Silent Bob James Merendino has achieved brilliance with this movie. The whole movie is so cool and maybe you can get some good ideas of what some philosophies of punks are. But not all of them are drunks and druggies. But this movie is really funny and very well made. 000612
daxle ok so obviously it's impossible for me to not blather- I admit it
I don't know what punks are/were like where you guys live
but that's definitely not how things are/were anywhere I know of
I found the movie irritating, contrived, and uninspired
I would never believe that these daily-showered-urbanoutfitterspseudovintage wearing kids were punks for a second
some credibility is found in the sound track, but overall I give it 10 toes down
safety pin bird thought the movie was at best "Okay"

as someone who has been a junkie/drunk punk

(i can take or leave the alcohol and dope anymore, but i still gotta have my punk...)

it didn't say anything to me
silentbob Well at the end he said he was a poser anyway, remember? He became a lawyer and was like, "Yeah, i guess i was just a big poser"
birdmad i'm a low level bureaucrat.

but i'm still a punk.

deep down, i'm still trying to figure out a way to subvert the very system that employs me.

Only, now I need to be more subtle about it than when i was just a kid.

and some days i really do miss the drugs.
shiva i need to see it. my friend has it. i'll tell you poseurs what i think after i do. my other friend said it was stupid, "he was just a big sell out". but what does she know? 000916
*starlette* i couldn't get past the fact that these were my friends, literally. and that was my city, my campus.

and yes...the drugs...
MollyCule "Bob, dude I'm really glad you're here. The Devil is in my house. He killed my mom and turned her into a bull" - Shawn 001116
unhinged that is the best part of the movie....

"aaarre..are you jesus man?"

"hey how goes it?"

"no you're wait you have to be jesus."

"and why's that?"

"cause you're walking on water man..."

my 15 year old brother loves this movie.
deb i am
heroine bob.
i'm the little purist
no tylenol, nothing.
not even alcohol, really.
and i know
some day
i'm going to die
like he did.

i wasn't ready for this
moonshine And I wasn't apart of the 31 flavors. 010123
unhinged "beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy."
Benjamin Franklin
Lucien I know this makes me sounds really full of myself, which i might be, but the only fuckin' reason anyone in Charleston, South Carolina has heard of this movie is because of me and my friends. 010124
silentbob how bizarre that this comes up every now and again, but it has come up lately and ironically enough i just watched it again last night.
I had to laugh at the end because i didn't want to cry
"Haha ha ha ha, Oh man...that is so sad"

CheapVodka What can I say... My favorite movie...possibly one of the best movies ever created. I have an unhealthy infatuation with Matt Lillard and I have seen the movie too many times to stare into his amazing eyes and massively great blue hair. And I've cried like a little bitch at the end every single time... 011102
Effingham Fish I'd only found it by random chance, right about the time the best friend (I'm so bad with names) passed out from the infection in his foot, and was solidly entertained from that point forward. And I don't even like punks. After the movie was over, I checked the cable guide to find out what it was called, and they'd given it one star. That made it equal, in their eyes, with that Baby Geniuses movie. Yeah, whatever. 011103
anti-social butterfly this movie came on IFC today. i hadn't seen it in so long. awesome movie.
"only posers die, you fucking idiot!"
psychobabe mmmmmmmm, stevo grrrr 011117
distorted tendencies How come Heroin Bob had to die.. I wasn't ready for it.

Everytime I see the movie...
guitar_freak GOD!!!!!!!
I LOVE this movie. I know where you are coming from Bobby, I totally agree with you.
angie well...this movie is one of my not old mother fucker!
man...i love my friends
saw it the first time with yessi at her house for her bday
watched it with meine...hmm...
i like punk
punk likes me probably doesnt...
ilikefood beauty is the end, stevo...

the end
Casey The movie is beautiful. The end is sad. The best part is when they go to buy alcohol and scare those stupid facist assholes. I wish I was more like they guy with the glasses who became the botinist, I think that was Mike, but don't quote me on that. 020403
kill rhythm i got sad at the end of the movie. but i liked it. i havent seen it for like 2 years though... 020513
eklektic great movie. i loved steve-o. i think i want to marry him. and i like in the end how he found out the best way to fuck up the system was to be inside it -instead of just being a...well, punk. 020513
cheer-up-emo-kid were heroin bob's doc martins shiny green or shiny red? 020515
TalviFatin i remember very little of this movie...I slept.

Does that give you an idea of my opinion?
what's it to you?
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