a large, empty mayonnaise jar and ran down to the pond behind Michael Clark's house. There was nobody there, but me and my jar and then soon me and my jar and my tadpoles.

And my mom wouldn't let me bring them in, she said it wouldn't be good to have frogs jumping all over the house in a couple of weeks. So I left them on the front porch.


The mosquitos hatched and they swarmed around our front porch, thinking it was their eternal pond of gratitude. We couldn't leave the front door without getting massive northern welts.

I never collected frogs again.
nocturnal "The last mosquito that bit me had to check into the Betty Ford Clinic." -Patsy Stone 011112
blue star The Minnesota State Bird.

Has anyone ever seen those gigantoid-ginormous mosquitos that like to hang out on walls? They're like 2 or 3 inches long... well we call em Mosquito-Eaters... does anybody know what they are? I've always wondered.
stork daddy it does hurt if you pay attention, just think about the power we have over our sensations if we choose to pay attention to them. We can amplify the most innocent touch untill it is rapture. Another cool thing to wait for the mosquito to be connected to you...and then send a surge of energy it wasn't ready for...just flex, squeeze, show it what you're made of, and the blood will rush and it will explode. It works with some people too. 020512
big K " m o s q u i t o spells mosquito
and i hate them so
you little
m i s q u i p p
spells misquipp, and that's a
baby mosquito "
Borealis I am a mosquito
a blood sucking bitch
with one purpose in mind
take as much as you can
doesn't matter who you destroy in the process
doesn't matter who you hurt
who you leave with welts
that infected puss filled welt on your wrist,
is my gift to you
puredream and I love you for it. 040616
puredream oh but hey guess what?!?!?!

joe I'm so not down with those little fuckers... i like my blood just where it is. 050418
Aquarianmind The large insects that look like giant Mosquitos that blue was asking about - those are Crane Flies. They do look a lot like mosquitos, but in fact they are just strange looking flies. As larvae they eat vegetation, as adults they eat nothing at all. They don't really eat mosquitos, nor do they suck blood like one.

They are truly benign creatures. I look at the ones that come into my house as temporary pets - they're really cool to watch. :)P
notcute they know i hate them
they know i want them to go away
they know i will try to kill them
they know i am half terrified of seeing their distorted bodies on my hands after i do
i know its them or me
Harlequin light is low and soft and life begins to move when the mosquito lands on your hand. it's light and tickly and their feet makes your skin twitch and it's a female that comes to suck your blood, comes to use you for her, comes to take some of you away for her own purposes.

everyone looks through their own lenses.

Mosquitos are clever.
ever dumbening good evening, my friend. it is 2:43am, here in california, and now it is time for your end. you took my blood; i take your life. it's that simple. you picked the wrong night to fuck with ever_dumbening_le_artiste.

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