Barrett Miniver could see the present "who blathes"
He He He He
Barrett see you in detention tomorrow Rhin. 001202
Rhin will be there. 001202
Mahayana [{i could hear you}] 020502
Effingham Fish A wish too late. 020511
freakizh if only i could hug you for no reason at all. specially not because you're leaving. 020512
CJ the days weren't so far apart between the times I see you 020513
Mahayana in NY [{i never had to leave}]
and all the perfect beginnings
would have already begun
Sailor Jupiter If only I weren't shackled by the chains of my past, we could actually be a we. 020519
Just a Bookworm '"If only
If only"
The woodpecker sighs
"The bark on the trees
Were as soft as the skies."

And the lone wolf cries to the
Blue cold moon Aooooh
"If only
If only"'

Jane Doe I could wash my face with that orange bar of crap my mom got for me, remove the feeling of being dirty, rinse off the remaining suds of new born cleanliness, and look into that good for nothing reflection and gaze at who I really am. Reach down into my core and pull out the remains of whatever the fuck I was in the first place. I am not whole. Assuming the role of happiness, I am a liar. In this never ending continual cycle, taking on the figure 8, I am trapped. That girl at the party drinking from the keg, she's smiling. Does that make her happy? I doubt highly upon the fact just because it's true.. I will never know the answer to this mystery of silence. Why can't everything end with the cowboy riding off into the sunset? 040103
andie jaye scarlet red
drips from my veins
what's wrong with me
that i imagine such things
and if only for a moment
let there be peace
how can i live with this pain
i don't have the strength
to conquer this shame
and if only for a moment
let there be peace
and tell me did you know
that i still won't let it got
and just maybe you're flying free
if only
tell me why
i'm left here alone
i search for your voice
but i should've known
that if only for a moment
you'd be with me
and tell me did you know
that i still won't let it got
and just maybe you're flying free
if only i could change the way
you were torn away from me
i would never let you go
i'd burn away the plans we made
pretending to believe
that i am not afraid
and tell me did you know
that i still won't let it got
and just maybe you're flying free
and tell me did you know
that i still won't let you go
and just maybe you're still flyig free
if only

(c) tiffany, j. brooks
camille i could hold your hand and tell you it's going to be alright... 041116
oneiros you had never told me you weren't sure whether i had ever loved you

i want you and miss you and need you and want to hold you and stroke your back and kiss you and touch your butt

but you dont believe me
neesh if, my love, if only...
if only we were fate's editors,
and could re-write a page here or there,
and alter the sequence from tragic to comic,
or if only time were our minstrel
and played to our speeds,
and did not make dolour of his tune
but lightly set our dance in harmony,
rather than confounding our passions
and speeding us apart.
if only we were masters of our hearts
and did not let them break out of turn
and suffer in silence
Lemon_Soda That was really good, neesh. 051024
noone special my dreams could come true...

I don't ask for much
megan i could help you achieve it somehow

{i yearn to lose myself in you and never come out}
other whatever they said, and better. 090207
In_Bloom Everything 090207
SleepieCloud if only is wishing...
and wishing is wanting...
and where there's want there's...
always you.

If only you...?
If only you what?

you do.
loved me?
you do.
missed me?

I don't have what I want, but I'm all out of things to wish for.
unhinged in the spirit of focusing my life
i should banish this
from my phraseology
yoink i could body slam a cactus 090209
In_Bloom He picks up strands of my hair, fingers sliding through and smiles at me
I smile back but I'm thinking of someone else

He walks with deliberate pace and noise from his shoes but my ears, they are listening for the shoes of someone else

He comes front and center to touch my hands and get a feeling of centering up for his day while I think back on another who used to do inspire that feeling for me

If only
But I won't say and no one will know for sure what things I treasure to memory that have become no things to the one my eyes secretly follow as he walks steriley on by
what's it to you?
who go