daxle I woke up with the mouth of a bottle of tanqueray propped inside my own, inside a tent, laying down
I then proceeded to throw up all over myself for what felt like hours while my brother simultaneously yelled at me to get out of the tent and puked sympathetically
when I was done I still couldn't manage to get up so I slept in my puke all night and luckily did not drown in it
the next morning was fun too
I walked to the bathrooms (this was a beach camping ground) while people stared and held their noses, realized I had no quarters for a shower, and made the trek over again
picking hardened puke out of my hair, washing it out of my clothes and the tent, would have been enough to make me puke again but luckily my stomach was completely empty
freakizh i was having troubles with my stomach. and i wasn't aware of it until lunch. i ate greasy food. beans and nasty things. and it was all dry. so when i crashed into my stomach it was very dry. so i puke, and it wasn't liquid. it was a huge mass of munched food stucked in my throat. i almost got asfixiated.
when i ended it looked more like shit rather than vomit.
baby satan okay. so, this one time...i puked.

::: starts sobbing :::
Casey I did it tonight, outside the can redemtion place. It was mostly liquid mixed with the feeling of depression. It's a good thing I was already going to get some water. So I could wash the taste out of my mouth. 010721
cheer-up-emo-kid fifth of vodka. he held my hair. I layed in the bathtub and talked to people while they were peeing. hangover from HELL. 020617
nightcrawler wasn't drunk... i had this weird virus or something. bad coughing spells that would cause my throat to like, make this weird gagging motion.
mom left with peter. didn't take her cell. i went downstairs to lock the back door behind them, started to choke, puked EVERYWHERE potato soup acidic shit. (not literally.)
i was so grossed out, tried to go upstairs, puked all over the stairs. was gagging and throwing up all the way up 15 steps, tried to run through the dining room to the kitchen, puked once in the foyer and then SPLAT all over the dining room floor. washed my face, sobbed, lay on a clean patch of floor while my dog stared at me sympathetically and i wished i could have called my mom.
girl_jane Romeo_and_Juliet 020618
sometimes is never good enough 34 liquid tylenol
i should have died
pipedream i hate puking. it feels like your insides are being rolled up- i think the last time i puked i actually felt the stomach walls touching each other. maybe it's just my overactive imagination, fueled by the description of getting your stomach pumped in 'girl, interrupted', but i think i did. 030702
sixteen I puked
"ok Im done puking, pass me my fruit punch and we can start making out again"

"oh, wait--" *puke*

"ok, NOW hand me my fruit punch"
endless desire hahahahaha!

how about just
i could tell you a bunch
but im not sure if youd want to hear them.
actually, im pretty sure you wouldn't.
imagine, i have plenty
and i've never been drunk. :)
it's a lot easier to throw up
when you have control over it.
it really isn't that bad at all then.
except maybe the taste. . .
well not if you eat something bland
or something you like!
things like ice cream don't taste much different coming up. i have never been tempted to eat it though, haha.
karl the weed once when on my way to marine world when i was like 10, my friends dad was going way too fast on the freeway, i was getting motion sickness and i said "oh, youd better slow down." and he didnt. and i threw up all over myself and the car seat. it was a traumatic experience for my friend who was sitting next to me. that wasnt really sad but oh well 030702
crimson I once tried to kill myself
No one bothered to care and
I'm worthless to the point of
Not being able to die correctly

I spent the next days
Either unconcious or vomiting
x I haven't puked from drinking in many years. In compensation, perhaps, my body has found another reason to puke. When I get hysterically upset, the snot from my tearyness gets caught in my throat and I gag. The tension in my stomach contributes and suddenly I need to see a toilet. This is convinient for hiding in the bathroom while I try to get my wits back. 030909
misstree i don't puke from booze very much anymore, and i can't really think of any time i've puked outside of a bathroom or outside... missed out on a couple of opportunities because of the need to vomit, though, like the 3-way that should have been a 4-way with two of the objects of offhanded desire for a while, or when i missed out on going to a strip club for the first time because i puked in a parking lot... and the fact that for a while, i had an unnerving habit of passing out on bathroom floors in various states of undress... but i've never had to pick dried chunks out of my hair, thank the loving gods of boozeaholism. 030909
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