enygmatic is lost on too many people these days. As if every day has to bring a new bouquet of roses. That gets tiring after a while, and it seems to me it's more a show of money than love. There seems to be too much of a separation between love and romance. Maybe romance is dead. 990408
oodles Romance isn't dead. It's alive and well. Although it may not take the same form as Romeo scaling the walls to reach Juliet, it has the same heart. Many people are hopeless romantics, they just need the right person to shower with affection. 000203
silentbob she was having the worst pains she could possibly have. I sat next to her and made her feel better, because that's what i thought i was supposed to do. it's what needed to be done. and she could hardly believe i sat next to her and never left her side, because apparently others had, or maybe others would have.
but i stayed next to her, because even though it hurt me to see her in pain, pain i could never understand (less i got hit in the nuts, that is) i couldn't stand being away from her, so i stayed.
vermouth So I'm knocking on strangers doors in suburbia for money (what a lovely job), when a horrible yapping dog lunges at me out of the shadowy bushes, stopping me in my tracks. Should I go on to ring this doorbell? Should I move on? The dog is straining against his tether, a foot from my bare ankles.

A woman comes out of her house wrapped in a quilted floral housecoat and terytowel slippers and a skull-melting cloud of rum vapours. She is a beautiful woman in her fifties. She lives alone. She is totally incoherent.

In the autumn dusk, smelling of dying leaves and imminent cold, beneath the porchlight, a spoiled kid staring into the face of an afterschool special. What could be more romantic than that?
splinken "it's the same as before
or the other time
or the time before that.
here's a cock
and here's a cunt
and here's trouble."

from "this then--" by Charles Bukowski
grendel for all my debauched experiences
i am more intrigued by the simplest and most innocent things anymore.

these things set my mind reeling:

a smile
a glance
a sweetly spoken greeting.

has the scope of my experience made me so jaded hav become an innocent again?
correction tape grendel jaded that i have become an innocent again? 000918
Tank i often wonder that myself grendel... 000918
splinken i like:

1. arguments
2. name-calling
3. trouble
4. to hop fences
5. ticklefights
6. staring contests

romance is boring.
girl :::laughs bitterly::: 010823
Butterfly Collector Romance exists. It happens to other people all the time. 020606
cresentwhench Ditto Butterfly Collector!!! 021025
cresentwhench Ditto Butterfly!!! 021025
littleidiot not sure if it exists anymore... 021121
carlita ... the name of my boyfriend's cologne. makes me want him like you wouldn't believe... 030529
emmi i know your schemes
like i know fig trees
and snow at the hotel new york

and pink eye-shadow
called 'romance' and
pearly toes

your hands are warm like newborn puppies
scratching mine in yours you hold a
normal conversation

and your sad, sad eyes
see reality
knows no lies

for which i'm grateful, as i leave it behind
spilling my tea and
packing light.
Derghaust John told Angela
over and over
how much he
loved her.
Then he kissed
her right temple
with a single round
from his revolver,
and there was an
explosion of roses.
JustOnMonday The question is not whether romance exists anymore, the question is do people know how to show it without be told how by a magazine, computer, television, or movie. The world no longer knows how to think or feel. People are romantic when they are told to be- anniversaries, Valentine's Day, weddings, etc. The world no longer lives in the moment and goes with their emotions. Everyone waits for the proper time to be "romantic," like good robots. But being romantic is being spontaneous and caught up in the moment, being in love. 040608
pete professor emberely points to erotic romance as the greatest cause of injustice in this world.

but he loves erotic conversation and thought. what a class! (i rather enjoy socrates)
emmi i like what JustOnMonday's a good point.

though my mum and stepdad usually use anniversaries and v-day to have their arguments...ironic i guess, considering they don't argue much at all otherwise.
belly fire even in gridlock butterflies were busy finding each other
the wild loop-d-loops in the wildflowers along the highway
a tumbling romance of pheromones and august heat
mad bird not for lack of effort and intent, but i am a crashing failure as a romantic.

plus, it's not a lot of fun to lead with your heart if the person on whom your heart is set can't help but mention that they've apparently been getting all misty over someone else's cum stains

O, the tenderness!
belly fire his romance is a sweetness undeserved
with my moody faces and dour outlooks
his coos and cuddles are warm and succulent
even in his sleep I can press my body against his back and sup from his heat
something I find I cannot do without
thus the romance is a simple one
however deviously addictive
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