andru235 somewhere along the line you'll be a king, or a queen,

you'll be a tiger and an egret

there is a realm where 'glik' creates 'plondar' extravagantly,
to the great 'vaclatation' of 'zurulu'

there is the realm of the donut god,
the realm of the cloud goddess,
the realm of the zithers-are-silverware

somewhere the letter 'S' is emperor

you will be the chancellor of Hrinldahl, or perhaps Kranblavit, your choice

somewhere, and someday,
you will look like you do now, but with wings;
you will look like you do now, but with horns;
you will look like you do now, but with panda-fur

there is a realm where you are merely an apricot-flavored icicle

there is a realm where you have the car of your dreams and the realm where you are a sports all-star

there is a realm where you enjoy pronouncing the word 'vavoktrius' a lot

you will have many existences where the love is pure and the sex is great

you will have many existences where the filigrookle is sste and the wognip is thoogie

you will spend an eternity in heaven
now and then, you'll pass through hell
most of the time you'll be somewhere unrelated to either

you will dance around the fire, naked and with your tribe, near an ocean and again, near a cliff or - perhaps a swamp

you'll be lonely

you'll forget lonliness ever existed, you'll be overloaded with fulfilling interpersonal relations

you will have a pet rock, a pet griffon, a pet turtle, a pet nooligar, a pet jello-cake, a pet xenon-cloud, a pet trilobite and eventually, a pet kissing machine

you will behave diabolically
you will behave angelically

you will behave like Ajheulette, the Princess of Villetrioc

you will be a saturnian ring

there is a realm where all life is constructed of an element with Atomic Number -121

you will harumph more than once at the notion of the haunted ship of pancakes

you will die a zillion deaths
you will live a zillion births

you'll be happy
you'll be miserable
you'll be happy

there's a realm where your soul mate(s) do not like you - but take heart:
there are many more realms where your soul mates love you, adore you, and you unto them

there is a dimension where time functions like height, height functions like depth, and depth functions like a pony

there is a dimension that only you can access: you may do with it whatever you like

there is a dimension you cannot access at all, probably many

there is a dimension where there are no other dimensions

you'll have seven-thousand-fifty-eight arms, and one leg (oof!)

you'll love the notion i here present
you'll hate the notion i here present
you'll love it again

you'll deny me entirely
you'll agree emphatically

somewhere, i have forgotten this and you are the one to reilluminate me


somewhere you are several things at once: a beetle, a mushroom and a galaxy

somewhere you are not at all, unless you really want to be

somewhere you are bursting with confidence
somewhere you are bursting with beryllium ... and like it

somewhere you are the master and elsewhere the slave

there are so many realms with concepts so inexpressibly bizarre that i might as well rest at that

die, go to your god, go to your gods, go to your goddess, go to your nothingness, go to your heaven and your hell, go to your nihilisms, go out for breakfast

go create your own infinity
(you're doing it right now whether you like it or not)
andru235 i said, go!

somewhere you leave at once
somewhere else you stay for hours

so it is
Piso Mojado dude- this is like saul williams taken captive by a space fleet of scientists of the future. 050307
Christine beautiful... 050307
god fuckin' h bubba 050308
stork daddy and how 050308
monkey out in space somewhere i like this you wrote friend andru235 and somewhere else i like it more. 050824
anne-girl but does infinity exist? 051105
epitome of incomprehensibility I don't know, does it? That was the central theme of my Grade 2 dissertation on the fundamental nature of reality. My conclusions will be published in my first book "Math Fiction: Pure and Applied". This may or may not be true. 060215
oren Even nonexistence exists. 060215
falling_alone there will be a time where i never posted this on my door, that i read and couldn't care less, that i found someone who loved it as much as i do, and there will be a time when someone walks by and knows exactly what it is 060215
Are you ref "The_Xeneth_Theory?" 060831
Nik / Nicholas Simultaneously, none of it exists too/either 060901
Christ without the cross It does. If it can be percieved by the human mind it is in existance.

I believe this statement.

So what if all the stories ever written (sci fi or not) exist somewhere.

I thought about this once. That the universe is like a giant CD rom (or did I read about it?). This CD rom contains within itself an infinite number of choices with an infinite number of ways to combine them.

So can an all knowing God know everything and still allow us our free will?

I had a theory on this. This God with maintain all knowledge because He created all choices to choose from. And with every choice this God would create a new realm or universe springing from that one choice while a universe would exist in which i had not made that choice.

I guess its like the show Sliders. But some of these universes would be so subtle in their differences. Like in one universe the only difference was I deided not to post this blathe. While in another universe the only difference was i didn't where this T-shirt today.

But it would be like a ripple effect. I decided to where a really nice outfit today instead of the outfit i am wearing which would catch the attention of some girl which would lead to us dating which would lead to me killing her because she introduced me to cocaine which would lead me to prison. All of that from a simple shirt. But then there would be a universe where i didn't kill her and both of those universe's would be outside of my knowledge because i didn't where that nice outfit.

Okay i need to shutup.
I cannot go on! Oh, alright. I'll go on. 061116
meeerrr.. why don't you talk about yourself for a change?
it would be better.
somebody why not? because megalomania_is_not_all_that_great. not that it is bad, but rather, overrated. 070320
z only that which exists, exists. everything else does not. 070321
z the nonexistant does not exist. 070321
sameolme Does to. 070321
z by definition, not. 070321
that should be nonesistent 070321
sameolme "the" specifies existance 070321
sameolme stence 070321
z it is just a semantic illusion. i could have said "nonexistence is nonexistent" but you would have said that is proves existence. since all sentences must have verbs (by definition), it is impossible to refer to un-anything without calling up it's syntactic substance. we are left with the option of naming it (another pernicious compromise) and canceling it after it's conjuring. the closest construction that i can imagine is considering "nothing" a one word sentence. i think, however, that is stretching the language quite a bit. i know of no other word which is both verb and noun in the same usage. grammarians and lexicographers would cry foul. it is an inherent problem with language; we cannot refer to an idea without a noun and a verb. this should not be confused with the notion that because we cannot create a symbolic construction to represent the abstract idea of nonexistence without those articles, that the concept is inherently polluted by paradox. on has nothing to do with the other. nonexistence is absence, inferred from substance. it is what is not, not what isn't. 070321
z it is true. i spell terribly. 070321
that should be ONE has nothing to do with the other 070321
sameolme Yeah, you're right, it's hard not to just play word games when writing about existence or nonexistence. 070321
sameolme but Andru's blathe rocked. 070321
misstree i so very much wish I had time to properly read this.

the beginning is well-timed lovely.
misstree i wish i had time to read this properly. the beginning at the very least is well-timed lovely. 070322
h|s|g is it me or is the font different in here? 110304
() (not no my machine) 110304
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