Norm This is stupid. 011031
Rhinna understatement. 011031
ilovepatsajak one day i found a crow feather in some lettuce. it looked all oily or something too. vomit. 011101
Nast My friend found little pig hairs on her bacon. I've bitten into some like cartiledge(sp) thing in a hot dog before. 011101
ilovepatsajak hahahah pig hairs. that's funny. 011101
psychobabe *sigh* definatly one of those fucking days 011101
girl i could handle just one bad day
id love A (singular) bad day
but these bad weeks
bad months
have got to stop!
ClairE It never really surprises them. Someone who gets so high has to come down. 011220
kill rhythm you know what fucking sucks?? when you leave your car somewhere to get fixed and some prick decides to throw a rock through the winshield and steal the radio, smash all the windows, and tear up the dash.

people need to fucking grow up
cheer-up-emo-kid yesterday was the worst day ever...
Im never allowed to see my boyfriend out of school ever again. and school ends in 3 days...
my mom read my diary and found out that I drink and smoke pot and stuff...
she also found out that Im not a virgin and that my 'best friend' is actually my boyfriend. Im grounded basically for the summer.
and I miss my boyfriend.
this is horrible.
kerry wow that is horrible, i'm so sorry. it makes my problems feel microscopic.

i will share them anyway.
johanna and i dyed each other's hair. my mother had given in, sighing and saying, "fine i don't care what you do" but when i came home with Rio Red (orange???) hair she blew a gasket. we used to fight all the time, it was getting better, this is truly detrimental to our relationship because she says i'm making a statement, being deliberately disobedient. BULLSHIT! she said she didn't care.
later, in her defense, my mother snaps, "i didn't think you'd actually go through with it." i mean what the hell, i'm 15 for crying out loud you gimme an open door to do what i want what do you THINK i'm gonna do???? and it will fade, it's not permanent. chill out, no wonder your blood pressure is sky-high.
so now she says i look weird, she is embarrassed to go places with me which ultimately means she won't drive me anywhere. if i had known there would be such a big fucking domino effect i would have never spent $7.59 on Rio Red Exotics hairdye. LEVEL 2!!! IT WILL FADE!!!!

now... one question for all the hair-dying blatherskites: 24-wash temporary hairdye. how long does it take to fade out?
daxle Your story is deja vu of my past. Except I came home with purple hair.
How fast it will fade depends on the previous condition of your hair. If highlighted or naturally pale blonde or damaged it may never fully go away. If you use color safe shampoo it will stay longer. Washing your hair twice with clarifying shampoo will get it to go away pretty fast. Using hair gel and many other hair products will also get rid of it fast as it will cling to it and then wash it away when you shower.
kerry i've never in my life before this used any type of hairdye or highlights. my hair used to be a sort of strawberry blond but it had about 50 different shades in it. so... we're talking a couple weeks? (if i wash it like 3 times a day)or a month?
by the way thanks
cheer-up-emo-kid itll probably take a couple of weeks and it may not fade all the way. like it might be a little reddish tinted, but itll look good. maybe its like national moms be bitches week or something. 020615
kerry haha forreal.
it would be ok if it didn't completely fade, i suppose, because hair continues to grow and whats the big deal about something that will go away anyway? which makes me feel like an ass for being so pissed about it. but oh well.
it reminds me of perks_of_being_a_wallflower where charlie says that sometimes it helps to put things in perspective but it's better to just feel things and be yourself about them. or maybe sam said that.

but if it doesn't fade all the way it won't matter because my hair's reddish anyway. and maybe i'll meet some guy who thinks it would be sexy for a girl to look like the lady from Roger Rabbit. ha.
cheer-up-emo-kid hmmm... the lady from roger rabbit is pretty sexy... heh 020616
x Aug 5 2001 021220
x June 18 1995 021220
x Feb 27 2001 021220
geisteskrank passaro tops of my list

equal in magnitude

Aug 23, 1988
Nov 16, 1990
Aug 14, 1992
Apr 3, 1994
Sep 13, 1996
Mar 23, 1998
May 28, 1999
Nov 16, 2000
Feb 22, 2002
Rhin this is as good as it gets. 021220
lou_la_belle today was kelsey's no good terrible very bad day...ARGH. this is what happens on a day where all i feel is anger, frustratation, stress, depression, stress, annoyance, stress, some more anger, stress, hurt, jealousy ... oh and did i mention i'm frickin STRESSED OUT OF MY MIND??? therefore, if i snap today, i apologize in advance. this is just one of those days. 040610
kx21 What determined the topology of

Good or Bad in Human_spaces?

M Hint: Right_or_Wrong...
daxle when people ask me about the scar on my leg, i say "i had a bad day" 040622
birdmad Summer '02 (all of it)
november '02 (all of it)

every other day in '03

every third or fourth day so far this year.
megan even now
it's just starting
and already i got a 67 on the math exam i knew everything on
and my english professor sent me my paper back with even more problems with my paper
and i know i'm going to fail miserably at my spanish exam tomorrow
and i'm sick of it! SICK of it!
i just want to go home
i just want to go home
i can't even make any fucking friends

i don't want to be here
*Amy* definitly 051021
what's it to you?
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