Herbal Tea Party Jacobin "Because fuck all your other generational struggles for survival or a semblance of equality - they don't inspire me...

...i want my vague, ill-defined socioeconomic pony NOW and if the rest of you have to bleed for it, so be it"
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obamas incrementalism is why we have trump dumb asses. just stop with blaming people that want the real change obama ran on and never delivered. the most successful political change of the 20th century had nothing to do with trickle down oligarchy or letting the politicians and donors drag their feet. FDR went out there and fought for the new deal. he didn't let the obstructionists stop him or make him negotiate from the right of center.

this country doesn't need spineless 'democrats' that don't stand up for human rights cause they take money from oil companies. this country doesn't need assholes that blame the people that want to fight for better because the populus is brainwashed and ignorant by design of the elite and the media.

pull your heads out of your asses. greed breeds greed. instead of blaming people that want a loaf instead of crumbs, why don't you start blaming the people that don't even want to give you crumbs anymore?

yep, the democrats have become the party of 'shut the fuck up and take your crumbs'
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dafremen Ok here's the political system in a (coco)nutshell.

This guy hits you in the face. It pisses you off. You go to punch him and he says "Tut tut little one" and suddenly there's a line of your neighbors dressed in riot gear telling you to back the fuck off.

They're puffed up with ego and self importance, it's part of the process. It makes them extra willing to push you around. They get petted more than you do by the guy that tends to punch you in the face and take your shit to support his extravagant lifestyle.

So the guy that punches you in the face knows he can't keep riot shield man doing this shit forever while his cop mother is complaining that his non-cop brother might have a point about this not being rigt.

Mr. Holds-All-Of-The-Cards says, "Here, masturbate your anger on this. It's called a voting booth and should keep you from breaking out the guillotines." (Plus it'll convince the cops that its what the American people want; shit convince the American people themselves that its what THEY want.)

For a century and a half that's exactly what its done.

Back and forth. Bought out 'til Teddy Roosevelt. Then bought out again 'til FDR. Then bought out again starting with Johnson.

And that's incremental slavery happening right before the weary eyes of a young man gone old from arguing with the very people that this lie has been fucking: my fellow fuckees. Hi there, fellow masochist!

Keep voting. Rock that motherfucker! Woohoo! Yay. I was gonna start digging my grave early. No point. They should have backhoes and Bobcats doing it dozens of yards at a time before I have to give it a thought.
unhinged robert pen warren: how about the meaning of the slogan 'freedom now?' we know the historical process is never now, and it's never absolute.

martin luther king jr: um-hm

warren: what about the relation between the historical process and the slogan?

king: yes. well i think the slogan is a good one, and i think it really means that the negro has reached the point of feeling that he should have freedom now. now, i don't think there's any illusion in the mind of anybody about the fact that you've got to observe historical process, you've got to think about the fact that this structural change cannot come overnight. but we must work at it and we must try to deal with it with such an urgency that we do have, we are challenged by the need for it now. and i think this is more of a challenge to work and realize the urgency of the moment than it is a belief that you can really get freedom within such a short period.

'if you look at the democrats' better deal it's a shit sandwich. it's again what hillary clinton tried to sell us. the democratic party is dead. this country is dead. this country needs a revolution. right now it needs a revolution. 55 billion more dollars and people still don't have jobs in america, we're gonna spend 55 billion more dollars on war than we did last year. 55 billion MORE. 55 total is what russia spends by the way. they have universal healthcare. russia spends 55 60 billion dollars total per year on their military. we're gonna spend that extra this year. that's our extra. but somehow we don't have money for healthcare, we don't have money for education or for college for people. we can't give people a job in inner cities. but we can build prisons can't we? we've increased our prison population seven fold since 1980. how is that helping? so we do need a revolution and i'm not kidding when i say that. but we first need a revolution of the mind and right now people are used to fighting for crumbs. that's what people are used to. people are used to blaming other poor people when they don't have something. 'oh i don't have something...why do you get to have a union? why do you get to have a vacation and a retirement and a pension? i don't get any of that and i work' that's the mentality that we've been given in the united states. we need to first have a revolution of our mind and understand that the richest country in the world can easily provide healthcare for it's people, can easily provide education to it's people, and can easily provide jobs to it's people. we have to start right there. and you'll notice that's missing from the democratic platform. you'll notice what's missing is 'we need to create jobs. we're gonna give you a job. you want a job we'll guarantee you a job' there's no idea, no nothing. the democratic party are offering you warmed over puke. why? because they want the money from the donors baby and they ain't letting go. so we have a completely corrupted government and you know what you need when you have that? you need a revolution. i don't know how to start one but if i can i will. we cannot incrementally get the fuck out of this. we need to wipe out the political class. these people, half of them were just cheering that they got to save a right wing healthcare plan that was nothing but a giveaway to corporations. they're cheering! what the fuck...and you don't think those people in the ivory towers of corporations are laughing that people think that democrats are their resistance? they are laughing. it doesn't matter who gets elected. we elect donald trump, he's gonna give us a giveaway. we elect nancy pelosi and barack obama, they're gonna give us a giveaway. it doesn't matter who we vote for. that's why we voted green new deal. because there was no way to vote against goldman sachs, the military industrial complex, big oil, big pharma, big health insurance. there was no way to vote against those things. THAT'S THE PROBLEM. and these jags off who say 'you're a purist' you're a goddamn corrupted fucking mental case, that's what you are. your mind has been corrupted to accept corruption as normal. i know they're stealing right out in the open. i get it. barack obama does it and he's pretty. he steals right out in the open and doesn't give a shit. so if you know how to start one let me know. let's start a revolution' - jimmy dore
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