ever dumbening q_as


please define
kx21 Curse...

Is that the final answer?
Photophobe What is the relationship between Curse and STARs and SHITs.

Can STARs be cursed for false prayers?
Is this how STARs become SHITs?
kx21 Curse is in the eye of its beholder(s)...

One's curse is other's bliss...

Star, shit or curser curses, and is cursed by other stars / shits / cursees...

Is there an end to the loops or minds of Curses? Practically & Probably...


Tell me how to stop or eradicate all Curses...
Photophobe Eradicate all life in U, and there is nothing to be cursed.

But then is U cursed?

There must be a better answer...
Photophobe The curses only come from Stars, shits and cursers? I.e. from sentinent beings?

So How does false prayer relate to curse?

Does one hear a false prayer, and so curse the prayer?

What is the origon of a curse?
oldephebe see there before you the boundless vistas of oppurtunity...

no need to work hard to get what you want

just buy my prayer cloth, and triple your offering for the nest 6 months to sow your seed of blessing

forget about saving your money or investing it or applying for a loan
just stand in your living room at 4am every morning, get my rewards for the righteous program and mini-alter out, stand at a north west angle, lower your shades to three quater length and spin with your arms akimbo and don't forget to roll five one dollar bills together and staple those scriptures published on our high glossed sanctified paper, on the printing press of God's kingdom.

Oh and don't forget to write the scriptures and your name and church member number on the dollar bills. (even though god is omniscient and I have the gift of "The Word of Knowledge") you'll need to place the ritual items in the envelope and mail them back to me and don't forget to order more ritual paper in order to facilitate the blessing. You can't come to God with your sin and limited wisdom, you've got to get to him through the mediation of this powerful Gift that has been set aside for you. God gave it to me!!!

Would you question challenge divine providense? He only wants to bless you, but some a ya'll are just too cheap too stuck in ya flesh, in fear w/o faith to trust God to do somethin' Mighty in ya lives.
im not dyxlexic but i spell like one NEXT not nest 050129
oldephebe and of course that was me being scathingly satirical.

I'm sick of God being pimped out as some kind of celestial fairy god mother

what kind of theological house of burlesque and con is this?

a relationship with god is simply that, a re

actually i've been reading the nietzche page and so now i feel all ambivalent...i mean still saved and loving god - SURE - just not too crazy about the diachotomy of walking in complete faith and humility and this state of total surrenderedness and the whole Superman mindset which you know is vital in a world where competition is vital, unpleasant but neccessary...

so where was i then? false prayers ?

how needy and gullible and weak are people that they would accept patently false doctrine?

here hey now brethren because you've never taken the time to study the scriptures for yourself - i'm just going to crawl out here on this slender reed okay?

and upon this twisted truth built my i've usurped the gospel and twisted and wrested it from a holy place to serve my needs - hey my needs are gods needs cause i'm his servant right?

the lord is not a celestial or devine ATM okay?
tongue lodged firmly in cheek but then the diachotomy was one that was created, imposed upon me by my eclectic sojourns into other modes of thought, so to say I'm not crazy about it suggests that there is something inherent in the belief structure I've chosen to acknowledge and or order my steps by...there is of course not.

in fact some of Niechstzean thought hovers on the periphery of being apostacy or sacriledge, the hellbound hubris of secular humanism

still though, i DO find some of N-ean thought consistant with competing in a world were merit and hard nosed attitude are vital for success in not just the business arena but sometimes in dealing with the narcissistic, and I mean profoundly narcissistically disturbed people that our culture, our so called enlightened heterogenous culture seems to produce.

what's that you say?
You've GOT to be kidding!
I devote myself ecstatically, desperately to ME, to thinking about ME
to manipulating others to love, fear or hate me, I mean I'm so pathhologically self-involved that I've got nothing left for your humanist notions of empathy, your naive notions of compassion...the only persons quality of life I'm interested in improving is mine so there!

by the way, how do I look today?
If someone doesn't tell me soon I fear I I will becoming to a dead stop.

No I don't want to HEAR about the retributive justice of an angry GOD
I've got my own megalomaniacle quests of spite and domination for offenses my narcissistic disorder imagines so that I can have some kind of stimulus to react to, and some pretext for my psychotic and protracted vendettas.

narcissistic disorder - it is perhaps the most over looked causal agent of a an increasing estrangement from the moral attitudes, and or the mores that we either through goodness of character or from a sense of constrained fealty to parental dictate and inculcation circumscribe those base and dark impulses that seem to romp so freely through ALL age and ethnic and class groups of our country.

(how's that for awkward construction?)

It's all good though because one way or another you'll read this and think about ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME!!!!!!

You might say "what a carelessly written sentences, I know you can do better!" Or you might say "Hmmm I never really thought about in those kinds of terms before."

Please don't say "I could care less!"

Oh no because then, because I would begin to die. Then the sneaking suspicion that I have always harbored about myself, namely that I am a fraud, inept and maladjusted, will be staring me in the face w/o the candy sweet ministrations of sychophants to blunt its blow. I HATE the truth if it doesn't make me look good.

Damn right I'm a narcissist. Narcissism is a fundamental aspect of human behavior so there!
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