typhoid hey, thats not me! who the heck is that? stop following me! ahhh!!

smoke and
floating gently through the stillness
shadows dancing in my eyes
illusions shattering the chillness
resolves to clear blue skies
vix Is that love in your eyes or just a reflection of mine? 000806
kreepy bird are not my friends 000806
the boy with the thorn in his side What is this? I'm not empty...I'm occupied, filled, fucking sick of this/that restlessness that shoots a still figure back at me; smiling mirror, as if it knows better (it knows nothing)?

These periods of hesitation, where the wire goes dead and the mind runs over itself, repeats the course, builds up a thick scum, burns black, they spiral onto your head and flatten all of that collected unnamed undefinded amorphous shit you think makes you with the pinch of a pretty grey talon.

For once I just want to see the ash and taste it and know that this isn't progress; that moving forward isn't the same as moving back. Is up and down everywhere? And damn this grand illusion for making fakers of me and you as we plod along, spilling words and ink on pages and on ourselves for lack of anything better. Damn this great play for making me a writhing, dancing, screaming expenditure; ancillary, secondary, locked, staring into mirrors into mirrors into mirrors.
penis flying Different mirrors make my face look different and my hair appear longer. I'll never know what I really look like. 010309
Sol why do we trust a mirror, we have no way of knowing if its reflection is true, we dont even know if what we see is true, we just take it for granted, so forget about mirrors, they are not even very good for art compostions 010404
x vix: that post was deep. I like it. 010525
DannyH Why do mirrors reverse left-right but not up-down? 010525
You deep 010526
silentbob Sorry about that window, man 010822
snurdlefork I have a strange relationship with my mirror.

I never really know what it will reflect - it seems so moody sometimes

Of course, you know it's telling the truth. You can't blame the mirror.

Which means it's my filters I'm fighting.
Mahayana [throwing & catching] 020616
phil . . . . . 4 5 3 5 4 6 7 7 4 6 3 4 5 4 3 6 4 5 7 7 5 4 6 3 4 5 4 6 3 6 4 7 7 6 4 5 3 5 4 . . . . .

how important is it to you?
phil today 020729
Laura Sitting.
Staring into your eyes,
your sweat soaked skin pressing against my own.
Your eyes stare back into mine and I recognize the love and passion I feel for you,
you feel it too.
You touch me,
you taste me,
you don't say you love me,
but that's okay with me.
Because I see the love in your eyes.
Now days later,
no phone call,
no touch.
I sit here,
the idiot,
the moron,
the girl who gave you pure love,
the girl who didn't realize that you were wearing mirrored lenses over your eyes.
Lenses that spit back at me my feelings of pride that you loved me.
Mirrors of my feelings hiding the truth that you don't love.
That you don't feel.

So now I am looking for you.
searching endlessly over every hill that some other girl sat on hearing your poetry,
your words,
all the while staring into your mirrors.

I walk over grass that cuts my feet like ribbons,
with a rock in my hand.
A rock made of my hardened love so close to hate,
my vomited heart,
to heavy to carry in my chest.

So find another girl to touch and taste and don't be surprised when I shatter your mirrors,
because baby,
my seven years of bad luck have already started.
Our Lady Dysentry "Mirrors and copulation are abominable as they multiply the numbers of man." 030601
anon People always think that women who look at their reflection in windows they pass are being vain. But its just the opposite. They are looking to make sure that they don't look bad, not to admire themselves. 031117
mmhmm . 031117
marjorie they're all right
they tell the truth
but it's still backwards
illusionary_reality mirror mirror on the wall,
have i ever existed at all?
nomme) blather mirrors 050625
hampton mirrors show you for what you really are. they can drive a person to envy, jealousy...the truth hurts.
i hate mirrors
Thus have I read / Heard. ... 050918
? What's_reality... 050918
~time reflects not~ don't spend too much time in front of mirrors. it doesn't reflect well. 070105
. all
somebody white liars, perhaps;

liars with munificient hearts...
Naomi Shadows of mirrors
catch my eye
I peer at the peerers
I suck they suck myself dry
I become frail
from the dark glare
I am nailed
to a wall; spread bare
not allowed to move
made barren
everything to prove
red herring
slit my throat
disappeared me
I put on my coat
put my key
in my pocket, and
kept it there
never again to touch my hand
I need a spare
what's it to you?
who go