Tiffa Night walker
Earth crawler
No, no I have no eyelids to shut
Open skies, clear forests
Take in the sight
Eat out my plight
Touch me
Touch me
Choking with my love
Don't tell, love, don't tell
How do I prove?
Cut open my chest
Blood beating
Your name - see it?
Ssshhh, love
Don't tell
Don't tell
My eyes are my soul
Can you see my love?
Can you see?
I have no eyelids to shut.
King othe Corruptors tupperware :-) 000521
Queen of Corrupters Tupperware????
where the hell do you get tupperware out of that? *would really like to know*
moonshine yes, yes better to see you with 000522
gregg lids...tupperware....sheesh 000525
Tiffa well um...yeah
that was a far fetched connection
I actually thought you were reffering to the joke i have about living inside a tupper ware container cause i dont know any new music pple. my bad
with not the image of your eyelids
just everything but
For sure! they say your eyelids close when you sneeze! But i proved them wrong! but they say holding your eyelids firmly against your head is cheating.....whatever. 000713
Raina In me power!!!!!

they are falling and you are unable to resist any longer.

go ahead and say yes while you still can.
OA Behind closed eyelids. In very many cases, the visionary quality, the quality of the vision so to say, spills over, into the external world, so that the experiencer, when he opens his eyes, sees the outer world transfigured... 010621
kuru "Kisses on sleepy eyelids," I wrote. Silly, how much I enjoyed pilfering breakfast for him. 010621
kerry can't help how often they slip shut 020101
ClairE They look exactly like his, and I hated myself for it. 020101
zenfishsticks i catch dreamfingers in your spirals
and laugh at the confusion that
scribbles itself across your forehead
i'm not here but neither are you
and so i grab your hand under
purple striped skies and sing
belligerently about alien crickets
and smoke-wreathed bingo duchesses
you are drifting, becoming transparent
and i tug your arm irritably but it is
too late and i've lost you behind
the eyelids that are now turning
shell-pink with orange edges.

good morning.

my heart willfully contracts when i think of you
plumbrook they say that your eyelids are made of the thinnest skin on your body.
why, oh why, do people know these things?
if God really wanted to make us pay attention to him, maybe he should have simplified things. he should have invented it all so that there was little or nothing to figure out. if all our skin was the same thickness, no one would waste time or send their minions to waste time discovering facts like this. now, i realize that this flies in the face of much christian indoctrination of the youth (a subject on which i am not without authority to speak) to give evidences for the faith and such by demonstrating the wonders of the created world, but i say if God hadn't made such a dang complicated world, we might all get bored enough to wonder what he was up to. if he'd made the whole world boring the peons could have moved past menial fact finding that passes off as scientific advancement and already been priests or shamans or what have you, offering sacrifices and giving the Big Man his due. but no. well, for me personally it was much easier to move out of soft-porn agnosticism with the whole eyelids thing. but they are nice. eyelids i mean. thank God we are not lidless beings. let it never be said i am ungrateful for them; that would be an unfair generalization.
DavesHeroinGirl I'd like to awaken you with kisses on yours one morning soon. 030301
minnesota_chris you need a new hobby 030301
plumbrook why, heroin girl what a nice thing to say.
i can hear the fans blowing in the background. i am glad that i can close my eyes to them so that the hot air doesn't dry my eyes out. looking at shapes of people like you.
i wish i could afford to turn the heat up.
tennis star of the 70s wal_mart_bag_full_of_eyelids 030302
crimson I want him to kiss my eyelids in the morning when I wake up, before the sun crawls in, before I have a chance to open my eyes. 030819
misstree god made eyelids not to distract us from the Truth, but to show it to us in every beautiful detail. just like butts. in the words of a coupling character, paraphrased, they're no simple hinge, they're a glory that we're so obsessed with we won't talk about them, and god had to put them on our rears so we wouldn't sit around and stare at them all day.

forest for the trees, darling plumbrook. if someone created all this, they were surely good at their job.
minnesota_chris It's true! My butt has been going over the truthful details of yesterdays spicy Mexican food. 031020
reue drooping
bags blue
appearing under my eyes
3 hours... probobly would have been better if i just didn't go to sleep
pounding headache and hoarse throat
maybe i can manage a nap between my classes
jane droop like tired curtains
over stained glass windows
Death of a Rose I can still see through mine 031021
xyz unlike curtains, they only blind one way. 031021
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