meggie she is not necessarily a good girl, i mean, bringing her lamb to school? what a moron. she should be shot and killed. multiple times! 000304
jennifer i woke up and mary was still gone
thought if i'd stop hurting
she would come back to me
walk right through the door
and say a-ha
i was only joking didn't you look
silly crying

but i wake up and mary is still gone

i looked at the clock and it was still
lying on the floor exactly where threw it
both hands smashed against
it's silver face
my feeble attempt to stop time
but time move on

and i wake up and mary is still gone

mary was it necessary
to leave before the party
i know it's selfish to say
you always brought the cake now
what will i eat with all these tears

i looked at the list and saw her name
kick myself she never got an invitation
kick myself i'm sure somehow she knew
my stupid attempt to find
some way to move on

but i wake up and mary is still gone

mary is still gone

moonshine I met her in the park tonight. Under the big sky. I think shes the girl of my dreams......!marymarymary.There she goes.. 000601
Mary Guess what? This is Mary. For real. 000712
marissa is my best friend in the whole entire world!!! She listens when i need to talk, she understands when i need to cry, she jokes when i neeed to laugh, she means the world to me. 000715
Mary Thanks, Marissa. I needed to hear that. 000805
sunrise mary beth
the mother of
dawn and dusk
what was her point?
she left us
with others
and now expects us
to love her
as if she's been there
carrie my everything. mareberry? 001127
grendel and somewhere in the world, someone will see the face of the Virgin in the grease stains on their windows or the scorch marks on their daily bread

i wonder if satan ever gets tired of playing that joke
moonshine She has that dainty look. Pretty when she just turns her face so, but not pretty enough to make visions of lingerie. No, no shes just a virgin. 010122
sabbie on of my favorite tori songs...

"Butterflies don't belong in nets...

Oh Mary, can you hear me?
Mary, you're bleeding
Mary, don't be afraid
We're just waking up
And i hear help is on the way..."
Tank the smart one that someone stole all his ideas off... 010205
yorkie does anyone else think mary is the dumbest name available? 010615
TalviFatin Mary Mary by Chumbawumba.

A long time ago, when Christianity overtook the world, especially Avalon...The Goddess never vanished, she remained here...just under a new alias and story. She still remains the Mother of Life.
tourist Truth through transmutation
Divinty swaddled in the myths
That which is omni-present
Must surly be ever changing
The truth is ever prevasive
Beyond Name
Beyond Gender
(but don't tell Him lest we offend Her)
scheherazade maryla, marygem, marywhee. all the same to me. yay for her. kiss. 010818
ClairE and the wind cries... 011217
m.j.k. Overcome by your
Moving temple
Overcome by this
Holiest of altars
So pure
So rare

To witness such an earthly goddess
That I've lost my self control
Beyond compelled to throw this dollar down before your
Holiest of altars

I'd sell
My soul
My self-esteem a dollar at a time

One chance
One kiss
One taste of you my magdalena

I bear witness
To this place, this prayer, so long forgotten
So pure
So rare
To witness such an earthly goddess

That I'd sell
My soul
My self-esteem a dollar at a time
For one chance
One kiss
One taste of you my black madonna

I'd sell
My soul
My self-esteem a dollar at a time
One taste of you my Magdalena
Patty Mary by Oingo Boingo

Oh Mary wasn't happy with the life that she led
She was a simple girl without much to say
So one day she just upped and left her dreary home
And she left all her friends behind to wander all alone
And at first she was afraid, she was so far away
From her home but slowly she got to like it anyway
Oh Mary won't you please come...

Well in time she found that
The mountain that she had been taught
Her whole life, that she must avoid
And though at first it hurt, and no one could comfort her
She finally came to appreciate it
And she like it, she like it - oh wasn't she surprised
And though still alone, she grew so much inside
Oh Mary won't you please come...

And after a time, she became so sublime
She could look in people's eyes and read their minds
Though her hands would sometimes bleed and occasionally
She would long for her past and the memories they bring
She decided to return to her old home town
And her heart was burning with all the things she found
Oh Mary won't you please come...

So, Mary came back and at first no one recognized her face
And her friends were all a little bit afraid
When they heard what she had to say
They all slowly backed away
And her family took her aside and put their arms around her
They said Mary won't you please come back to us now
There is still time to repent for all your sins
And Mary started to cry when she realized
That she'd never come home again in her life

Oh Mary won't you please come
Mary won't you please come home...
silentbob she burned me cds and pierced her stomach in a cross and she hugs me when she says me and she tells me she loves me and she's going to be my roommate in the fall 030507
me mary mary
quite contrary
how does your garden grow?
silentbob Tonight she said: "Oh my god, look at Orion, its gonna eat me its so beautiful!" 030920
jennifer quite_contrary

and props to the oingo_boingo reference
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