Kristopher I forget exactly how we met, Sara and I, but it may have been at the arcade. I was giant weirdo, she was tiny weirdo. Oh, wait, we still are. . . Heh.

We worked very rarely together, discovered a similar joy for anime, punk, swordfighting, the word 'Huzzah', goth and goths, and our fun at trashing ravers who came into OUR arcade. It wasn't the manager's or the superior's above him, it was muthafucking OURS. We ruled with a black iron fist.

She is funny, and she likes my laugh. She's pale, and has short multicolored hair. I like her.

She's in Alburquerque now, doing computer stuff. I'd like to go see her again. Eh, sometime, that is.
Mahayana Wait a minute baby
Stay with me awhile
Said you'd give me light
But you never told me about the fire

Drownin', in the sea of love
Where everyone would love to drown
But now it's gone, it doesn't matter what for
So when you build your house, then call me home

And it was just like a great dark wind
Within the wings of a storm
And I think I had met my match
He was singin' to me
And undoing and undoing
The laces, the laces

He said "Sara, you're the poet in my heart
Never change, never stop..."
But now it's gone, it doesn't matter what for
And when you build your house, well then, call me home

Hold on baby the night is comin'
And the starling flew for days and days
And I would stay home at night all the time
When I could go anywhere - anywhere - anywhere

Ask me and I'm there, yeah
Oooh, you ask me and I'm there, 'cause I care
In the sea of love where everyone would love to drown
But now it's gone, it doesn't matter what for
When you build you house I will come by

Ooooooooo, Sara
All I ever wanted was
to know that you were dreaming
Oh...Oooooooo, Sara, baby
Well, there was a heartbeat and it never really died

--Fleetwood Mac
ganz doll dich Das hättest du wohl gerne. Sarah ist meine Freundin und..." Jetzt war es David, der lachte und seine Ex-Frau so unterbrach. 030129
me I and Sara... we are friends! did you know that? 030129
blueberry When I met her I wondered if she knew that she scared me, in a way that I didn't want to admit. And still I couldn't stop looking at her, like Frances. 030129
jimc I just wanted to find a place to say how much I miss you and to talk to you for a little while. Since I last saw you in 1998, many things have changed, yet many have remained the same. You would be so proud of the girls. They are doing well and have managed to adjust to your departure. It took a while for them to want to take a nap because they were afraid that what happened to you would happen to them. Jimmy is well, Jimmy. He's tried to cope with it all, but he's just as lost as he's always been. We were all hoping that you leaving would help give him some direction in life, but as usual that did not happen. He and I are still great friends despite the fact that he had to compete with me for your hand and your heart - something that he for some reason never got over. Your ultimate choice was the right one for all of us as the time. Although, just as Wendy and I really started to have problems, you were the first person to come to mind. By the time it was all over, you and I had said our final farewell and you were gone for ever. I don't know if it was our friendship and the deep respect you and I had for each other, or your deep devotion to God that made me want to seek you out, but I knew that once it was all over and done with her and I, that you would be there to help me put it all together because you would be there forever. Alas, that was not to be the case. God decided that he needed you more and called you home at the young age of 33 and I'm sure he is pleased that he did so. I don't make it to your grave as much as I'd like to. It's a long drive and I don't make it up that way very often. The ox roast at Tom's just isn't the same without you there and with the 5th one since your death coming up this weekend I'm sure nothing will change. You are always thought of and talked of with such deep respect by all those in attendance. My life has been one big roller coaster ride since you went home. Wendy's mom died not 10 months after you did and I lost both of my Grandmothers along with my marrage. I've had some really good parts of my life, like some friendships that were the best so all is not lost. I did go back to school just like I always said I would and managed to stop smoking for 3 weeks shy of 5 years. I will quit again, I just don't know when. I hope the Memorial Day weekend will be the one for that to happen - again. I miss you Sara and I hope with all my heart that I, like you, will be admitted to God's house so that I may see you again. 030521
jimc ok sara so I decreased your age by 10 years - I figured you'd be happy by that - so much for knowing how to type I guess. Now maybe you'll quit haunting my dreams and picking on me. haha. I that Jimmy is not going to mak it his year - as usual, he's bitter about one thing or another so he's staying in NJ for the weekend. As fr he estof us, we will think of you, talk of you and toast your loving memory. We all love you and miss you. 030523
jimc we tosted you, we cried, and we all fell in love with you even more. may we meet again one day. 030601
jimc we tosted you, we cried for you, and we all fell more in love with you. may we meet again. 030601
megan chased her stp dad with a butcher knife when we were in the third grade. i thought this would be the start of an exciting friendship 030602
Fire&Roses I may never see them again... any of them... so what if i love them, what is love... love can go forever but people are not permanent. So I will lose them and they will lose me... and who will call me Sara? Who will ask for me on the phone? Who will visit me when i'm all alone? 030608
ClairE chardonnay_on_saturday 031118
its one of those things Sara Macel
ha ha, you searched the internet and found your name

it is my gift to you. Shhhhh
pete "i miss you knocking on my door" she said. now that i'm back into a more first year state of mind, i miss having her door to knock on. 050925
jane her name burns into the part of my brain that can't stop thinking of him, the way he can't stop thinking of her. 050925
... flo 060523
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