Lemon_Soda Hmmm...

That makes 2 people so disgusted with me that they never want too post to blather again...

Can someone please put me in my place? U24? jane? Daf? Birdmad? Realistic? Misstree? Silent? God?


Is blather better off with out my mouth?
birdmad i got no problem with you... 080130
bird besides, it's not like you blathed some large, asinine string of keyboard-farts like asdfhoierpoweropw and then had the gall to wonder why nobody found it fascinating or amusing.

pretty much damned near anything else is at the discretion of every blatherskite to either read or not read and then to ignore or argue over as they see fit
u24 don't be silly. we all ruined blather. 080130
jane i don't think it's ruined & don't understand why you think that way 080130
u24 which is to say: I know I've done my fair share of ruining.

I don't really want to get involved. I've read everything and have my opinions. I think Sonya took what you said too personally. I read what you said as a general rant against that kind of attitude rather than against the specific person who blathed it. I've ranted like that before too. Blather is public; if you don't want people to respond in a negative/unexpected way then don't write it in the first place (I'm guilty of not following that advice!) or have the good sense to accept it gracefully when they do (I hope I've followed that advice but please show me the blathe if I haven't).

I find it quite amusing that one of the first things Sonya said was that "It occurred to me that people take blather way too seriously". I'm not having a go at you Sonya, but you have to admit you fell into that trap quite spectacularly there.

Overall: fuck it, it's blather. There's nothing to ruin. But try not to make it personal.
disclaimer: above post was made before jane's. 080130
bird yeh... me too, i'm sure there are a few people for whom i have fucked this place up and over several times running. 080130
p i've done my share of ruining too. really keep on blathing. 080130
see: what_has_blather_become 080130
auburn and it ruined me. 080130
auburn but I'd do it again if I could. 080130
minnesota_chris bah, don't worry about the cranky asian girls.

don't feel sorry for yourself either.
REAListic optimIST I'm not sure why I was selected as someone you would want to tell you like it is or put you in your place or what have you, however, I am of the opinoin that blather_is_blather and that Sonya needed to say her peace and that you also had an opinoin that needed to be aired. If everyone would be more curious about why someone thinks what they think rather than affronted because of their assumptions about that, then people would have fewer ulcers. In short, blather is easy to cheapen, but difficult to ruin, and I don't believe you've done either. 080131
Bespeckled Oh come on, guys. Blather is only as ruined as how much any given today-yesterday column sucks.

Don't stress.
. . 080428
B-50tourist Now I Ain't No Student
Of Ancient Culture
Before I Talk
I Should Read A Book.

But There's One Thing I Do Know
There Are A Lot Of Ruins
In Mesopotamia....
amy hey, are you referring to Babylon again? jiminy... this ain't no tower! this ain't no disco! 080428
daf We've examined this time and time again here at blather.

It seems to me that what binds TRUE blatherskites together is their willingness to wade through the occasional and frequent waves of tedium, ugliness and mediocrity to find the heart of what blather can be.

There is no ruining blather. I'm almost sorry that Dallas and the other blather gods felt the need to put in the anti-bot verification, but I understand that even free expression should perhaps not be automated in that impersonal a manner.

Still, this is a living, breathing organism of thought and ideas that we are experiencing here...some of us for many years..enough to have gone through its more common cycles once or twice.

If you would judge blather as a wounded place..then you are right.

If you would judge blather as a place of healing..then you are also right.

IF you find blather to be offensive..then you are most astute.

And if you find it to be inspiring..then you are a sage as well.

If you see blather as common and mundane..then truly..you are an observant creature.

And if you find it to be rare..exquisitely unique in cyberspace..then your perceptions have not failed you.

This is blather.

Do not presume to know it. For you do not. Only facets of it...only pieces and fragments at a time..as they reflect what you are going through at this point in your life.

You cannot ruin blather..it cannot ruin you. It can only help you..by helping you to explore what you..and so to some extent we..are.
tourist All As Echoes
Ancient Reverberations
Shimmering In The Tropical Heat
Mirage Like

Every Great Civilization
Is Conquered
Life Goes On Amid The Relics
Myths Arise

Pools Of Cool Shadow
Lie Amid The Harshly Lit Stone
Thoughts Meander Here

No Rhyme Or Reason
Just Curious Scratchings
Etched Into The Mute Stone
Tales Of Kingdoms

Heroes And God Kings
Epic Fables
The Day To Day
The Common Thread

These Eyes
These Ears
This Nose

Bear Ongoing Witness
To The Resiliance Of Life
Wise In Simplicity
In Essence
meta meta 080428
Bespeckled I wonder if we'll be friends forever. 080428
ivyducktwilightseto ruined? far from it, my friend. As long as there are words and there remains a coherent thought in them, i think we shall be certainly secure in this world of blather.

although, i do believe kx21 came very close to utterly ruining this place... like a virus to the cell was his unceasing spammmmmmmmmm. blaH!
unhinged kx21 s spam actually had a theme to it, that seemed at least trying to convey some kind of message about their beliefs. you must have missed the spamming that resulted in the blather_gods adding the captcha to the add form. now THAT spamming almost ruined blather. 080429
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