andrea a look at the faces gathered round
in the cold darkness
all together for one comon cause
faces lit by flickering candles
to symbolize the young flames
all too often put out before their time
one by one our voices ring out
in the nighttime air
just as his did to the wyoming sky
i heard them with each of the
twenty-four tolls of the bell
i did
jennifer you were too young to want to be a martyr to so many

you were too young to be mistaken as a scarecrow

you were too young to understand the insane levals of hatred the world has created

you were too young to have lived a full and happy life

you were too young
to die
Shar Your mom is coming to our school today. She'll be talking to us about hatred and things we can do to stop. I've heard stuff like this before. It's supposed to be a positive message, you know, join hands and sing "Kumbaya" and stuff.

I don't know if it's worked. Can it work? I hope it does. But I'm skeptical. I haven't done anything to make people think. Don't I care? As an Asian/Feminist/Gay Ally/Student, I probably should.

I used to be active. I used to go to rallies and speak about racial predjudice and give presentations and all that good stuff. But what the hell happened to me? I wish I did more.

But I don't. It makes me sad. I should do more. I say I care, but I don't do anything. Here is a simple equation:

action = emotion

I guess I don't care anymore. I'm sorry.
dean-bean I dunno. Hamlet seemed to have the same problem, and he was obsessed with the revenge of his father's death. Action can be taken sparringly, and still have an effect. Choose your battles. They still matter. They'll still make a difference. This has nothing to do with Mathew, but so what. 000330
girl the name of a strange guy that bummed a cigarette off me and gave me an acorn in return. 000403
MollyGoLightly Matthews are usually rather small, with round eyes and curly hair. 000403
lisa_is_bionic All Matthews are inherently /good/.
And more often than not, Protestant.
The name means "God's gift".
It's arrogant to name our children such. If I were religious, I'd say that we shouldn't speak for God.
grasshopper I've known many. They were all different; weird in their own way, but isn't everyone? 000526
Matt Matthew 5:9
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.

My friend Kiki once wrote that down for me, because she said it reminded her of me, she said something like that's me exactly, or something to that effect. I don't know if it has anything to do with my name, but I do try to love and help everyone. And I have always tried to be a peacemaker.
Matt Oh, and Molly, I'm not very small, my eyes are oval(?), and I have the straightest hair I've ever seen. But then again, I've never considered myself to be normal or usual. But I am usually called Matt, os maybe that affects the characteristics. 010717
dude he is the one i love and will always treasure. there are many matthews whom i adore. thats ok, because i have tons of love in store! 020227
lenore what i call my boyfriend when he exasperates me. he hates it when i use his full name. 040101
wild irish rose The first one I ever kissed.
The first one I ever got drunk with.
He was a lot of first's.

I wonder where he is now.
ellen cherry charles makes me want to don the pants o' doom and dance for joy! 040126
it_always_rains_on_the_unloved the best friend i ever had who protected me from all of life's little horrors. he kept me sane when things went out of wack, called me his princess, his faith, his love. he took me away from the pain, wiped away my tears and put me back onto my feet whenever i fell

i was not there for him when he needed me. he did not know how much i loved him, or maybe he knew, and it wasnt what he wanted.

i lost matthew to a cold night and a cold river where he found his salvation and i lost my best friend.

i want nothing more in the world than to have him back again, even if he hated me, just to know he was alive would make the whole world a shade brighter

i love you matthew

i love you
maatsby i dont like that name.
thats my real name.
call me matt.
goatse haha lame 040413
Special K my first love... i loved him with all my heart, it was an unrequited love, and even still, it was amazing. His name was Matt O'Brien... he was my high school love for about four years straight... he wasn't the hottest person but he was the sweetest thing in the world, he would tell me all the things that he did with his girlfriend (like over the summer after her parents left he would sneak into her room while she was sleeping and kiss her on the cheek to wake her up, just so he would be the first thing she saw that day) he is the nicest man i think i will ever meet and although i do not love hime anymore (which is an amazing relief) he still has a huge place in my heart and he will remain there until the day that i die. i hope that he comes to this site and sees this... i know he knew that i loved him and i know he felt bad not being able to return the feeling and he truly is an amzing person, i hope you NEVER change Matthew Thomas O'Brien 040625
camille serenity 100505
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