bahia the greatest sugar-rush you will ever recieve 011107
Sonya Anime: Extremely detailed and exquisite artwork merging with animation so flawless you feel as though you're watching live action; plots rich with symbolism and underlying messages that keep you awake at night wondering exactly WHAT that series or movie meant; eyes so wide you almost wonder if the innocence expressed through them even exists in our world anymore; music that exists nowhere else that permeates your daily humming; creative entertainment made not only for children, but the adults as well. This is anime and these are some of the many reasons why it's one of my favorite things in existence. 011107
silentbob golden boy, ninja scroll, and all that good shit. 011107
Photophobe Lodoss wars is so much better if you do the translations yourself.

You can tell from the expressions on the characters' faces that they've got a creepy feeling. But when the subtitle
"Seem an evils intent lurks indeed"
comes up, it kind of ruins the mood. Better to pretend I can speak mandarin, and do the translating myself.
Sonya Anime is Japanese though, not Mandarin. ??? I must have missed something. 011107
Casey The greatest artwork made into movies and T.V. The detail and emotion displayed is great. The feeling you get from watching, whether it is laughter or suspense, it is great. Ghost in the Shell, Vampire Hunter D, and more good shit. 011107
Grievance one of the best mediums of expression imho. Everything Sonya said and more.
Neon Genesis Evangelion, Serial Experiments Lain, Gundam Wing, Ruroni Kenshin, Gundam X, Noir.
These are my favorites, all deep in symbolism, story, and character. some more than others.
Grievance and Princess Mononoke.
so many cringing realities.
Fansubs are great.
squigglybee anime is great, i agree. akira was on tv last night, but i didnt really get into it. 020706
firejdl My favorite anime is currently a toss-up between Scryed and Trigun. Trigun has been around longer, I think, and I saw it before I had the chance to see Scryed.

Scryed (pronounced s.CRY.ed) is definately a cool anime. Sure, the idea might not be the most original, but the way they do it is awesome, as are the storyline and graphics.

Trigun is a really fun anime, involving some of the best characters I have ever seen, and definately one of the coolest settings I have ever seen.

These are only personal favorites, mind you, and while I'm not much of an authority on anime, I'd definately recommend that you see them, if you haven't already.
firejdl Oh, and I'm currently watching Noir. That's another really good anime, with fun characters. If the storyline continues on the way it has been (getting even better than it originall was), Noir might very well be one of my favorites alongside Trigun and Scryed. 020904
PyramidHead I love that stuff. Akira is my fav. I love evangelion, cowboy bebop, blue sub no.6, Vampire Hunter D, and ghost in the shell.

All are deep in symbolism. The animation cannot be beat by any crappy american animation. A lot of it asks really deep questions about religion and
moral stance and why we exist. The mood that is set is so broody and dark, sometimes light or solemn or content.

I love it!!!!!!!!!
Zatu I have to admit my love for the Slayers. Nothing like cute little fireball-flinging sorceresses and spells of mass destruction. More breast jokes in the Japanese translation.

And then there's Excel Saga [probably mispelled]. Crack. Enough said.

For truly horrendous story and such, try Black Lion. More crack, but funny.

And now I go off to the HSU Anime Club. Taa taa!
User24 akira v gits.

I understand akira's plot better, but prefer ghost in the shell.

could someone explain more of the GITS plot? (I have it and Akira dubbed, perfect quality on DivX - yes!)
User24 spawn is pretty cool, too, a little different, but aminated nonetheless 030531
/anon spawn is american

Akira is a very good anime and i liked it a littly better then ghost in the shell. I still prefer evangelion over both though. And bebop is among the best in my mind. lodoss war is really good too. I never watch anime in dubing cuz usually the dubing sucks.

grave of the fireflies is the saddest movie i have ever seen. I liked it a lot though
niska i don't know - i just don't get it.

it's cartoons.

but, i have a penchant for the simpsons, and rocky & bullwinkle.

so, who am i to say?
/anon a cartoon doesn't have to be funny or for kids. at least not in japan.

you gotta see some of it first. with animation you can acheive the same atmosphere and mood that live action film has. The animation may be cheap but it is very detailed and the cinematography (if you call it that in animation) is also very good. but the plots are the main point. grave of the fireflies is about two children in the misery of WW2 in japan. its very tragic and downright depressing, but anime comes in all genres

so dont condemn it just for being animation. it can apeal to any age or intrest, but people never take it sersiously cuz they have seen pokemon, which was meant to be a kids show in japan but the dubbing sucks so anyone over 10 hates it so anime gets a bad rep cuz of shows like that or DBZ and stuff ARG i wish people didnt do that. judge a book by its crappiest shows...

ok ok im done but watch AKIRA sometime or Jin-Roh or Ghost in the shell and you'll get why people like the stuff
/anon sorry for rambling that wasnt really directed at anyone just people who condemn anime for being stupid jus cuz its a cartoon 030619
/anon oops i mean condemn it for being a cartoon and call it sto0pid 030619
User24 animatrix is good

!!!!I KNOW!!!!


it's not anime, technically speaking, but jeez...
x Lain 030623
/anon it is anime in the sense that its japanese animation. all the animators were japanese. but its not anime in style. it is directed by anime directors mostly though. 030623
in fact the wachowski brothers. 030623
celestias shadow and they have those big eyes, too.... 030706
p2 .hack (pronounced: dot_hack)
see: dot_hack
Death of a Rose hate those 'ohs' and freaky big eyed people who break into crappy indented songs

GITS was good though.
Duos_braid_girl Anime is pretty awesome, but truthfully, there are some pretty crappy anime's out there too. We just see the stuff that comes to America, which is usually just the best stuff. But that doesn't mean that there aren't cheesy anime out there... like Ping Pong Club for instance. No offence to those who watch it, of course... .

But of course, as varied as anime is, American animation could never fully stand up to it, there's just no contest there.

Although I am a big fan of X-Men Evolution, which is american. But that's about as good as it gets.
u24 gen of hiroshima. 040123
Strideo azumanga_daioh is so . . . um . yummy!

my girlfriend says Osaka is her hero.
hyena hooray for cat_soup. it's dialogueless, and it chronicles the journey of two little kittens through a very surreal hell. 040123
ryen Chobits !

because it is great.
otaku I just love Cowboy Bebop, best series I've ever seen.
And the soundtrack is amazing. wish there were more episodes
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