birdmad ominous hours

dangerous hours

desperate hours

memory cells
ClairE I can hear my dad moving around. I'd better hang up. 020116
cube Best time of the day. Coffee at hand, corresponding before the demands of the day replace the clarity of the moment...
Teenage Jesus Here here. BEST time of the day, with the possible exception of 5am. While others sleep (or go to bed,) I've got a pot of coffee down and am up and running before the sun. It's the only time I ever get to be alone. It's wonderful. 020117
CheapVodka Sometimes my morning time
when i first see day
i just fall asleep
and drift too dreams
that usually start my screams
of my head
6 am
scary times for me
i'm just tired of dreaming of you
and waking up
and there's no more you
and your smell is even gone
and i'm empty
and i'm tired
daxle when the freaks in the living room getting it on leave 020117
daxle not that I'm unsympathetic with cheap vodka, cause I am (it's troubling thoughts that have me up at this hour too)
this is the problem with blather being a dialogue
people can't just say what comes to mind
it's always a conversation of sorts
unhinged years ago she left me
at six_in_the_morning
the little vietnamese priest came
in the middle of the night
to read her last_rites
and her soul left on the sunrise
i couldn't know til weeks later
and didn't cry
but i've been crying ever since
oh grandma
sometimes i wish you never left
and this little miracle appeared
when memories of her seemed far away and obscure
this little breathing bundle of life
came at six_in_the_morning
i think not
optic discretion The loss of a grandmother is ever so painful ... the one who always cared for you and slipped you the snacks and allowances. The one who never raised a voice ... at least she is in a better place ...

But tell me, is it better to have been close to a grandparent and suffer great sorrow with their death or to never have been close to one and feel more indifference than sorrow?

I wish I could have met my grandfathers ...
bzzmel the beginning of of my day. 020118
unhinged knowing all four of my grandparents and having both feelings when my mom's mom died and my dad's dad died i have to say the sorrow was much better than the indifference. i wasn't sorrowful til years later either because my grandmother suffered a lot for 13 months before she died and unwittingly seeing her the day before she died, i knew she was ready to leave. the sorrow comes now because i just miss her so much. the more days that go by, the more far away she seems in some respects. my grandfather's house and holidays gave grow quite accustomed to her not being around. but to this day whenever we all try to plan a visit to the cemetery, it rains cats and dogs. 020118
ClairE I_miss_you. For once you're asleep and I'm not.
If we could just stay in your bed forever, I wouldn't have to cry, and you wouldn't be puzzled.
Maybe it's the phone and the computer that takes all the good things and somehow converts them to pecking and complaining. Transmuted.
Give me your tongue. Don't ever let me go.
carne de metal the point of no return. 020206
optic discretion when i get up and look at the clock and think "Already?!" another start to a fun filled edumakating day at skool ... 020206
ClairE It's already light out. Blather and loneliness and cups of applesauce and music and new e-mails are in a horse race to push me to a new bedtime. 031028
nomatter might as well stay up all night 031028
Witchesrequiem it's dawn already ...Damn! 031030
oldephebe i dunno..whenever i see or hear the phrase "six in the morning" i'm reminded of a rapper by the name of slick rick..part of the get fresh crew from hip hop antiquity..any way he had this really lilting insouciant style..kind of musical..and there was this soliloquy of goes.."Part hardy we like to party we don't mess around and we don't botha noobody..from six in the mornin'.."
that's the general gist of it..
relentless inner critic That's party harty chief!! 031030
three words keyboard six_in_the_morning i_am_missing_something 050323
han is when i get up to see if you've emailed me to say you're still alive. 061103
birdmad that blue half light of impending dawn 061103
beulahry recently the only time i feel content. sobered up and bike riding along the river 061103
when darkness falls is when i used to go to bed a few years ago. now i stay up till 3, very soon it'll be 11 and then i'll be one of those morning people. 061103
jane six in the morning, and i'm sitting in his car in my pajamas, smoking one of his camels (i forgot my cloves in the house). we're a block away from where i live, under trees, watching the sky change from night to morning. he holds my hand and tells me things about his life, his job - and i keep asking questions, because i can't get enough. 090417
past radio two shakes me from sleep, the hazel sky, masked in bare branches and the reddening of the night, waits for the sun. 090418
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