yummychuckle nice body
nice face
nice eyes.
very cute.

no personality. not one I like anyway. nothing unique. your typical alchoholic pothead Canadian that moved to MD and met me. wouldn't have noticed me if it werent for my purple hair and comment ("hey, you're cute!")
but apparently he likes purple haired seemingly loud (but extremely shy) bulimic self hating short girls.

i guess it works, but i just want him for the sex.
even if he isn't jason.
i can't get jason off my mind.
go away...
sweetheart of the song tra bong I was going to be named this, whether I was a boy or a girl.

Somehow when my parents saw me they changed their minds.

I think I'm glad...
silentbob provider of information, who cares if its true?
bringer of cds, dvds, and mirth.
kinkazoid wolverine from x files is named this isnt he? 010621
Logan Yummiechuckles is a cheating biatch, you want jason so bad eh? then you can have him....(Notice i found the site?)
well anyways I see how you really are so..... what the fuck ever!
yummychuckle (yummiechuckles?) yeah nobody date me i can't get my head straight 010624
yummychuckle...jamie fuck you
fuck you
fuck you
...god why are you never home? or maybe you are? no because I can't imagine you not wanting to talk to me so much that you tell your brother to say you aren't home.
i just wanna talk and finish this stupid thing because things don't seem final enough right now.
And I need jasons number so i can apologize (trust me, it would only be an apology because the only time jason would enjoy seeing me is if I were dead.) about what I did. I just want him to know I'm sorry that I made him lose his best friend...
My fault. everything was... completely my fault. logan u should really just try to hang out with him once more... has he ever done anything else to really piss you off? Doesn't he have good intentions with your relationship? It was one fuck-up and it was mostly my fault.
please go back to being friends. pretend i never existed.

why did you like me? you say you like my personality, but you didn't know it. You never saw ME. i guess a facet of me but not the whole thing.
ditto about you. I guess I never got to know you well enough. If I could go back and change things...I would have stayed with Ahrial that friday. I almost did because she was so upset...I should've too. I wouldn't have met Jason. Not til later anyway, and by then our relationship would've been 'stable', and I wouldn't have gotten so....stupid....

i am sorry that i fucked things up, and I'm sorry I didn't treat you better. thats really unlike me. Everything in the relationship was not like me. I don't move that fast usually, i don't cheat, I'm not usually so quiet and shy...

but i guess you have no way of knowing that.

do you hate me?
Logan No jamie I dont hate you, I still like you so much, but I dont feel like getting hurt, I've had enough of that for a little while, and whats the point anyways, If I "go out" with you for a while I'll more than likely get attached to you... to what end? you are going to be gone in aug. and all I really was to you is sex anyways right? maybe thats all and good to you, but I on the other hand dont want any "relationship" to be just about sex. you said some realy ignorant things about me, for everyone to see on this site. maybe Im not "perfect" like Jason, he gets all the girls and whatnot, and you had to go and join the statistics. Or something to that effect. But me on the other hand what do I get and have always got? Fuckin bullshit! but anyways... im not about to be Jasons fuckin buddy again for a long while, if ever. what else can I say, im not perfect, nobody is... definatly not Jason. but whatever...

The reason you havint been able to get a hold of me is because I havint been home like at all lately. well I hope you are happy with yourself. I might be talkin to ya lata. have a nice day :(
yummychuckle i see.......
well um I talked to you on the phone...and I'm going to talk to you longer later on...and since we are now 'together'....i'm sure plenty more talking will be done so i don't have to blab any more in this post.
but then again, blathering is blabbering...
anyways i'll see ya soon i think.
Sonya the sullen feline Someone I had the greatest luck of meeting within my dismal life. He has no idea about the impact he left, nor does he know the lengths I would go to for him. My heart is his always. 011014
Sonya the sullen feline My heart isn't his anymore because I no longer have a heart because of him. I almost wish I never met him. 011016
shit . whatever 011031
Aimee the name brings nothing but joy to my heart. Oh lord how I love you, and if I could only show how much... words can't describe how much you mean to me my love. Being apart from you is pure torture, but in only 4 short days I will be in your arms again.. Hopefully I won't be sick... I have been so happy to hear your voice every day though.. thank god for that. I miss you more than anything and I can only wait until you come to see me. Oh sweetheart, make the days go faster. You can do it if anyone can.... please? But if you can't do it, I'll just wait patiently and do my homework to pass the time. I love you Logan! 011226
Logan . 020705
oren Wasn't he a runner? 020705
somebody where'd you go, oren? lost in the maze, it's ok, almond mounds are fine, come back. 030625
jezebell we don't need to speak
and when i cry i don't have to say why
and you sent me daisies for no reason one day
from okalhoma
and i miss you a lot more than you really know
thanks for letting me call you when i'm drunk
and i might never finish your painting.
what's it to you?
who go