EECP Lets see if this works. Feel free to ask away. I don't know if you will like my answers but I will try to reply. 001214
Harvey Gray will medicare pay for repeat treatments? 020926
EECP Medicare will pay for any "necessary" treatment for a qualified recipient.
Repeat treatment for an ongoing problem is usually covered.
spastic tweety what is idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis? is it treatable or curable? 021114
jane will you answer another question honestly? 021114
EECP That depends on the question 021114
jane then, nevermind, i guess 021114
EECP I prefer to not lie. I will let someone know that I am not going to answer a question if I find it too personal or a possible breach of intimacy.
I do, however, enjoy questions. If you have a question that is reasonable I may answer. If not at least I will let you know that I would rather not answer.
methinx what is your middle name? 021114
EECP I need to know if you want to know my actual middle name, or my blather middle name. 021115
cole how do you tell someone that the reason for their existence is to be who they are?? 021116
Dr. Blather Is EECP an acronym? If so, what does it stand for? 021116
spoons See: EECP

The world may never know...
cole In a bibliography, how do you cite the location of a source when there are multiple locations ? 021116
Dr. Blather Earth's Exceptionally Cool Person 021117
EECP Dr....I like your guess. Sorry that I can not let you know what it is. It is a mystery at this point.

Cole I know that one of your questions was answered already. Unfortunately, you can't convince anyone that their purpose is to be who they are unless they think that their mere existence is worth while. In the case of the person that you refer: You would have to show her that she could be happy as an independent person. That her purpose on earth is to be happy and use her PERSONALITY, not her body or money, to help others to be happy.

Maybe we can talk more later.
EECP Wow! I just realized that someone asked me a question I did not reply to. I am sorry, spastic tweety.

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis is a lung inflammation problem. It causes scarring that can cause oxygen absorption problems.

I don't think any current doctors know exactly where it comes. They believe that it results from an autoimmune disorder or from previous infections. There is a possibility that there is a genetic link.

I don't think there are any cures at this point, only ongoing treatment.

You would think that there would be a medicine that would break down scar tissue that could be used in coordination with a suction to remove the tissue.
ferret if you had a million dollars, what would you REALLY buy?

what does eecp stand for :)

are you a fish?



stand or sit?

boxers or briefs?
EECP Hmmmm.

If I had a million dollars, what would I buy? That is completely dependant on if I wanted to throw the money away, or if we are answering realistically.

If so, I would buy a modest house. I would then invest my money. Taking money out only for necessities like acting lessons and the such.

If not, I would buy a barret m82a1 and a bunch of mach ammo to start. I would try to get my hands on a ferrari enzo. I would probably buy extravagant presents for the people in my life that deserve it. I think I would have to hire Ethan Stiefel for dance lessons. I would definitely hire Mike Chaturantabut to train me in contemporary martial arts. I don't get to work out with him much, and it is expensive!

Sorry, ferret. I choose not to divulge what EECP stands for at this date.

I am not a fish. Although sometimes I wish I was. I have been told that some of them only have a 4 second memory. That could be useful. Also, I was informed that there was a study done that revealed fish don't feel pain like we do. Apparently, they have a sensation that is not the same as our understanding of pain.

I don't know what you meant by "fish?" so I will guess.

Yes, I do enjoy fishing on occasion. Dependant on my company at the time.


No, I don't like the taste of fish (for the most part). Shell fish, yes. Tuna is good for diets and smoked Salmon has superior flavor compared to other fillets. However, for the most part, I don't care much for fish.

Number??? Hmmmmm....that is a stumper. One of my favorite numbers is 4, but to pick only one?!?!!? There are so many it just isn't fair. Think of the other infinite possibilities that will be crushed by our favoritism.

I'm afraid that the stand or sit question is a bit....yeah, I am a guy. I don't know if that is what you wanted to know. Because of cleanliness it is imparitive that I seat myself at certain times.

Underwear? Neither of those, but you didn't hear it from me!
oldephebe have you ever heard of sarcodosis? it's a lung disease/disorder (you probably already knew that) here's a follow up:What is the incidence of death per 100 cases from onset of diagnosis to expiration (also factor in extent of depredation of lung tissue and extrapolated onset of disease prior to diagnosis) that's probably asking for a lot - probably should have went to Web md or given you a reasonably quantifiable parameter

EECP Sarcoidosis, huh?

Yeah, its a disease mainly found in the lungs; but to my knowledge it can affect any portion of the body.

I think about 90% of sarcoidosis is found in the lungs. Also, if it is serious, it can develop into pulmonary fibrosis.

For the rest of your question, I tried to search online for your answer. The best I can find is:
African Americans are more susceptible to the disease: about 40 out of 100,000.
In Caucasian: 5 out of 100,000.
It is more prevalent in a city area, as compared to a rural area.
The incidence rate is approx. .02%.
Many people can have the disease, but it may burn itself out without showing major symptoms.

Sorry, I tried!!!!
screwing for virginity are you a qualified medical expert, do you like to look stuff up on the web, or are you just really good at pulling information out of your ass? 030913
oldephebe thanks eecp, i'd heard of it before and several people i know actually had it at one time. Thanks again.
EECP Oldphebe, you are very welcome.

Screwing, I am not a medical expert, but I do have background in the medical field. I am also training to become a medical technician.

I don't like to look stuff up on the web per say, but I do like a good question. One that challenges and teaches me.

About pulling stuff out of my ass. I can convince people of almost anything with the proper motivation. However, I don't like to be untruthful. I won't lie to anyone here; I don't think it serves any purpose.
EECP Sorry Oldephebe....I just realized, after looking at your comparison page, that I too left out the e after the d.

I formally apologize for my ignorance and request that you forgive me.
oldephebe EECP..don't mean nuthin'...oldphebe pulled at his sleeve, olephebe dreams darkly of the wizened sage who shaped him for this age..oldphobe..gyrated amongst the riot of pheremones and epileptic seizure inducing strobe puncuating the techno-primal percussive beat..oldephebe tries to retrieve the fallen flower..she looks askance..and then arcs out into the dark..smiling beatifically up at him..beyond him.. need to apologize's all so slatheringly the glistening glaze embossing a donut..

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Will it fade?
Is it real, or does is pale in comparison?
These things I fear - can they be soothed, or should I continue to feign courage?
Can you shed light on the cold shadows that haunt?
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