argument i am against love! 011222
TK Sneeking On The Comp I'm not so much agents it so much as I don't think it truly exist, I think ppl mistake obsession and infatuation as well as worship w/ love. 011222
blown cherry Just causes too much pain is all. 020225
yummyC love hate death life

Goddamn love. Its a bitch. Hardly works out the way it's supposed to.

***no happily ever afters for me***
unhinged so i've done a cost-benefit analysis and i've found that the costs much outweigh the benefits. any economist would tell you to abandon ship as soon as possible. 020226
Chew Rude Organ That's the second time today you've taken the words right outta my mouth Unhinged. I feel kind of unnecessary here. I might go find a bridge. 020227
Syrope if i had the letters, H, R, and T, I would rather have U and have "HURT" than have a "HeaRT" without U... 020227
silentbob oh, syrope, how i love thee 020227
Syrope ;) 020304
g h o s t Easy, too many broken hearts litter this world like tattered streamers after Mardi Gras. The wreckage in the junkyards of our souls 020305
Shim Love... I have yet to find it as well. And I must say, finding it is a bitch. If it is there... That I shall rejoyce. And if someone has indeed found it, then please, peak up. I would like to know. 060322
stork daddy if you'd all stop looking so hard for something you've only heard about, you might discover that there are all sorts of good things that actually exist in your life which may have been the inspiration for words like love. 060322
falling_alone love is something you work at, it requires effort, time, lust evolves, i'm not interested in any of that.
love requires a memory.
i cannot find love if i cannot remember your name.
nocturnal is only made at its end or in its absence. 060322
me love...
don't give in
when it isn't needed

....can it even be done?
bb35 i'm all for love but i'm not so sure about marriage. 060323
me marriage is the purest and best way to practice love. 060323
unhinged other than loving_kindness there is no form of love i've found that means much. the rest of it is just disappointment wrapped up in a pretty picture, name, delay.

all love gets up and walks away

still many years later
my cost-benefit analysis
renders the same result
but now
i'm embarassed
at all the love i've doled out
over the years
spewed out here over the years
that only let me be
more miserable
love a fancy name
for misery
so i'm against that
i'm done with that bullshit

i know you suffer just like me
i know you are more similar to me
than you'd like to admit
i know our differences are only miniscule
i love the me in you
i love myself more than i used to
i let_go of anything else
i let_go of what doesn't look like me
i'm done
i love the me in you
everything else just leads to misery
and i'm hopping off that wheel
unhinged .

and then you called me this morning
'hey baby, did i wake you up? just called to tell you i got a computer yesterday and we should start recording again soon'
and i realized just how much not being near you has hurt me over the past nine months
(i hate your fucking cunty bitch girlfriend)
unhinged but we never did record again and now you are leaving town in a week. i broke_up with him because i realized i was still in_love with you. that every relationship i've had in the past year was because i couldn't have one with you which isn't fair to anyone. in one more week i guess i won't have to worry about it anymore. *sigh*

should i tell you before you go? would it make a difference? or would it just spread the guilt around? the smile you had on your face last week because you were with me makes me wonder.
bcrs argument_for_love 090824
yoink unhinged: fuckin mixed signals right? damn girl...but isn't that shit a wonderful muse? 090824
z love is a verb 090825
unhinged or the heavy hammer that shatters your heart into little pieces 090825
ig what's a verb? 100812
lostinchaos The truth hurts…
No matter how you cut it up, it will be there slicing you up.
So every day I lie to myself and say I do not crave.
What is the point of all this here? This is something I do out of fear.
Fear of giving up power over myself. Fear you would strangle me with such a belt.
Fear that you would invite me in only to shove me out the door again.
In silence, it’s easier to sit by rather than risk losing what brings me joy.
So suffering here, I’ll sit, paralyzed with fear and an ache I just can’t dismiss.
It’s hard for me to express how I feel, watching the movie of life as it turns on the wheel…
How can I possibly be truthful with you? I have yet to learn to be honest with myself???
Can you accept me for who I am, with caring, understanding, compassion and an honest hand?
The truth is that I think my love for you is whole. But perhaps I may be butchering it all…
kdo Love is not kicking him in the catheter after he summer-saults off a mountain. 101019
what's it to you?
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