amy never been found 991016
kat sounds like you wish you had been
found one of those days or dark nights
sitting, reading, listening, watching, waiting
searching for that connection
wanting so desperately to be discovered

sounds also like there's some pride mingled in
after all we're all so sure that we're so alone
because of our infinite complex unknowable soul
gaudior only when we are found can we be profound. 000115
Mlle Avril I found this site because I was searching for an online vendor of the classic punk t-shirt that says "Fuck you, you fucking fuck" to buy as a Christmas gift for my boss.

The first few search results were for porn sites, of course, and then there was a result I could hardly decipher... I clicked on it and was taken directly to the fuck page.

And now I'm hooked, Goddamnit. Thanks a lot.
unhinged so...i've been thinking lately. thinking that i've let one potentially great person slip away and came too early to another. people are only supposed to have one great person in their lives. but i can only find the greatness when they are gone. they were lost when i found them. i don't know what to say about that. 010620
distorted tendencies I have yet to be found.
I have found you.
I will have to search more.
Sondra i've found myself 011007
Casey I found my notebook today, I;m so happy now. 011007
Original Nuttah I want to be found by who I meet.
I want to find someone special.
I want to find that freedom and happiness are not a dichotomy.
I want to find direction.
ClairE *taps kerry on shoulder* 020103
mr.decker NOTHING (i.e. everyting), yeah, i know I'...... 030619
endless desire She can only be found if she were at one point lost.

Would that not make a person grateful for the initial losing?

I am grateful for endless circles.
Substance the pound/dollar at the back of the sofa,
a cigarette when you run out,
Substance do you find death, or does death find you? 040331
headover Here it is! 041015
reue i found it, i knew i hadn't lost it forever.
i was finally cleaning up some.
found it there,
hiding beneath the matress of my impromptu bed in the corner of my room.
my pendant,
a gift from another life.
one of my post prized possesions.
i flipped it over in my hand and realized.
its shinier than it used to be,
but it's meaning has dulled and greyed.
all the thoughts and emotions that came with viewing this material object has seeped out the cracks.
is this a new step forward?
or am i afraid its a step back?
it still pleases me to remember
to remember what it was like
i don't feel that its important anymore though
i think i'm going to put it back under my matress
maybe someday i'll find it again and remember
maybe at my next life's step.
kate your never found and your never lost but your always searching. 050328
her royal highness the quirk i found a paper full of quotes from the last beach trip, written on the back of the directions to her condo. when we were laughing over the bathrooms in the movie theater. when we couldnt keep our hands off each other. when you still wanted me and only me forever. when we were still in love. i guess i should use past tense on that last one. i dont know if there is any love left on your end. i don't know how you feel about me. i don't know anything any more. i dont think you do either.

i need to stop finding things
Lille Merksnodig Find me..? 050526
on the road Last night I dreamt that I had found the answer to everything (and it wasn't 42).

Although I know I won't find what I'm looking for on blather, but I still can't help looking for it here.

So some girl had blathed it in a single line. I read it and it clicked.
I wanted to see what else she had said. She had a total of just about seven or eight blathes, but all of them really intense. I got lost in them.
Then I realised that I couldn't remember the first one that had been the answer for me. So I started looking frantically. It was hard to find.
I found it. Then I went back to reading the rest of her blathes, and I forgot again. I looked for it again. And it happened over and over.

I forgot it again, and now I have no way to find it
Lemon_Soda Sometimes I wonder if we want to be found by someone, read by someone, and cherished. Like a dusty book on the shelf in a library that in all its long years hasn't been read great would it be to be picked up and dusted off, taken home and read under a lamp light late at night? What if they decided to keep you and read you more than once? What if you could add pages to your book and they keep on coming back for more? What if you were their favorite book?

I hope I get to be someones favorite book...
! try harder 070216
petit chou that priceless knick-knack that your grandmother picked up in a pawn shop and now sits on your desk at home. 080802
deb The me I was
was lost
for a time,
buried beneath
my title: mom.
And while "mom" is part
of who I am,
it is not all~
The butterfly with
crazy wings
and begins to wake
and unfurl her wings
once more.
Lost my muchness,
why yes,
I did,
though I didn't know it
at the time~
But there it is again,
gleaming in the sun
that has decided
to shine upon me
There it is,
the me that was
and will be
I didn't know how much
I missed myself,
or lost myself,
until now...
And I am much more
what's it to you?
who go