fix Your house is air, you have to pay for it if it is not built yet, then you have to get depressed and spend every day of your life paying off the mortgage.

State owned property and land is a dominated big brother fucked up dictatorship, you know why because no one owns it, you want to get pissed off for the rest of your life arguing how you are going to fit your house into your grave ?

- Not having to pay rent or a mortgage sounds like a bloody good idea to me. It would prevent stress, worry and depression which would result in better health therefore less money/energy would go towards the NHS.

How much or your earnings goes towards paying your rent or mortgage ?
How much work is that then ?
How much time is that then ?

That time could be spent doing excercise, which would make you health much better, the rest of the time could be spent doing things you enjoy, like gardening, designing Feng Shui houses or skateboarding maybe; that might help decrease your depression.

If you disagree with that - that is your choice, if it sound like a dictatorship or if it sounds unfair then stand up with a banner, it usulally works, go on an anti war march, that works too.

In a dream world we would simple throw powder paint at each other and smile more, nobody should dictate that !

Maybe the rich might stand up with a banner for once, throw a strop, it's not fair, it's not fair !

Well it's lucky that nothing but nothing is fair in this world, not the children that loose both their parents in a war, not the people that only eat bread, not nothing, is it fair that you were born into LUCK ?
It is LUCKY then that the rich are only a minority in this world.

You want Staus because you want an ego right !
Why in hell do you want an ego ?
I respect everyone in the same way, from the Queen to the beggar on the street.

The balance is a joke, it is nowhere near a ying yang even, it is a black circle wit a tiny tiny white dot inside it. make it a balencE, i won't fight you for magenta pink when it's on the other side of the park.
Strideo I don't plan on spending my whole life paying for a mortgage. The way I see things is it's the choices we all make. I'm not rich and I don't earn a particularly high salary but I'm willing to sacrifice certain things to achieve my goals. It's about stability rather than instant gratification. Just paying a little extra towards principle each month on a 30 year mortgage can shave off 10 years worth of payments. Now my mortgage will be payed off in 18 years instead of 30 and maybe I'll step it up even more a few years down the road.

I hate paying interest to the banks. I hate debt. Debt makes you economically weak and it robs you of your freedom so I avoid it when ever possible. I choose to pay off my credit card every month. I bought my car with cash instead of taking out a loan. These things are mostly achieved on the spending side rather than the income side. Like I said I'm far from rich. I don't have all of the luxuries that I could probably afford but I do have some nice things here and there and I have everything I need. So what if I don't have all the cool stuff that makes for a trendy lifestyle? I'll live quite happily with out an HD TV for a long time time to come still.

I refuse to take up the mantle of victimhood and blame others if I don't get what I want out of life.
Lemon_Soda Huzzah, Strideo...that is the correct attitude in my opinion.

Never blame circumstances, they are circumstancial. Infact, don't blame anything. Just do what yo uneed to do to get the results you desire. If its your lifelong dream to be a homeowner, then do whats necisary. If your lifelong dream is to wander until the road pulls home, then DON"T get a mortgage.

Negative questions breed negative answers breed negative questions, etc.

Rembmer to take into account HOW your looking at things as well as WHAT your looking at.
pink paint uuurmm, sorry, what century are you from?
what is a mortgage?
"negative breeds negative" , yeah, of course it would if you live in hell.
dosquatch A mortgage is the really big loan people get from the bank so they can buy a house.

Hush, now, honey, the grown_ups are trying to talk.
gja read Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino 070717
somebody While I may not agree with you entirely, Fix, there is a lot in there that I do agree with! 070717
fuffle what don't you agree with?
can you eat your house?
can you eat a diamond?
is your house already built or not?

oh sorry! your house is a pyramid for your death day. now i understand.

life is all about possessing things, about having the best objects to prove your status to the world, ....

and a hut is just a shelter, what it is ment for. Not to say there is anything wrong with designing excellent fun and cool things that we all could enjoy without putting a price on it.


I lost my Mumma at an Egyptian market once, she got nearly as sick as me, she was so worried. i went in a Rickshaw to a Mosque. I collected all the buttons from his Ricksaw, he told me off for picking them all off... hee hee...
i ony wanted a souvenir :-)

When i got inside the Mosque, I emptied out my bag. i laid out my lucky charms to show the holy man what i had in my bag, the Dalai Lama's book on "Love and Compassion" , a Miffy rubber (from Moofaffu), a note pad, some fun animal stickers, a bottle of water, some orange peel, sunglasses, my mouse toy (that compensated for a magic man that didn't come to my birthday party) and a few egyptian blue bugs a shop keeper gave at Hatshepsut's Temple.

The holy man wasn't very happy with my display but to me this is not a holy building when i believe the whole world is a temple, including each and every person that exists in it, i packed my bag and left, nevermind. I think i might have been more confussed than him anyway.

When i don't have any money to pay an Egyptian rickshaw driver to take me back to the wrong boat, i just wrip up the edge of my newspaper and pretend it is money, he wouldn't want one of my lucky charms anyway, he is stuck in system of exchanging money, i must pretend also.

how much is a hut to buy then? anyone know?
Lemon_Soda My opinion is reserved until I know whether you pay rent and whether the computer the blathe on belongs to you or not. 070719
what's it to you?
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