nothing is sacred there was a creature named green and it had invisible wings clinging to its back like parasites. the wings were perky and eager to flap, springing around, waiting to be used, pulling up towards the sky, almost ripping the skin that held them to green's back with its anticipation and said, "fuck some of that, man" and it crammed itself into a dresser drawer where sunlight is afraid to go. Green stayed there for a few months, then after much scratching and panic, it made its way out into pools of filthy light that were leaking from a dusty window.Green hissed and laughed at how scary it sounded and how gloomy everything always was. Green was easily amused, but always bored. Green's skin was smooth Green's eyelashes were so heavy that its eyelids hardly ever bothered lifting themselves high enough to reveal its full iris. Sometimes green was a girl that pretended to be lost, and sometimes green was a boy who pretended to not understand. Today Green was a girl and she cautiously tip toed around the dead room, afraid she'd upset the antiquity of the space by breathing too hard. Green gave up searching the familiar room, she felt like she had travelled back in time and whatever she did would have such a profound effect on the future that she decided to just be careful and touch nothing.
so she touched nothing.
dust settled on her thick eyelashes and it mingled with her perma-tears to create mud that stuck her eyes shut.
she sat still blindly, thinking about reasons for everything until she drove herself in to boy-mode. Green got up and rubbed the mud from his eyes, being obvious and loud about his confusion. He walked outside and squinted his eyes using his entire body to advertise how confused and startled he was. Suddenly, an obviously female creature named Red strolled into Green's life. Her skin had a pattern of pink bite marks all over that she claimed were birth marks. her skin was red aside from the bite marks, and it looked liquid although she was actually very dry to the touch.
Green had never been so amazed by another being in all his life, whose time was undetermined as it seemed that his life was in a loop and not just a straight line, like most lives are.
Red sat in Greens lap and Green smiled with a sort of contentment, finally accepting that he would never understand everything even if he already DID. It was all so simple. Red was violently passive and her eyelids were bruised, but held open as if by hooks hanging from her invisible antennae.
Green fell into its girl persona. Her skin glowed and seemed to glitter, which was greens equivalent to blushing. She didn't feel right here with Red, being happy and Okay with what was going on. she apologized quietly and ran from her station at the edge of an undefinable shadow, that seemed to never begin in any particular place and never end in any particular place, just BEING without reason or explanation.
Red tumbled from green's lap and sighed. Nets flew from her breath and they grabbed Green before she got lost in the oblivion of unknown things in the distance. Red made her way, slinking towards green with an empty, unknowing desparation. Green flinched as Red inhaled deeply, reeling green into her shaking open arms.
They never touched
but just stared and moved their lips to the song only they could hear, and time went on as it usually does. Red and Green lived ever after, in an inbetween world of uncertainty and desire.
nobody knows what happens after the ever after part, but I'm sure it doesn't matter.
birdmad blood_and_money 020618
nightcrawler i think it matters 020618
blown cherry making no sense in an inbetween world of uncertainty and desire, nobody knows what happens after the ever after part, but I'm sure it doesn't matter.

The Red light always always turns Green eventually, just as the Green light always goes back to being Red.

Empty and unknowing, desperate desire
not understanding everything even when he already did.

Contradictions, being lost in a sea of murky, obstacle ridden confusion.

Maybe you don't always have to understand things,
maybe we're just supposed to live.

Stop trying so hard to understand.
Over analysing only serves to drag me further into a tight loop,
downward spiral,
which I am clawing my way back out of with every force breath.
phil Although green was happy
Knew what was done had always been right

Green still had to tell her
the way he had planned
to say bye

So Green planned again

Red left green that way
Knew anything green said
would make her want to stay
drstrangelove can anybody write a happy end to this fascinating estory? 020710
Sailor Jupiter Green - My favorite color
Red - My most hated color
Photophobe used to love gavin rossdale got a machine head
(its better than the rest)
Green to red
(machine head)

And I walk from my machine.
narpf edith eyes of green on a red towel 020715
me red the color of desire. green the color of envy. how could these two colors but put together to symbolize the most important thing of 021221
what's it to you?
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