unhinged be the flame that leads others to the right path
burn bright
brighter than the sun
bring some relief to a stranger
cultivate compassion
may all your deeds
shine with compassion
right mind
right actions
right life
be the brightest flame
oldephebe Hey unhinged

I haven't gotten any pretty pictures lately but I feel you on this one. Yeah I feel you here.
unhinged hey_pheb

i'll get them to you sometime today, after the family hits it. i hope you are having a happy day; this is the happiest christmas i've had in awhile. my bro is home from hawaii and my sister's kids are at the perfect age for santa and presents.

i don't think you need to worry about making your flame any brighter. thanks for being a bright light for me in the midst of my darkness pheb.
unhinged i WILL make my corner of the world
a better place to be
to live
to love
to share
to give
to take
to light the paths i cross
so all can find them
to take the hands of those
that need a loving touch
to open the eyes inside me
that have long been shut
(prying open my third eye... new_ink )
i WILL make my corner of the world
a better place
:) Amen... 060122
unhinged urban_bodhisattva

noah levine and all his dharma punx
hsg soul_on_fire

one candle lights another.

puressence is to wake up.

breathing faith into a seed, givenough loveverything blooms your dream.

compass i on is like connecting brain cells. directions... the only thing that really works.

we won't stop til we stop suffering. we're only as strong as we are true; all else fails and realigns.

we are bloomingkraft forever and ever.

we are blessed with life and thru work discover light. we give thanks awakening dust to infinite bliss.

to know all competence beyond all doubt, to understand the most free spirit riding the asymptotic wave, closer and closer to the infinite stillnesshininglowingnowledge.

to be without fear. complete love because finallyou_knowho_you_areternal.

linking linking. clicking clicking. time connecting until it comes full_circle.
unhinged learn to say no when it is the right medicine
learn to remain open enough to tell the difference
learn to smile when frustration rises

everything passes
shamatha gives us the space
to observe the passing

(if i feel sad
that does not make me selfish or wrong
if i feel sad
i should BE sad)
unhinged .

unhinged hey_seattle
don't talk the talk
if you
can't walk the walk
unhinged be the light for yourself first. don't expect the darkness to thank you for illuminating the shadows. 140111
REAListic optimIST Be Home.
Be home for yourself.
You are already there.
Be home for those with whom you are close.
Welcome them into your life, your heart.
When you disagree, notice and be curious.
When you are annoyed, do the same.
Remove the obstacles to brilliance
Wherever they may arise.
So you can return to home when astray,
and so you recognize it when you arrive.
unhinged be a light
a boat
a bridge

like a drop of mercury in dust
like salt that easily dissolves in water
like a swan on a lotus pond
unhinged teachings on teachings on teachings

dilgo khyentse , teacher of chogyam_trungpa rinpoche teaching 'the thirty seven verses on the practice of a bodhisattva' by gyalse ngulchu thogme which was a commentary, condensation of 'the way of the bodhisattva' by shantideva


'outwardly, most of the great siddhas of india looked like unimpressive beggars. their lives were not filled with conspicuous deeds of grandiose charity. but inwardly they had realized emptiness, and their minds were constantly overflowing with love and compassion for all beings. in tibet, too, jetsun milarepa was the same. he never made grand offerings or preformed a lot of meritorious deeds for everyone to see. yet milarepa is considered foremost among all the enlightened yogis of india and tibet, and has been able to turn the minds of countless beings all over the world toward the dharma because he completely cast off all self-clinging and realized emptiness...

what matters most is the strength of your compassion. there was once and eminent lama of lhasa who used to make a daily offering of water torma for the hungry ghosts using beautiful vessels of gold. one day, he was late making his offering and some spirits appeared before him. they urged him to make haste. the lama asked them why they were in such a hurry and the spirits replied that they wanted to go to receive kharak gomchung's water torma offering as his was more satisfying than any other. were they to miss it, they feared they would have to starve.

the lama wanted to know more about this kharak gomchung and made some inquires. he discovered that he was a humble hermit living in a cave at tsang kharak. apparently, when kharak gomchung offered his water torma, he used half a walnut shell as the container and put only a few grains in it. the water for the offering came from the tears of compassion that fell from his eyes. because his compassion was limitless, all the spirits of tibet came to receive his offerings.'

i try to rouse the bodhichitta
and all i can do

what's it to you?
who go