Tank the fact that i smoke cigarettes when i am drunk... 000720
dailyallowance going up into the address bar and typing /c/cheating.html when you get sick of trying to find the word you want. 010106
Tybay the word that boils in your mind when you see her blue fucking eyes and fake laughter 010506
Lyle McMahon
Gangrene. Panther. Jack in the ball. she is she was she will be, she isnt. There once was. I wish I could be. Now I lose my sanity:
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tell me if you like my words
yummyC confusion.
torn between two people.
blown cherry Who would throw away love for such a foolish a cause as this?

Once I slipped -
a mottled night and the few cloudy days that followed -
because I was in pain and didn't think he cared anyway,
only to find I was mistaken.
Attempted manslaughter (if you will)
on the soul of the person I loved the most.

Never again, never again would I cause anyone such misery.

sylphide I cringe when i think of how gawky i must have seemed, walking down the street, staring into my hands with that smile on my face..
i'll never forget how emancipated i felt in that very instant, reading his message over and over again.

Anyone who'd seen me would've thought I was truly happy.
sylphide call up, ring once then hang up the phone, to let me know you made it home.

Chasing love up against the sun,
strangers by day, lovers by night,
knowing it's so wrong but feeling so right.

I've got something that i must tell.
last night someone rang our doorbell
and it was not you.

And then some girl called our exchange but didn't want to leave her name.
I guess that two can play that game.
unfaithful it's funny because i seriously dont regret it at all even though i should. i had way too much fun to want to take it back 040511
saboteur romantic cheating? patriarchal silliness. 040512
:( I fear the possibility that unfaithful could be (you). 040513
specialk if your "significant other" was cheating on you, would you want them to tell you? Would you care? would you rage, or cry, or run away? would you forgive him/her, or would you leave him/her? would you rather have had them break up with you THEN go and fool around with someone else? i believe i would rather have them confront me first about how they feel, then we could try and work things out 040626
Mahayana and then just like that:she never ever trusted again: 040726
hencewhat im doing it but its not being done. I am the mistress and the cheater all at once. He is my boyfriend and He, is my aphrodisiac; He is also dating someone else. He doesnt know that theres someone else tho. Neither of them know about the other. I know about her though. they are 2 different from each other yet i find them both so attractive. One is more worth my time though, i just dont know it. Do you catch my drift? I hope you let her drift and save our ship. And she walks along the edges where the ocean meets the land
Just like she's walking on a wire in the circus. She said she'd like to meet a boy who looks like Elvis.
twisted_existence if i had known right from the very first moment i laid my eyes on you,

when you opened that blue door and walked into the room and took a seat behind and to the right of me,

that five years down the road

everything we were to spend our adolescent years planning and building and fighting for

was to be rendered meaningless
by a single decision you made...

two hours in the back seat of your car
with a girl who was not me...

if given the choice to redo or erase every moment i spent with you

im not so sure what i would choose.

i am who i am because of those years we spent together,
because of what i learned from you,
because of what i taught you,
because of what we shared.

and maybe it wasnt worth all the wasted time and emotions and empty words and "i love you"s...

and i guess we'll never know what would have could have should have been.

and thats alright.

because someone better came along
just listening now that i'm looking for it
for signs of you
i'm finding the same story everywhere

my heart pounds because i think, for just a moment, i think i've found you. Then as i read further, i realise it isn't you. It is someone else's story. And yet they all tell the same story.

AnErOm a word so common to me an everyday thing ..i cant help but cheat its in me i think nothing of it and it thinks nothing of me how do u say u love when in reality what is love...?cheating..damn i fucced up again 061010
just listening case in point 070113
what's it to you?
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