deb laundry laundry
such a chore
but what else can you do
when your socks just
have to be
downy fresh?
deb ::smiles::
i'm not neurotic
i swear
For sure! i do the laundry. well, technically, i just fold the clothes. it's not as bad as it sounds. it's cool. 000712
twiggie i think there is a laundry gnome. he's hidden, so you can't see him while you're putting clothes in the washing machine. he's a little bastard too because he keeps stealing my clothes. 010121
syd Arnold Layne had a strange hobby
Collecting clothes
Moonshine, washing line
They suit him fine
On the wall, hung a tall mirror
Distorted view, see through baby blue
Oh, Arnold Layne
It's not the same, takes two to know
Two to know, two to know -
Why can't you see?
Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne

Now he's caught - a nasty sort of person.
They gave him time
Doors clang - chain gang - he hates it
Oh, Arnold Layne
It's not the same, takes two to know
Two to know, two to know
Why can't you see?
Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne, Arnold Layne

Don't do it again
twiggie that was one of the first pink floyd songs i listened to. i love it. 010121
unhinged i stayed up til 6am last night doing laundry with jessica and we sat in the basement talking about why we were up that late and drinking vending machine coffee. we saw lenny kravitz's naked ass on t.v. i had a small and large cup of cafe mocha and a vending machine pizza because i was still munching from earlier in the night. god...everything is so damn complicated when i'm in youngstown. he's never going to talk to me again. maybe you could change his mind or help him where i can't. 010121
chanaka if i wear dirty socks tomorrow, will anyone notice?
i'll do laundry this weekend...promise
reworn two weeks
and my asshole landlord
still hasn't fixed the dryer
maxwell thorne Looks like it's time to do my laundry.
I'm pretty much out of clothes, but I wonder how much longer I can go.
Isn't that always the way I do things? I wonder how much longer I can push the limit, until it's too far. Of course, by then I've usually made a mistake in my judgement, and...

too late.

I've got to stop this.
Toxic_Kisses What blather has just reminded me to do ^.^ 011217
Zoe when i was ten or so i wrote a story about finding this perfect man/god in the laundry mat. we would go off into the sunset and get married. what a load of shit! 020528
eddie monster last night i dreamt of zoe
we didn't go off into the sunset though
thanks to heather i'll probably never love like that again
thanks to her the most i'll ever have now are good friends
i guess its not all that bad
who hasn't given their heart to be had
all the bodies who'll never love again
who'll hurt more hearts
when does the cycle end
sometimes i drive through heather's neiborhood still
boys don't cry so tears never spill
hearts yearn for love though
mine stretches, shrinks, sinks and dives
memories, love, hurt, pain, pleasure, betrayal, revenge...
when will she go away
looking over my shoulder
inhabiting every second i exist
it's a negative trend
it's the worst memory
her waving, saying her goodbye, looking so beautiful
all the things i felt when we made love
with all the innocent freedom and devine direction as a pure dove
love is a sick toy
love is a perverted little boy
love is a dog in heat
love is a one night stand
love is a fist fuck
love is a dick suck
zoe, you were really good last night
it was so dark i could hardly see you
your bitter smell was sugar to my senses
your copper blood mixing with mine
what a mess of each other we made
see you tomorrow
eddie eddie is eddie monster 020721
girl_jane I wash it.
I dry it.
I rarely fold it, but when I do, I fold it in the nude...
eddie are you talking about clothes? 020930
Casey No matter what I do it always smells bad when it comes out of the machines in my dorm.

Or maybe it's just because I wash my clothes in the toilet.

But if a toilet isn't ment for washing clothes, then why does it still have a coin slot?
misstree oxiclean actually made quite an impact... the hubby's white socks were much whiter, and his pink ones were more vibrant, much to his chagrin. his inability to grasp the "things that bleed vs things that don't" concept always makes me grin affectionately. 030930
once again Usually on saturdays... i pull on my robe straight out of the shower and I gather the clothes from their places on the floor. Like harvesting some strange fruit and i throw them into the washer... together, because I learned long ago that reds only run in the first washing. And i sit and read to the gentle thunk of the clothes in the washer, before getting up and putting them in the dryer. And then I read in the warm humidity of the dryer. 030930
misstree i once dated a guy who was constantly leaving shop towels tucked in the laundry (rough red throwaway cloths), which run like sissies and keep running forever. even trying to clean with them will dye your counters pink, as i found out when i was helping him clean his house. :P 030930
girl_jane Does anybody have any quarters?

This paying for laundry sucks...
apocalynx try paying for laundry with a card. especially when you've got to use a machine that only takes 5s and 10s. and a microchip that never works. curse you difficult laundry!

oh, but the ends do justify the means. clean, stain-free, springtime-fresh shirts rock the proverbial casbah.
warm straight from the dryer. mmmmm.
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