typhoid ok, check this gem from the australian penal code:


81C Misconduct with regard to corpses

Any person who:

(a) indecently interferes with any dead human body, or

(b) improperly interferes with, or offers any indignity to, any dead human
body or human remains (whether buried or not),
shall be liable to imprisonment for two years. Attempts to procure abortion
bownan if that's the strangest law you find you're not lookin hard enuf 000629
typhoid ok, i thought that said "interfaces" and not "interferes"... but as usual i didnt read quite close enough 000630
bownan It's against the law to ride a horse under the influence of alcohol or drive a wheel guy got done riding home.. he said the horse knew where to go 000630
god you will go to hell if you think about the green monkey, har har har. 010130
Annie111 wide, reddish brown.
Warm like sand on sunday afternoons.
like i pulled fabric across myself and it was all blue
and soft
Footballers in little shorts and 100,000 people yelling and eating pies.
Sports mad.
Amazing, friendly.
The end and the beginning of the earth in one.
Olive leaves lick the sky like little kites tied to a tree.
and heat fizzes up from the earth
wobbling the horizon
The golden ring around
Of coastline
Pulls up its waterskirt
And the bruised sun hits the dunes
Like I've never seen since.

I miss you so much.
ClairE Once at work I read a book all about Australia. About the different cities and the people and what the buildings are like and kangaroos and beer and friendliness and sports and abos and fashion and the sydney opera house and the schooling system and the bush and the color red.
I like its shape.
But anything I say will pale in comparison to Annie's blathe.
sabbie ClairE, abos is an insulting term. 011221
sean The Great Southern Land. The Land Down Under. God's Country. Distant, peaceful, barely connected to the world. Self-critical, pessimistic, obsessed with what other nations think of it. Unique. Australian.

My homeland.

It's my quiet, peaceful corner of the existance, and I like it that way.
blown cherry home :) 020220
god is "wogs" an insulting term? 030424
god see above for more green monkey 030613
WTF interfaces ROFLOL!!!!

* summer_storms * 050212
shower singer Bigger and older than you could possibly imagine. 050212
China * 3152005*

's Taiwan Law (_'anti_secession'_law_)...
2896 Places Australia in Awkward Position
Cybercast News Service, VA - Mar 15, 2005
... Despite objections voiced by Taiwan, the US and Japan, China's rubber-stamp parliament on Monday passed the "anti-secession law" by
votes to none, with ...
China * 3172005 *

, Australia Begin Talks on Uranium Export Trade Agreement
28 minutes ago Australians reiterate opposition to Iraq war

Japan 2232005 46 minutes ago

Australia stands by
in Iraq
2 hours ago Poll: Australia against Taiwan war

China Australians are against following the United States into a war with
over Taiwan, according to a new poll...
Singapore 11302005: Australian drug smuggler Nguyen Truong Van is hanged in
, despite pleas for clemency.
11302005 051201
12112005 3 hours ago: Racial riots hit Sydney 051211
Arab ...Thousands of drunken white youths attacked police and people they believed were
immigrants at a Sydney beach...
CIA Population:

20,090,437 (July 2005 est.)
Muslim 1.5% 051211
near 12142005 4 hours ago

A CHURCH HALL was set ablaze and shots were fired
a primary school in Sydney yesterday...
all Google News

Australian police prepare for more racial violence Swissinfo
Groups try to stem violence in Australia Seattle Post Intelligencer - ABC News - News24 - -
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john howard sucks bush red neck wonderland 060329
superleni is an excellent place.
it took me a few visits to other countries to appreciate that.
the best things are:
the cleaness (we've only been poluting the place for 218 years).
the rainforests, the reptiles, the beaches, the desert, the people are mostly pretty good too, from all over the world getting on mostly well together ...
mmm, we have our rednecks, racists, but i think hope they are a minority.
that said, why does j howard keep getting voted in? because most of the population is mortgaged to the hilt and last election he convinced them he could keep interest rates down ... which has not happened! liar, liar, head on fire. which must be painful for mr bush, seeing it's firmly lodged up his arse.

i think we're a bit too easy going. we should be a bit more active. but we have it so good here ... it's warm, balmy, pleasant, and oceans away from the rest of the world's action.

we're hard workers, we're creative, inventive, mostly friendly, lots of us are open-mined. we do like barbeques. and beer. i think we wish everyone would just get along.

i think someone mentioned these:

abbo: is not nice. probably okay for aborigines to call each other that tho.
a lot of our native people are in a pretty bad way. we stole their land and culture. what do we are about that...? not much.

wog: can be bad, depends on context. i'm part wog. that doesn't feel bad to say. but i wouldn't point and yell it at someone else.
tessa Do you have any idea how beautiful this country is?

It is sad and poignant. Vibrant and rough. It's so complex.

It is demanding -i t cannot be easily seen or understood.

It is so incredibly old.
Do you see? Can you feel it?
So old, full of old tears which grow new possibilities.

It is the only place that makes any sense.

... perhaps I am a little homesick...
what's it to you?
who go