ReapersBlade2001 Here is some crazy stuff I wrote aboub Columbine. 010508
ReapersBlade2001 Here is some crazy stuff I wrote about Columbine. 010508
ReapersBlade2001 Please give a moment of silence
for those who died in the Columbine
shooting on April 20, 1999.

Once so low
No where to go
Pinned under the flame
Burned in their shame

They are victims
They fight a war within

Buried in their shame
Their lives left in shame
They try to get out
But their is no way out

They are trapped
They are slapped

Too close to ever see
Too far to ever be
Their freedom they'll never know
Their happiness they'll never show

They are depressed
They are oppressed

Their lives so hallow
No one would want to follow
They grow but don't live
They grow to not forgive

They are shame
They are pain

They are never free
They will never be
Life is forbidden
They are never forgiven

They are pushed too far
They can't heal the scar

Their anger becomes their crutch
Their bodies unable to be touched
Their fears build a wall
Hiding from all

They are never to be seen
They are in quarantine

They plan their revenge
Bitter memories to avenge
No more being in exile
No more being treated vile

They will fight
They will right

For months they planned
Kill those for whom they are damned
Justice they plan to seek
No more shall they be weak

They lived on the edge
They are pushed to the edge

They gather their power
Their tools for their hour
Their time for construction
For other's destruction

They are machines built to destroy
They play with Satan's toys

They bring their toys to school
To create playtime under their rule
Don't play by their rules, don't live
Damn the ones who don't forgive

They know no mercy
They were never shown mercy

Chaos breaks out
Trapped no way out
Locked with two who'll kill
On the floor the blood spills

Their expression coarse
They show no remorse

Too many perish
The loved and cherished
Shot with out warning
Early Tuesday morning

Their scar of hate
Decided people's fate

Bullets and shrapnel
A classroom becomes Hell
A school a war zone
Casualties cut to the bone

Order shatters for chaos
Hate breeds loss

Two men's hate
Became a nation's pain
Rage becomes disgrace
People laid to waste

Hate gone too far
Grows into another scar

Too many innocent die
Too many tears they cry
Because two couldn't stand tall
Many had to fall

Victims create victims
Lost the war within

The end had begun
When they picked up the guns
It was far too late
To change their fate

Satan's toys they use
Dignity they lose

They sought a second chance
Ended up their final stand
Isolated from everything but voices
Bought the guns and made the choices

They are no longer pure
But still they think they're the cure

15 dead say the broadcast news
Families helpless, nothing can they do
When little kids play
Violence is displayed

In our homes the sounds echo
The news interrupts our shows

The insane killers lost their 'pride'
The murders followed by suicide
Lives ruined beyond repair
For two didn't care

When hate feeds hate
Violent death is the fate

Two things remain
Questions and pain
Sorrow fills the tears we cry
Why should people die?

Tragedy brings distress
In this hate filled mess

People walk in fear
Is death far or near?
No one wants to know
We only want to grow

We must learn to live
To accept and to forgive

In remembrance,
of the tragedy.
In memory,
of victims killed.
May all victims
rest in peace.

By: ReapersBlade

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