Photophobe Our hero wanders, lost and aimless. The swirling landscape causing disorientation, trouble breathing.

His chest swells, trying to breathe the thick gases. But as always, he cannot. He's running everything so tightly, but it all breaks down somewhere along the line.

Lost on this planet without a ticket home. Wherever that is. Does the earth still exist? Our hero was never trying to get there anyway. A journey outwards.

Just like our prodigal degenerate, when he left earth, he didn't feel like he was leaving. It was more like coming home.

But he's been away so long now.

And there is nobody to guide him through. A lost explorer, lonely and confused. How can we be sure he'll ever make it there, wherever he is headed?
reitoei lost. how uniquely true. here the hero lies in nebulus doubt, floating through the ammonia gases of the red giant. an inpenetrable fog bearing down, suffocating him. On an inner planet there are no such problems. there is the atmosphere, there is the core. one cannot be said to be truly lost for there is always the ground beneath you. here there is no such thing as a proper core. atomosphere flows from gas to liquid to solid seamlessly. there is always the unbearable pressure, the fog of gas clinging close, subtly shifting color:yellow slipping into a pale orange and vivid red.
the hero is lost indeed.

of course the atomosphere is toxic and the pressure would crush him rather quickly, but were only in the second installement and cant kill him yet!! well just ignore technical impossibility for the moment.
big fat faker bet we wouldn't be so hopeless if we had onStar in our car 020513
Photophobe were that our hero had a car.
or any too to aid him.

He could have taken any assortment when he left the earth, but knew they would be next to useless on jupiter.
squillo our hero tries vainly to jump and stomp to express his frustration, because after all where's the harm in a quickie tantrum if nobody's looking, but he realises that he weighs six.5 times as much as he would on earth and even the notion of stroling forward a few steps seems as exhausting as the prospect of a marathon. It is at this point our hero wishes he was a rabbit. 020514
jessica what the are you guys blathering about? 020514
squillo nothing in particular really, but if you like this, then try variations_on_a_theme_by_someone 020514
jessica i will try it... right now in fact. thanks for the suggestion 020515
blown cherry on charon The hero fumbled for a moment, then found his last link with the outside world.
Maybe he'd had a few drinks, or perhaps the atmoshpere on Jupiter was not conducive to perfectly sober thought, since it seemed an unusual number to dial,
but his voice was far, far from unwelcome on the other end.

A message was relayed through the ether.
It contained the voice of confusion.
Deep confusion, and maybe just a hint of fear, or was it merely worry?

2 days later another message was passed.
Some of the confusion was cleared.
Our hero seems pleased and less worried than before.
But in the listeners mind echoes the remaining confusion.
The listener knows she is too far away, too far across the solar system.
Knows that she is unable anyway to sweep away the tangle of webs clouding our heros mind.
Nevertheless she offers an ear.

Bounced off numerous satellites,
around the sun and back again,
between hurtling asteroids
and through the icy comets tail
she knows her reception may be fuzzy.
Meanings may be easily misinterpreted.
But she holds on to her gut instinct,
or at least it grips on to her.

She won't put the receiver down.
Just in case.
Just in case our hero needs a hand.

Wherever he decides to go.
unhinged floating in swirls of
noxious gas
no solid ground to
place a footing
could you make it from one side to the other
before you suffocated?
no oxygen for breathing
but i still come out on top
i still come out on top
without you
every shared moment passing
you sealed your own fate
with unknown ironic words
your own breath
telling me that there is no pleasure
no use
in hope
but my tears still make their way
through the vacuum
every familiar moment like subtle poison
Kate (and her alter ego TheApologist) I hope you choke.

Radiohead, Thom Yorke
Blather quote check I hope that you choke. 020521
scriptwriteristired2 "lost_on_jupiter" TAKE TWO. [this time hero use the mind-o-max helmet and dream the hell out of there. these takes are too expensive! ] everybody ready? roll camera... *our hero looks around for the mind-o-max helmet not realizing he is already wearing it. *immediatly everyone swoons* "OH NO not again!!' [stay tuned for the rest of the story!] 020522
Strideo ... your brain will be the star Thoughtless, when i take you far To the galaxy, and
leave your domepiece In the hemisphere, now you're lost on jupiter Your brain ...

june-- come on
so you guys think i'm lying or being two faced or something?

i don't know what to be, but i'm gonna wait and see because i don't care because i love him

so i don't care how naive, stupid, blind, or asleep i may seem
i'm thoughtlessly feeling
egger wanders 050822
zeke see: jupiter 050822
what's it to you?
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