Aimee I updated my page hon... it now includes the majestic moose... :)
Casey It's beautiful!!! Can I pet it? 020503
Photophobe oh my god.
you're a comic genius.

Thanks babe!

Nice antlers.
blown cherry just wanted to say thanks.
Before I went to see you my mind was a mcflurry of a thousand different flavours,
and then somehow you managed to wipe away all my neurosies (for now at least) by doing hardly anything at all.
Arwyn Casey... get your hands off my moose... unless you're intending marriage I think contact of that sort is unwarranted.. :)

Photophobe... I thought you might enjoy that.

blown cherry... please explain... I'm confused....
Photophobe (I think she was talking to me) 020505
postcards from nowhere fan As strange as it seems to me,
you are my absolute best friend just now.
And believe me, I am very hesitant indeed to replace the usual owner of that title for even a moment.

No one else knows quite what I'm feeling.
What I mean to say is that no one else knows about the psychotherapy,
and the suicidal thoughts.
And you're the only one I trust with those things.

You inspire me, and leave me in complete awe.
And when I said you were the most beautiful thing/person/object-from-a-distant-planet
that I had ever laid eyes on, I wasn't joking.
I meant it when I said that sometimes you are too beautiful for me to look at.
I stand there mesmerised, until I can no longer bear it and have to tear my eyes away or be burned by the sun.

Try not to think of beauty as a feminie description, that's not how I mean it.
I mean it in it's pure sense.

I don't expect to be your best friend, but you've told me some things you haven't told anyone else, and I'm flattered to receive that trust from you. And now I know you care about me enough as a friend, I no longer have to be paranoid about the seething anger you've held towards me rising to the surface, or at least maybe not so often?

I enjoy our rambling conversations, I enjoy having my thoughts, and even my emotions questioned and challenged by you. I enjoy you, and all that is you.

While you still want to be good_friends,
I have another reason to keep breathing.

Dafremen I'm popping in because I paid for a half an hour of internet time and I have time to spare and well, hell, your blather is as good a place to spend a few minutes as any.

Thanks for being so colorful do0d, believe it or not...THAT is wherein lies my appreciation of blather...and of you as a character in the blather_book.

See also DAFFY

P.S. Good luck with the band. The missus, kids and I think that you picked well.
Photophobe Glowing Wow thanks heaps Daffy.

I'm glad you paid for too much time, because that was the best compliment I've received in ages, blather_compliment or otherwise:)
Dafremen Just balancing the scales man(silly Libra that I am.) I go positive...then negative in spurts.

Anyhow you earned it fair n square I always say...I just want a show for a show...even trade. I consider ours an equitable arrangement in that respect.
Photophobe Alrighty. I concur. :) 020531
trentona shi' man,
some of your stuff is damn amazing.

you seem to like science ficion an awful bunch?
Am right.

anyways, I think you're writing is neato!
blown cherry I don't understand how people can just go around their ordinary lives and walk past him and simply not fall in love with him, or at least stand there with gaping jaw in perfect awe of everything he is. (everyone he is too) 020828
Photophobe compliments will get you nowhere... 020828
josie I read once that you can own him should you convince him you understand him.

Why is it that the relativity of your mind/heart photophobe depends on a degree of convincability as opposed to the actual truth? Or, shall I beg your pardon, am i taking those words too literally?
Photophobe no you're not. If I beliveve X understands me, then OBVIOUSLY, from my point of view, they DO understand me. Thats all that is required to own me. I'd prefer if X did understand me, but how am I to tell? I've been fooled before. 020828
josie So in philosophy, if X does have the ability to convince you, or 'fool' you, so to speak, then your love does rely on convincability and therefore the love of X can be a considered a variable. 020828
klaus does X have the ability to shut the fuck up? try it sometime!
and keep your legs closed, josie... this is embarrasing to watch.
josie lol.. screw you klaus.. erm, i mean.. do'h! 020828
Photophobe blazing wow you can keep up with the extrodinarily simple nature of my almost-argument. clever girl.
Of course its a fucking variable. Why is this such a big deal to you? Tahts what I was saying. established. ok good.
Dafremen How was the information I sent you? I'm very curious to hear. 030214
devalis I never look at the camera
someone even so you're extremely cute. 030215
blown cherry At first it was just utterly blinding hatred, then it evolved to a less urgent but still smouldering hatred which involved wishing never to see him or hear about him ever again. Now we have settled down to a small, nah, bugger small, a great delight at hearing of the odd misfortune he suffers, and a fairly strong hope that the rest of his life is lived in misery and pain.

It's a hate that runs right to the core. It's a hate that I love to feel.
sanguineous all the words on this page are beautiful. 050917
. fuck you 090526
Photophobe indifferent Anonymous insults will get you everywhere... 090705
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