drew and he said, "fuckumm".
and i thought to myself,
"he knows what he's talkin about"...
and for a moment, i knew what it was all about.
Jeff @ Newdream My boss.

Hi! :
Rainer The first person ever to beg "Kill Me!". 991031
amy i know him well.
he wants to be known,
and that's easy.

we are a pair
but not a couple
a pair of Leos

Leos need each other.
at least i need Leos.
my brother is a Leo.

he is clever
he is a visionary
he gets tired
he hopes and fears

the best relationships
are the ones you don't understand.
Brad Part of the Metroplex. Denton, Dallas, Fort-Worth... Here i come, and i bring my guitar. 000310
startfires i don't think i have to say it again. 001005
Remiel I like monkeys.

especially the ones which show their bottoms to members of the public.

also, the word baboon is funny
v a wish come true 010214
addy Make no mistake, Dallas sucks. Words cannot convey the horror of that uniquely hellish portal... 010501
nocturnal my once and future roommate is from dallas. she says there's nothin to do and that I would hate it. 010501
addy the thing about Dallas is that there is SO MUCH nothing to do

oh, and it's a hub for the otherworldy things behind those who are behind those with the power/money/guns etc.

too much glass to
Alexander Beetle Who?
Oh forget it.
no one i knew a guy named dallas once...i called him Jose though cause it rhymed with his middle and last name. 010614
cellfonejunki i shine over dallas, the star that i am. and although i shine on dallas, someone wishes on me from siam. i am a star thats all, but people believe in me. and when im all burnt out..theres gonna be another one just like me for all my fans to see. 030602
jane wrote me an email 030602
User24 I wrote dallas an email, but he never replied. (or actioned it)

:( I feel so rejected...
jane it's ok i had to send him two or three before he wrote back 030603
User24 :) ah, that makes me feel better. 030604
jane i'm glad 030604
User24 he replied!
on blather!
(god, I sound like a backstreet boys fan, don't I, 'hey, dallas, could I have a signed autograph?'...)

so anyway, randomness aside there he is on blather_crash, fixing things. cool.

(why do I get the feeling I look like a fool right now)
mon i thought it was cool too! hehe
blather gods rock
erm.. "a signed autograph"??? I think I meant a signed photo.. 031012
dallas dear nerds, you all suck, bad 031015
dsrbtbswtewbtr@sbfdds gbf.dsabgsw U_guys_rock 031122
TIME YY:MM:DD 031122
dallas Someone's posing as me! 031220
notme did you get their picture? 031220
User24 FAO: the real dallas:

thankyou for creating this, I know a lot of us, myself included, abuse your creation, but you have allowed so many people to express themselves in an unobtrusive, anonymous way, and that means a lot.. blather.newdream.net has attracted a wide variety of people, people who don't have anyone to talk to IRL, people who need this type of social interaction, people who just like to chat, and so forth.. but most importantly, people.

Your idea has reached out and inspired us, and as you've recnetly popped up here again, I'd like to take this opportunity to show you around;

we've had DannyH create something within your creation - the blathermaze_entrance and dh0001 (and associated pages) birdmad has written an entire novel here - (blurring_the_edges_1_the_refuge_of_scoundrels - see also http://blather.newdream.net/b/ for the table of contents) minnesota_chris, karl the weed and myself have played with the formating - blather_black, blatrix, funshiney_test_page karl_the_weed_test_page_4, and a fair few others. We've seen poetry, love, hate and, well, the entire spectrum of humanity, really.

and all because you had an idea.

You've created a forum, yes, but more than that, you created a community, nurturing it to start with, then creating a few more (red_blather, y2k and bday (we only just noticed those last two...))

here on blather, there are a few quirks, blatherduel, farky, daed and god knows how many more..

so yes. in other words, cheers, mate. :)
The proverbial we? This window tinted sandbox grazed the outside of my bubble. The bubble in which i sleep and sacrifice my sanity for simply not enough people. 040203
emmi broke my heart 040225
Death of a Rose I would also like to add to User24's kudo's Dallas. I enjoy being able to write here and I really enjoy getting reactions to what I write. Be it good or bad.

Thanks to you and your team, this site is a microcosm in the stream of the net.

With Respect.
doar the saviour has arisen.

how may i prostrate meself before thee o blather_god?

(note: tis not sarcasm, this is my humble thanks)

u24 dallas makes music..
ambient techno.

mp3s at submodern.com
jane jane to dallas
show details Jun 18 (4 days ago)

please help.
we're being spammed.
can we do anything?

i'll give you a kiss if you help.



Dallas to me
show details Jun 21 (17 hours ago)

Can you point me to an example? I'm going to take a look and see
what I can do.



Dallas to me
show details Jun 21 (16 hours ago)

I found them, nevermind. It's all from one IP so it's just one real
person and not a bot. It also was only on that one day so I'll just
remove them all. The entry pages won't get regenerated until someone
else posts on them, though.

Thanks for the heads up!


jane to Dallas
show details Jun 21 (15 hours ago)

thank you dallas.

its nice to know you still exist...


wish i could giv'm that kiss, though
Strideo Three cheers for dallas and jane!!! \(^_^)/
REAListic optimIST you are my demi-hero, jane, for making this happen. and of course dallas is my hero and god for creating and maintaining this blurple heaven. 070623
They call me Truth thank you dallas 070624
david jew how'd you turn a billion steers
into buildings made of mirrors
why am i drawn to you tonight?
oh shit are you close to spectacular or fantastically well ? 070625
u24 so sad that you have to see blather like this. it's not a nice period in blather_history. it will soon pass though. 080604
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