Shar Women can (and do!) wear bras under their tank tops. Why don't you?

No, I don't own capri pants.

Didn't you know there are other brands than Tommy Girl?

So maybe I am a freaky and/or raging feminist.

You are not more attractive when drunk.

Yes, I do know you guys are not a cult, although your matching bar pants tell me otherwise.

I'm sorry my thought-provoking questions make you uncomfortable. Another brew?

Why aren't you allowed to leave the house without makeup?

Thanks for ignoring me. Seriously.
Brad There are fewer here than my old school. That means fewer less than intelligent barbie dolls, and fewer stuck up chicks. That's nice. 000828
jafb funny how generalizations are -always- wrong 000829
lady lunchbox geez, someone has their panties in a wad. i

'm a sorority girl, and i hang out with the skaters, preps, goths, jocks, freaks, and every other group that exists on this campus. we raise money for charities and do community service. i don't booze every nite, and i don't think i'm better than anyone. i just have a whole bunch of close friends, so they're kinda like the sisters i never had. am i a snob? no. am i a bitch? no.

do i enjoy being in my little cult?

i sure do.
marjorie rah rah rah
this pony tail broke
and i'm worried
so worried
that i will not be there in time
to get a good spot on the couch
close to the keg
black i heard it's a social group for things like giving blowjobs and a way to tell each other how much better you are than everyone else - generalizations aren't always wrong, because i've seen it

it's like a buffy the vampire slayer episode, except they suck more than blood
angie maybe they are just confused...
maybe they have just gotten in a bad habit.
i am sure everyone has done stuff that they really didnt understand...and just let it overcome them...without even thinking about it.
ill give em the initial credit...
then ill decide if they are worth my time
my grandma was trying to convince me to join a sorority...she really doesn't understand...but who is gonna tell her? not me...
sweetheart of the song tra bong They're different here than everywhere else, I'd like to think. I'm trying not to pull the stereotype. The debutante in me made me rush. Now I'm a pledge. I have mixed feelings.

This fleece they gave me is nice, though, and the little rose pin. Whoo and they do service and all that. And there's no sorority house.
I really sound like I'm trying to justify this. Why should I?
It's not like it's a bad thing.
sweetheart of the song tra bong I wear bras under my tank tops.

No, I don't own capri pants.

I don't own anything by Tommy.

I'm a feminist, raging I don't know. Sometimes.

I don't get drunk.

Matching pants freak me out.

Yeah, I don't leave the house without makeup. That's a self esteem thing I think.

I don't know if I'm going to be good at this whole sorority thing.
Aimee I live right near frat row... righ near kappa kappa gamma... or rather... visa visa mastercard... they're all bitchy, and if you insult them, they call daddy in hopes that he can make it better.... I just can't stand some soro-stitutes... Pi phi's are okay though... good drinkers, but good people... *sighs* but i still generally hate sororitys 030206
writings on weed she was a sorority girl in chicago...
didn't drink much
smoked like a chimney (weed)
fucked like a pornstar
gave me a hickey
and a turtleneck
and a night i won't forget
but two days later she didn't remember my name and could barely recognize me on the street.
that sorority girl... i still think about that night sometimes and wonder... damn,
tyger Can't figure these girls out. You couldn't get ME to live in a house with 35 other women unless you tied me up and threatened me with certain death. Even then I'd probably try to escape the first chance I got... 031116
grindmath ok

you realize of course that
when you say
"all sorority girls are this way"
you are being just as discriminatory
as those you claim to despise?

preconived notiions are wrong
whether their about black folk
asians or the much maliegnd (sp) single
white male.

even if its true about a few of them
you can say its true about all of them
in fact, you can't say a generalizations
true at all if there not all that way.

an old english teacher told me once
that the working class can be just as snobbish as the "rich" kids.
and it is so true.

give everyone an equal chance
don't make any asumptions
even though other people won't
afford you the same, just
try to do your part.
it doesn't cost you anything
and it takes very little effort.
girl_jane I thought that I was a pretty open-minded person. I like to try new things and give people a chance. I form opinions after I have something to base those opinions on. I didn't do this with sororities.

I thought that all the girls in them were rich, bitchy, stuck-up sluts.

Now I'm in college. I go to an all-women's college. When I first set foot on campus, I felt an instant sense of comminity, of belonging.

I'm in the honors program. We all live in the same dorm and take the same gen-ed classes. With Searcy, it was another bit of community.

Recently I became part of another community as a pledge for Kappa Delta. A lot of the girls do have money and like to drink, but a lot of them are also intelligent young women with good hearts. Hell, there's even a lesbian in our chapter.

Sorority girls can be what's been discribed by other people here, but there are a lot of girls that are worse that aren't in a sorority.

I have gotten crap from my friends about being in a sorority-my little cult...but they quit after they realized that I haven't changed.
falling_alone i pay to have friends.

seriously, everyone laughed after they found out that i, the antisocial artist joined.

but i love my sisters, they accepted me right from the start.
devilbunny Not everyone desires to make a career out of being a falsely perky fucktard. 061110
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