I swear to you
this place is evil
nanny once i tried this as a hobby. hmm..

so i had this friend who was kinda avoiding me.. well let's say, it's a guy that i wanted to be with, but for some INSANE reason, he did not want to be with me... so anyways...

i knew where he worked, and what time he got out. so i decided that i would suprise him by picking him up from working, knowing that he did not drive himself to work. so i go there, he get's out at night, so i'm sitting there in my car and waiting for him to get out of work. it was a chilly night, so i stayed in my car, instead of standing outside and waiting for him.

and he emergers from the building. i see him, and i smile. i want to say hello, i want to flash my lights, or beep my horn. i want to let him know i'm there to pick him up from work, and for any matter, that i would always be there for him... but i couldn't.

i was frozen to my seat. i could not speak, i could not move..

i sat there and watched him as he walked around talking to his co-workers who had gathered outside for a cigarette break before their journey home..

i sat there and watched him as he laughed at what someone had said to him.

i just sat there and watched him.

after a few minutes, he walked with his friend to her car, got in and left.. then i turned my car on, and left as well going back to my own home and not following him.

really im' not crazy.
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Toxic_Kisses My way of showing how unusual and interesting I think you are.
Don't worry it's not something I practice (Commonly) in RL.
yummyC my cousin (who is wonderfully nice and beautiful and funny by the way) was recently robbed.
but...its funny...
except its not at all...that--
they stole all her journals, a favorite childhood book, and her gym bag.

the door was crowbarred open
and her apartment complex is supposed to be some "secure" building with security.

hm. thats kinda fucked.

I hope they find the asshole who did it. she thinks its this girl she was friends with thats kinda mentally unstable.

the journals. the JOURNALS. thoughts...
thats HORRIBLE! if my journals were stolen, I'd be more angry than i have ever been in my entire life. you can't just rewrite all those memories and thoughts. and its such a bad invasion of privacy. JOURNALS. so personal.

I'd kill who did it.

but Dana (the cousin) is much nicer than that.

yummyC lol secure security.

niska in my first year of college, a life-long friend (well, more of an obligation, really) moved to the city i was living in. she was pregnant and getting married. having no other friends (no one obliged enough) to hang out with, she would pop over ALL the time - it drove me nuts. my roomate HATED her. it was friction. Then she asked me to be her maid of honor - i've known her since i've learned to walk/our parents are very good friends - i can't say no.
however, i had no clue that the maid of honor's primary obligation (gee - that word comes up a lot when i think of this friendship) was to drive around town at midnight, when i have a huge exam the next day, in a red cavalier, screaming Def Leopard's "Pour Some Sugar On Me" out of it, stalking her "fiance" because she was suspecting him of having an affair (ridiculous) when all he needed was to breathe for two seconds because her hormonal rage was enouugh to drive anyone literally insane.

*gasp* Then she tells me to get out of the car, and run up behind the tree in the neighbor's yard (yes, her own next door neighbor) to try to catch a glimpse into her livin room window (yes, her OWN living room window - a view she's privy to anytime) because it's 40 below freezing and she's pregnant, so who else is gonna do it?
it was the most ridiculous scenerio in the world. this happened on a weekly basis up until the wedding. Which, by the way, ended in a messy divorce, involving custody of an infant, who if he was a LUCKY sould woul never have been born to these parents.

Stalking is not easy, people, it takes hard work, serious dedication, and a disregard for your own life - social or not, because let's face it: Driving around town in a car with Def Leopard blarin' out of it may remind you of the greade 8 formal, but you surely don't want anyone you know to see you - ESPECIALLY if they happen to ask what you guys are up to tonihgt.

Needless to say, i've since moved, and lost her phone number. She finds me though - she always finds who she's looking for, whether you want to be found or not. She found me a year ago, just before my last move, and i never left a forwarding number...

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lulu In the morning through the window shade, when the light pressed up against your shoulder blade, I could see what you were reading. 080729
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hyena occasional glances online
to see if she's suffering,
to hope with hateful heart
some message of misery
will lighten my day.
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