sabbie and we turned up
to your housemate's gathering,
eyes a'shining,
wings a'shiver.
and we huddled in the back yard
from the onslaught of sleezy boys
all gathering,
vultures gathering,
gathering around us
in your backyard.
and we huddled under the jasmine
and you drank,
and they drank,
and they watched us both
with hungry,
vacant eyes,
all the while gathering,
gathering around us
in your back yard.

and when i got home
i found the jasmine you hid in my bag
and now my house
smells of that night
and i can still see
the sleezy boys
gathering close...
sabbie exotic noisome scent
magic aural scent
gentle scent
sweet scent
close scent
secret waiting scent
wise all knowing scent
full of power scent
omni everything scent
godlike, god.ful scent
dark, mysterious scent

my room smells of all of these.
my room smells of jasmine.
unhinged so young
such a shame you've given up hope
everyone here knows you're burning with
optimism's flame
and low grade dope
didn't you on your own?
where's god when you need that bastard most of all?
he's absent from your latest spiritual role call
everyone here's got that seed of doubt
then a change of heart that comes mid-fall
didn't you on your own?
does hope weigh as much as you say it does?
hoooooow does it feel to know that we've left you
on your own?

frank silver, ivet

i wonder about these lyrics sometimes. they are overly personal to me. it makes me want to cry everytime he sings them. i can't wait to have a recording of this song.
flipchrist i cant recall how it smells, but i do like aladdin and i know a hot girl name jasmine 030322
june you know it doesn't matter because i knew it would happen all along so what's god going to do about it
just like what's love got to do with it

absolutely nothing

should i get high grade dope maybe

my soul has been so crushed
Playmaker Jasmine was a foreign exchange student, I first saw her in the gym. She was a cross between a girl who used to live over the road from me when I was young and a much more attractive Jennifer Lopez. What I'm trying to say, in essence, is that she had her own look.

I noticed her watching me one day, I watched her in the mirror until she noticed me looking and smiled, I carried on until she looked away...and then looked back at me again.

A couple of days later I gave her a smile as I was heading out the gym to which she said "Hi!" with a smile you could never hope to replicate. I detected the accent at once, Spanish. Game on.

She started wearing tight fitting bottoms, once even wearing lycra hotpants and doing stiff-legged deadlifts in front of me. I took my t-shirt off, under which I was wearing one of my Underarmour shirts. I told her I'd beaten her, she laughed.

I told her I had a pet goldfish I'd just love to acquaint her with and we headed back to mine. As I burst through the door to my room, her hand held mine tightly. Once the door shut I cupped the back of her head and grasped her autumnal hair, pulling it up as I removed her top.

Her breasts had a perfection about them which one only sees in airbrushed media. They truly had no flaw. I lay back on the bed as she got undressed. Her body was a delightful juxtaposition of muscle and tone. From an evolutionary standpoint, she was a worthy candidate. Her Triceps Brachii and Vastus Lateralis had a sublte convexity about them which I adored in the highest degree.

She was vocal.
somebody I'm told my cock smells like it. 070707
gja Is a stange girl I know.
At first I just noticed her physical presence - extraordinary - the curliest most amazing "life of its own" blonde hair you have ever seen.
But there is more. Alot more. I have spent a ridiculously inapprorpriate amount of time thinking about her. I mean way too much.
Things I know:
She is lovely to look at and concious of her figure, I suspect she likes people looking at her.
She has two boys - large age gap, and very different lads. Different dads.
She likes heavy metal.
Is more comfortable with men than women.
Is concious of not being seen as a dumbe blonde, ie, speaks about her qualifications readily.
Is from out of town - a rural chidlhood.
Lived for a while with someone of noteriety in NY city, and, wears it like a badge of honour.
Lives now with her mother, who my friend describes as "a goer" but seems like a professional victim to me.
Also lives with her sister - who is the "creative" type and couldnt appear more different to Jasmine(sp?) if she tried.
Things I think:
She is hard core.
She has, briefly, fancied me.
She is a escort.
She is a biker girl.
She is not as smart as she thinks - and uses her "whiles" to get what she wants.
May respond well to overt advances.
Likes getting high on good quality gear.

I shouldnt think about poor Jasmine(sp?)anymore. Its not healthy.
three words joey jasmine who_the_hell_am_i 120108
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