ever dumbening check this one out freaks:

paste!, your secret is out
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ever dumbening our fair blather:

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gorgeous. thanks for the link.
phil I think I'm dumb :

I imagine in the morning to the deaf person
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oh well I wonder if the alta vista translate site is going to get pissed about the extra traffic?

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phil that last one was awesome 021119
look@ this 031010
hahaha they wortgruppen of the words, separated towards outside approximately
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phil Me by the United States and all the cancer which stops a republic loyalty it promises in the indication which in hazard freedom and process the hazard nation expresses the National Anthem of 1 thing in the providence lower part
-U.S. pledge of allegiance
z from: signal_and_noise

The mark and discloses them. Task that is the noises connects with him
in n'importe had begun, of that one system d'entrée sensorial
that he evaluate d'examiner. j'ai, end to ask me if the dreams
to consist of the memory of the cut of the memory to mark for are in
the noises, which they take place of the sensorial systems during
l'inconscience, which they are interprets him, with the
comparisons with the used models, of that really are warehouse in the
memory of the long duration of the suggestion, to examine this
interpretation that you transport the combination meant that and a
symbolic system of the value of "memory".this could explain
new more d'au because he is greater in the part of
the"narrative" of the dreams; and the subjects of the dreams
it looks like, therefore he is 0ccasionally they in this model, of
that a dream that is really examined, when the point is remembered of
that introduces during the qu'il c'est of the activator of the
exit the trees negotiate him.
zeke from: desolate_and_empty_hours

on tilting street
in gloss shiny way
(air sings as it passes)

glance forward
drift and glance brings
i am

meaning misplaced
textures forgotten

the ghosts of life persue
and forget

i will not hear
i do not hear
i can not hear

i am not here now
and i sleep


(When it crosses, simultaneously) with the method of having glossy gloss sort you inquire about the illusion of the word life persue which means the silence which is forgotten the putting which standpoint of the thing which it can tilt (as for the air) as for front drifting and glance of glance of the draw which is sung is in love with comes accompanying I and by the quality which is changed, have forgotten move as for no me, as for me who do not inquire about that I do not hear that I cannot hear now it is not here and, you sleep
z the us presidential oath of office:

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.


Or inside, it protects to peel, which thing the system, to go out and to be serious and to be complete, the United States president' The the pledge which executes an office place, and the grudge which is possible far situation (or affirmation it is protected) rice
constitution it maintains.
z From: thunderstorm

ions! i love thunderstorms! green grey sky and light from all sides. sudden wind, humid with rain and ions. smell, like the hothouse at the botanical garden, bringing tang of earth and green green  life. onrushing of horizontal rain, warm and delicious in passage and the waves of density make a rythem. inside with windows open, curtains flying outward and rain sounds on tin roof drum. the storm is over.


Ion! I love the thunderstorm! The whole, it inside sky and the green
gray light/write, the multi tasty rain which with an inside is
participates from the wind which is sudden and the ion and endurance
inside the strong elephant greenhouse botanical garden, the
green__life is a onrushing smell to if. Regarding to it is underwarmth and regarding the storm right shock which is non- healthy is a policy drum elegy chief roof it is a green with hazard and in order
side to the capture which is moisture description below ten harmony sells the rythem. which is taste and the window and looking away back, inside it it flies the curtain.
u24 Our father, who are in heaven, hallowed be thy name

Our father, that one that is in the sky, sanctified everything name thy
u24 *art* 040709
z non random nonsense 050728
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