stork daddy i miss you too 020430
stork daddy i can't believe i wrote that...this isn't the forum for it...but...i couldn't help myself 020430
What_A_World Somewhere this phrase turned into something totally different. I can't tell if all men are rapists or if some women call abuse when they have an awkward encounter. Men would be wise to record every women consenting before intercourse. 180115
unhinged men could also just explicitly ask for consent instead of trying to be sneaky.

as someone who has recorded her own photographic_memory s of rape here for almost two decades, ive also had my fair share of awkward experiences...they are two distinct categories and women that claim assault cause they feel bad afterwards irk me. did he stop when you said stop?

were you drunk and made a poor decision?

were you drunk and clearly told that asshole that you didn't want to have sex with him?

the victim blamers and supposed slut shamers can also suck my balls. i like sex. i like orgasms. that doesn't mean i deserve to be violated because of rules written down in a book thousands of years ago that you claim is the word of some omniscient male being in the sky.

(like everything these days i find myself offending people on both polar extremes of this issue and wondering how the hell i became some kind of radical centrist)
unhinged men would also be wise to realize that women are actually hardwired neurologically to attach emotions to sex and that if a woman feels awkward after sex and tries to talk to them about it they don't need to gaslight or make the woman feel abnormal. feeling awkward after a minimally emotional sexual encounter is actually a biological feature of the female brain. just like blowing a load with minimal need for an emotional connection is a neurological and biological feature of the male brain. that fact alone breeds awkward moments that could mostly be eliminated by clear and direct communication about what is wanted and what the boundaries are (which can be exceedingly difficult for people that have been abused) 180116
bleaktruth That's terrible Unhinged. Fuck. No one should go through shit like that.

I actually went through a phase where I would record consent with an audio recorder before engaging in any sex. I was terribly afraid of a woman falsely accusing me of something because she had a boyfriend or a husband and felt regret after making the highly emotional decision to seek sex from me. It's becoming scarier and scarier. I'm just happy that I have a girlfriend now. The 2am Nymphomaniacs tend to have mental issues that can ruin lives.
unhinged if someone had to record my consent i wouldn't have sex with them. that seems too much like a business transaction to me

this post has been building up in me since this damn 'movement' started. i have been celibate for a year and a half as i am trying to process all the assault and awkward's actually kind of nice that my whole society is also processing and that i don't have to be shamed anymore.
BleakTruth Fair enough.

I only did that for a period after a girl tried to falsely accuse me.

It was one of the scariest moments in my life. I wasn't terribly attracted to her but she was so sexually aggressive towards me that I thought, "Fuck it - I'll just let it happen." If anything she should have asked for my consent.

It was when she started trying to take of the condom and forcing me to enter her in one quick movement that I felt weird. Evidently, I found out later she had a husband and probably either got pregnant from a friend of his or contracted an std from a friend of his. She needed someone to put the blame on - and when I insisted on using a condom she went crazy.

Things could have gone much worse but it became very apparent that she was fabricating everything after a while. But in the begining I was scared shitless.

After that, as incredibly awkward as it was at the time, I always insisted that I have recorded consent from a girl - and told her to text me when she got home to let me know that she had a good time.

I told the story to girls who I was close friends with at the time, who also came to me for physical intimacy (Kinda feel like the term fuckbuddy undermines the friendship aspect.) They were understanding but also pointed out that women who seek sex at 2 am are not usually a hotbed of mental health.
Zena You can't record consent because consent can be revoked at any point. If someone strikes you as the kind of person who would report rape falsely, don't have sex with them. Statistically speaking, almost no one makes a false report. The experience of reporting generally causes further trauma, which makes people avoid it. That's kind of the whole point of this "me too" thing. Women are finally being believed, and rapists are finally being held accountable. It makes me sick that this is remarkable when it should be the norm. And yet men (mostly cis white men, of course) are still wailing, trying to make themselves into the victims.

Can it. Your time is over.
unhinged (when i tried to report my first rape the person on the other end of the rape hotline said it was my fault cause i was drunk...

i still am dealing with the repercussions of that ignorance)
throwaway I hate that I don't remember losing my virginity.

I hate that it took so long for me to get help to deal with my traumas.

I hate that I have no template of a healthy relationship.

I hate that I learned so many horrible patterns that I hurt others.

I hate that I'm someone else's me too.

I hate that it took so long for me to get help.

But I like that I trust myself now to not hurt anyone, even if I don't trust anyone else not to hurt me.

Life is complicated
what's it to you?
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