andrea make dreams come true
cross another one off the list
fill a glass jar with leaves
& put a bug in it
wipe the dust off the shelf
see the sun set on your duties

all before you take the time
to breathe

copyright 2000
Q actual three_words:

fireflies soulful can't


fireflies soulful do

okay, got it right now!
god . 010105
mandee3911 fireflies are a different kind of creature. they fly but they're not on fire, they don't even look like fire. its like a lighter that won't stay lit, you know how it flickers and junk. but a lighter is fire. but i don't think they are doing that to their butts, that might be kinda hard to do. i bet they hate having a glowing butt b/c all those lil kids want to catch them b/c the look cool. then that die in some little box or something. it would be cool if they had lil lightbulbs to pull the string to turn on and off, i bet they would like that so that they could turn off when lil kids come near to catch them. or maybe they have a switch and the fireflies are all playing a game and they'll turn their own switch off and some mean fireflies will turn it back on so the kids can see it, so they have to turn it back off. and its like a big chain reaction. haha those mean firflies would be laughing until some meaner ones turned ther switched. haha. i don't think i would want to be a firefly. they don't live long and prolly don't have a good memory, (although i don't either but its prolly not as bad as theirs) you know fish have a 3 second memory span. wouldn't that suck. no wonder they can live in a fish bowl. they forget everything. so i guess it WOULD be ok to kill tuna for sandwiches b/c they won't remember it anyway. but anyways fireflies prolly get killed easily too, i wouldn't want to be small and junk b/c people don't like bugs. and they like killing them. my brother calls people who kill bugs "bug boy". and i told him "ed, you call people who LIKE bugs "bug boy"" and he still doesn't believe me. oh well, kids. um yea so fireflies are cool. and the word monkey is cool. saying it really slow. it sounds so funny! hahahahaha. i want a pet monkey, but i wouldn't eat him, like some poeple, some people like to eat monkeys, i would have a nice monkey and he could be cool and we could toke together and do triple C together and just rock out all night long, hahah coulg you see a monkey on triple C or MJ?? haha i bet thats full of laughs he would like dance around and junk and you culdn't help but laugh, especailly if he was really really smart so he could like do what you said, and he could like act like a chicken. HAHAHAHA monkey acting like a chicken. i want one of those lemers or whatever they're called, like the one on zaboomafoo. hahaha um monkeys rules! 020624
cube Gather 'round class... Pay attention you in the back please. Now, this is how you're going to sound under the influence. Worse, you'll be reminded of all the brain cells you lost every time you revisit the site of the crime.

If you must partake and write, best carry an old fashioned notepad around with you. At least that way, you'll be able to burn the evidence...
girl_jane fire_flies 030914
jane can you please kiss me on a summer night with the breeze blowing hold me tight & kiss me with the fire_flies like earth-bound stars can you please just hold me & love me for th person i am 030915
whitechocolatewalrus firefly
the burning spot of my existance
i have nothing better to do
than dream of being everything
i hate bugs
(i hate myself)
and i land on flowers
and i land in jars
i am the surreal joy contained
in a child's mind
i will die
and no one will care
i will die
and be quickly replaced
without a thought to the fire i set
to light my way
i will die
and my fire will leave
nothing but ashes
(dirty ashes)
for others to clean up.
i am a nuisance to society
i am a nuisance to myself.
i am a fire_fly
and my journey through this life
is only dimly lit.
girl_jane How could you see a firefly as a nuisance? Fireflies, to me are one of the most beautiful and enchanting creatures I've ever seen. Sure they're crawly little bugs, but I believe them to be the last bit of magic in this world.

I wouldn't dream of comparing myself to something so innocent...
ofsuch lucy in the sky with diamonds

wow what a magical place

i would fly there just to see that one more time

perhaps i will one year
flowerock Drifting and floating, wisps of amber glow like embers from invisible flames. Sparkling like stars in the forest beyond the tree line, faeries tending the budding pine_cones, playing with glowing hearts showing.
Little love_lights, here_I_am, come_love_me they blink.
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