Syrope 15 years ago, I:
1. played in my backyard without worrying what time it was
2. watched, but never joined, the mischief of preschool with wide blue eyes
3. read practically every book in the Reidsville library children's section
4. made fake plastic hamburgers with my fisher price oven
5. wore frills and patent leather shoes to church

10 Years Ago, I:
1. got off the bus on the first day of school and went the wrong way - to the little building instead of the big building
2. had the hugest crush on ben haskins
3. started wearing a bra
4. said goodbye to my best friend who was moving to georgia and never heard from her again
5. wore black velvet to my papa's funeral

5 Years Ago, I:
1. realized high school wasn't so bad after you learned where everything was
2. got my first kiss from the wrong guy, went through a series of bad dating experiences
3. got my first job: as a peer tutor
4. joined too many clubs, and loved it
5. hated myself and threw up after i ate

3 Years Ago, I:
1. realized that people hated me because of my achievements, not because of my personality
2. got a license but not the freedom to drive
3. started dating again
4. lost my virginity (3 yrs ago as of yesterday)
5. went dancing at my first club

2 years ago, I:
1. spent the most amazing & life changing summer of my life at governor's school - even though it made me resent being caged for another year of school
2. realized that hating drugs & alcohol were a part of me that wasn't going anywhere
3. really got to know my best friend Cathy, made the tough decision to attend a different college (thankfully just down the road) from hers
4. hated my mother more and more - for beating me, for telling me i was fat and ugly, from banning me from spending time with my soul mate just because he was gay, for trying to control me
5. graduated as valedictorian of my high school

1 Year Ago, I:
1. joined a service fraternity
2. had a terrific roommate and suitemates
3. panicked about exams and for the first time in my life, no one said "no, you don't get to worry about your grades because you know they'll all be As" - the anonymity of college was my saviour
4. tried the single life, but ended up falling for a boy who treated me like shit
5. learned too much about big city life - the homeless people, the guns, the shady buses

Yesterday, I:
1. went to waffle house at 1 am to cheer up Remy
2. got caught by my dad in my suite hallway with a guy, and me trying to put on my bra
3. took my last exam
4. went to Olive Garden
5. cried

Today, I:
1. drove outside Rockingham County, even though mom would freak if she knew
2. shopped for satin pjs online
3. finished up my laundry
4. blathered for the first time in a while
5. woke up early because i wanted to

Tomorrow, I:

5 Places I've Lived:
1. Reidsville, NC (0 - 18)
2. a dorm room on several colleges for a week or two, or a whole summer once
3. a dorm at NCSU - Raleigh, NC (18 - now)
4. ...i stayed at my cousins' one summer
5. ...i've spent the night at friends' houses

My Top 3 Biggest Worries at the Moment:
1. grades
2. money
3. christmas / dealing with family

My Top 5 Biggest Joys at the Moment:
1. the radio
2. confidence
3. rain & maybe snow later
4. having a car
5. free time FINALLY

i stole this from a friends livejournal. feel free to do your own, adding or subtracting years as necessary :)
Syrope oops...i lose :(

Tomorrow, I:
1. will sleep in
2. hopefully will get to see Cathy
3. want to fix my camera
4. will be hungry, because there's no food in this house and now the olive garden leftovers are gone
5. will wish i was back in raleigh
Cathexis 10 years ago, I...
..lived in west haven
..played outside without worrying what time it was
..wore a dress and black shoes to church almost every sunday
..made a wish to stay an only child
..could amuse myself for hours taking feathers out of my cousin's down jacket

5 years ago, I...
..was lonely
..wrote a letter to a friend in hong kong that came back years later unopened
..got all A's
..was sent to my 3rd grade teacher because i got a perfect score on a writing prompt
..was scared of my neighbor's brother's friends

3 years ago, I...
..wondered how anyone could navigate the hallways at hms
..lost someone to new york
..wrote another letter to my friend in hong kong; it didnt come back
..went sledding and scraped my cheek on ice
..got a dog and named her kirby

1 year ago, I...
..was sent to guidance because i was thought to be suicidal
..made it to the finals of the first annual husky slam jam poetry contest
..found CP
..met Walnut
..lost my innocence; this is according to my parents

Yesterday, I...
..had the strangest dream
..could hardly believe tuesday was done and over
..found a million little pieces

Tomorrow, I...
..will wake up too early
..will collapse with exhaustion on one of my desks in one of my classes - most likely english
..will regret things i did today
..will wonder where the hours went
..will finish shade's children
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