typhoid through the sky through the air through my mind never stopping never resting keep on going... moving forwarnd never looking back the sky shifts bluer see right through her never resting always testing no relief 000208
andrea actually seeing him tonight
made me realize how far we
actually venture in the
course of one year

he seemed so different
almost like he lost the
carefree spirit in him
that i grew to love very
quickly last summer

& i only wish i could see how
many, how drastic the changes
that have rippled through
me since then

still, i thought i felt, when our
eyes met, that same connection,
the mental meeting we used to share

& when he held me in his arms,
even for that brief second, i
felt relieved, relaxed, elated
like walking through the door
of my house after a long trip

& i really liked it

copyright 2000
unique butterfly totally sucks. 001109
marjorie oftentimes things require us to move to get them/use them/kick them... pretty much anything.
move move move move move
over. roll over. roll over.
and they all rolled over.
and one fell off.
psychobabe i gotta keep on moving
so i pray
and wait for a sign from my god
they help me proceed as i lay
and dream of my future
i miss those times
so i PRAY!
and wait for a sign from my GOD!
they help me proceed as i LAY!
and ream of my FUTURE!!
i miss those times.....
too meeee
too meeee
please come back to ME!
please come back
to my please
Strideo who knows when I'll be back online. It may be sporadic untill I get a landline setup.
Strideo and moving that fridge was such a bitch.
camille the furniture moves itself across the room changing scenery within walls

i walk outdoors find freedom to run
without walking into doors and windows

curtains blow like banners in the breeze like an angel on fire it's time to move, banners block my view...

a caged claustrophobic bird
remains because the rent is free
yet freedom from the banner covered cage is worth more than a striped sunset, or a newspaper to read, or it's chirp

working on a room with a view... past restriction
ungreat you're not.
not anytime soon i suspect.
and it's not completely your fault.
well mostly.
just dont drag me in with this.
dont drag me down.
everything is perfect right now.
at least enough of the time.
i'm not gunna try this experiment out with you.
but everytime you talk like you do,
i feel like i should be moving too.
unhinged packing

i loathe the process, but the end result of this one is going to make me much happier. a place all to myself, within walking distance of the grocery store, bank, drug store which means wasting less time taking the bus to run errands. but, the whole part about not having a roommate anymore...*sigh* these next couple weeks cannot pass fast enough.

(oh and by the way ever_dumbening, my new place is a milwaukee version of yours. almost exactly the same floor plan with a little lower ceilings. i don't think you want to know what my rent is though.)
unhinged begins today

as long as bitchy mcbitch doesn't decide to go back on giving me the keys today AGAIN
unhinged (and i feel oddly calm considering my elevated stress level of recent weeks) 080726
unhinged seems fated to be a disaster

the building manager had to go down to another property about an hour away because of some emergency, so i cannot get the keys until 3pm which means the person that was going to help me today can't....but i can only laugh. *sigh*
skalix i love this word. 090205
In_Bloom Momemtum
... let's go!
xelda moving dredges up all of these memories
some of them pass quickly, painlessly: either because it's been processed or because it's been buried (or both!)
some of them seem like they're passing quickly but leave dreams or feelings, like a snail's slime trail
some of them spring up out of nowhere, a previous life that was all but forgotten, if it hadn't popped up again just then. "that is some shit," you say.
there's a blather blue lite low level angst upon my life and I can't even convince myself to drink enough to make it worse.
parsing it mostly sober. how mundanely functional.
unhinged may have been the easiest yet; i left most of the work to the roommate since he has the summer off of work.

a new place to make mistakes in is always somewhat refreshing
what's it to you?
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