psyki love conquers everything.

even itself, sometimes.
silentbob have you ever been so depressed over someone that you threw up your meal? 001126
birdmad not so much from the depression, per se, but from the copious amounts of liquor that usually accompany it 001126
Rhin I guess I have something to look forward to. I'm still in the early stages of shock. 001126
Snakeyes never look back 001126
Barrett that nausea never fuck'n goes away. I can't hold food, but at least the beer stays down. 001126
gwyllynne .... ::glances over to Barrett:: And then some of us have moved onto harder liqour......nothing numbs this feeling......time makes it worse, a dull , throbbing, aching, bleeding heart. 001127
ClairE dogsick
is how bad i feel

it's been almost a year

before it was driving pain
but no motion
me lying there sobbing in the night

now it's me tossed upon an ocean
a confusion of boys

unhinged i wish you would just tell me for once
without all the ambigious pronoun reference
and high-handed condescending
about what i did
how i messed up your life
if you say yourself that i won't know how i did
why can't you just tell me
i never wanted to really hurt you
sure i got angry
really angry
and i wanted to hit you really hard a few times in a place that would really hurt
but anger is just the other side of love
you have changed so much since then
but somethings never change
if it's because of things i have said here
my intention was never to hurt you
this is the only way that i can help myself without
hurting other people
get my anger
out in the open
so i don't fester
you always used to tell me i fester too much
i don't want to "get back at you"
i want us to lead a peaceful existence
hopefully together in the only way left
why do we still have to pretend?
you're right
i do care too much
but after all this
i still can't give up on you
so cut me a break
and tell me what's going on
just tell me what's going on
Annie111 Is like being punched in the stomach. Except it's your heart. And the fist stays there, rotating slowly. 011202
ilovepatsajak vomit. 011202
ClairE Sometimes I think that we should be quarantined. Like detox. Lock us up in a room and let us drain, like a battery. We're dangerous to the touch. 011213
Aimee God, I love you so much that somedays I wonder if I can handle it. I love the way you touch me, I love the way you kiss me, I love the way you look at me, and the way you're always excited about the things I am, and you make me feel like I'm perfect... I love you 011213
unhinged woah

this page reeks of insignificance these days. last semester we passed each other occasionally after my religion class and we never even said hello to each other; sometimes he would just laugh at me as i walked by. but i guess 'emotional stalkers' would write things under pages entitled (lovesick)
ass kisser the one I lost was so incredaley bueatiful that I hope she'ii commit
her eyes are like stars in the sky goregoius to gaze into for hour it could be her mind I want to know but she left as I cryed the changes in me she was unsure for I took steps and changed my life I'm a better person now and are moving forward without her by myside happer than i could ever be
at times depressed for she did not see these changes I made for me

why people have the oppratunaty to change them self choise not to persure life so thy hide anyway
Staind_And_Souless She left me, and I accepted it. We spoke, we talked, we loved eachother still. She went out, and she fooled around. But she missed me, she didn't find anyone special out there. She came back to me. I was so happy.

Then she found someone else. Far better looking than me. Someone older, wiser, with more money, and their own home, and a car. And I stood there, looking as 16 and pathetic as I was, and cried. I cried for three hours in the middle of the highstreet, and I dind't care what anyone thought.

Then the numbness kicked in. And hasn't gone away since. She's happy. Why do I hate her for it?
nomatter I feel pathetic 031104
misstree you hate her for the gap between almost and perfect. you hate her for leaving you on the side of the road, for her making you a passing chapter in her fairy tale. you hate her because you're not her prince, but she is your princess. you hate her because you were her meanwhile.

stay numb. when the numbness fades the songbirds will return, but if you let yourself grow bitter, all the happy little forest creatures will desert you evermore.
emmi lovesick on a sunny afternoon 040219
brain stew so
Syrope awesome song, though

i'm not lovesick yet...i'm still riding that rollercoaster...maybe lovegiddy or lovequeasy :)
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