MollyGoLightly i have a hickey on my neck. i have a hickey on my neck. i have a hickey on my neck.

la la la!
The Schleiffen Man uh oh, teria! bad baby! 000705
sEth Ive never had one. 011110
Annie111 me neither. doesn't it hurt? 011128
ClairE Once Adam gave me a hickey under my chin, and Maggie noticed it.

(He'd be in love with Maggie later, for at least a year while we were dating--maybe he was even then--and then later still, I'd find out.)

And I couldn't really see it, but it was cute, and lasted eleven months.

Funny, huh?

No, they don't hurt. (necessarily)
Norm They burn like acid! 011128
whoknows are fun to give and receive 011128
unhinged "so you burned yourself again with the curling iron huh nicole?" 011128
Syrope lol i love getting and giving hickeys but none of the guys ive been into have really felt comfortable with it without prompting from me...i have one now that's taking forever to go away...
11 months!?
unhinged bruises

purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, brown, red

taste the rainbow
blown cherry somehow I have trouble believing 11 months...perhaps it was being refreshed weekly?

I remember years ago I would walk into work and walk up to my friend Paula and show off my latest hickey with a flourish and say "Guess who?"
She never approved of my 'free lovin' ways.

But they do have a tendency to get me, and the people i give them to, into trouble.
(Sorry Jase, but you got me back anyway)
Luckily, most of the boys who may have been disturbed by the presence of a hickey not placed by them, have been too unobservant to notice them.


I probably only get them in order to provoke a reaction.
Silly attention seeking me.
silentbob almost maybe 020428
cheer-up-emo-kid never had one. given many though... 020515
shay sound like a slut 020907
jane i knew a guy named seth hickey
can you imagine what his girlfriends think... "if i married him, my last name would be hickey."

next day:
"i think we should see other people."

i don't think seth had many girlfriends
daxle I used to have a guitar teacher w/ that last name, and he had a wife and kids... so apparently it can happen. 020907
D y a n n e I had 2 hickeys once My mom didnt let me go see my boyfriend at the time for about a week after that Oh well its a great thing my sister let me borrow her makeup 020908
werewolf the delicate place for a hickey is the lower stomach. a smidgen to the right or the left of the hips. how easy the transition from nervous laughter to unstable silence is with her. how easy it is to hiss and pop and say things I could never say. how can a word like hickey suddenly mean, not high school and sweaters and bumbling turned swooning, but also a light bruise under the skin, the discoloration of another's mouth dragged from the deep up. How can it suddenly mean not even aware of the possibilities of the time, but lost, lost as if we were staying at some lost hotel, where everyone's in their rooms all day, and there's never a bill, never evidence of toil. 020908
werewolf except for one hidden place. one place you keep to yourself, to see what it is that's really happened to you throughout your life. and it's temporary and permanent in skin and memories. 020908
unhinged was it from him or her?

god, why do i have to be going through this moral dilemma?
endless desire haha i have a hickey on my neck
its from the guy my suspects
what a mess i have to fix
pull out my best lies
and my best tricks.
lo he left hickey on my breasts and they were sore the whole day afterwards. everytime my shirt pressed against them i felt tingles everywhere. a whole day of reliving the wild night before...damn that was hot. 030606
pobodys nerfect Back when I was in highschool, I gave them the nickname "trademarks", because I'd see kids walking down the halls showing them off in the same way you'd expect to see someone showing off expensive clothes or shoes. It just seemed stupid to me--allowing someone to put their "mark" on them like that. It reminded me of when cows get the stamps burned into their butt. 030606
endless desire i had never had a hickey on my neck
and even this one was light
and easily covered.
but i've had them on my breasts. . .
from all the wonderful things you do to me.
and if i dont wear a bra
the nipples do (tingle) when they touch the cloth.
and i rub them a bit
and say, "it was worth it. . .
oh god it was worth it"

and i agree.
if i had paraded around my school
with a hickey on my neck. . .
i'd only be teased the whole day.
and that's not exactly the kind of attention i am looking for.
pobodys nerfect I should clarify that I'm not judging anyone for having them, it just seemed to me at that time, that those kids I talked about seemed to be showing off being "owned" by someone and I just didn't like the idea of it. I know I personally wouldn't want them on me, but I'm probably just an uptight bitch... :P 030606
crimson At this party a little while ago, we went into the best room in his house- the attic. Most of us were high and mellow; we pulled out pillows, turned out the lights, and played one record after another as we faded in and out of sleep on the purple-carpeted floor. I sucked on his earlobes and kissed him and hickies were exchanged. But we're just friends, I guess. 030920
DavesHeroinGirl Blather imitates life? 030920
EECP "I bit myself shaving!" 030920
you suck fuck you, you bastard! 040513
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