Lemon_Soda A row of desks,
empty and shallow

no kind mind would ever dream of such a programming

Uniform are their acts,
every play scripted

but the vessel's visage
denies the stars shining
brightly in the heart

No fantasy world may be
the hive of like minds forever obscures it

ho, and greetings my molded sculpture. I would have words with you.

Your ever presence is a harrowing thing. What new rule or demand do you bring to my life?

I harrow you not. Your own heart denies my gifts, as if they would poison your being. I bring you another glorious choice. You live and breathe and have the lion's share, but your path is not chosen. Do you not care for the future?

My future will be, and to that I say I am content.

But I know your dreams by your own mouth. You would weave great things in my realm. Truly a prospect for greatness in all person's eyes.

I would seek greatness in mine own eyes first! As for YOUR realm, only would i pursue its greatness if it meant I would inspire others dreams to reality. Your gift is hollow.

My realm is solid! My realm is real! My rule allows security! how say you my gift is hollow? Atleast the things of my world can be touched!

There you are wrong. i feel every concept spawned by my mind. It touchs me deeper and more truly than your empty vice. I can manipulate it, use it, and forever own it solong as it lives within me. Your hard reality grates my skin and denies my soul.

I capture the essence of all minds. What i have you gave me. Am I not free with it? Do not presume, my foal. Are all others wrong compared to you?

Yes, i say, and yes again! My mind is not theirs, nor theirs mine. Who are they to know what my world should be? Do I pretend to know of them? Do i say to them "this should be, not that"? Judgement is not my calling but you would have me set the standard!

Than you care not for your fellow minds. But you have admitted your smitten heart. How can you let them slip to ruin?

They slip the direction they wish to go. It is your rules that permit self torture. i would dance in their heads and let them do the same to me. Joys would be shared and a better world born of it. It would be made each of us, not all of us.

A dream world is just that. But I see you are unswayed. So what of your road?

I make it with each step I take. Why would I walk behind others when I can forage my own destiny?

And what of destiny? is it not an ending predetermined? Would that not be a road?

A road indeed, set brick by brick by the sole of my shoe. As for destiny, yours are predetermined but mine is what i make, not constrained by definition, but fulfilled by sweet maybe in every sense of possiblity.

i give assurance. you sway in the wind like wheat in the storm. i would give you a greenhouse.

Your assurance is fallacy. Anything may happen, and it quite often does. As for your greenhouse, you may keep it. I would take the open sky and the wild field to route existence.

Poor mind, so lost. We are doomed and we know it. New rules are made everyday, and for every free mind, a thousand more lay bricks around it.

To which do we aspire?
A kingdom of men,
ripe with false affection
and dreams dulled by rigidity?

or a kingdom of self
with castles made of dreams
shining and divine
yet a lonesome star to behold?
Death of a Rose (munching on popcorn until they kick me out for having my feet on the seat in front of me)

Lemon_Soda *bows* 031021
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pipedream easy...back up..a little more...god, perfect, STOP!

*small whirring grinding noise*

*lemon soda is showered in gazillions of roses*
. wow. beautiful. 031114
oldephebe Lemon Soda, in your voice there is something familiar, something eloquent and scrubbed of all pretension and superfluity..pure powerful soul sound. I hear evocations of shakespeare, the sainted scripture of estrangement and the conviction to dive into your dreams and become that thing you were uniquely shaped for...i heard at the edges of your heart words this breaking of stone..a whiteness..a collapsing..a birth..a frission of fear no longer being the bar that embroiders and becomes the broker of all things kept out..the hand clasped over the mouth..the shout not let free..a fury unfolding it's fist..a soul..a cataclysm..a face no longer crumpling into sorrow at the merest suggestion of cruelty or arbitrary rejection..oh black wings bred in fire..they have opened and spawned something beautous!
W O N D E R F U L W O N D E R F U L !

um..okay..yeah, climbing down from my dreamspire, putting back on my bridle and my studied expression of disassociative diffraction..back into the smear and sludge of my lapsed life..
'Soda your words inspired least for a little while..keep at it though, you've got real talent..firequil dipped in destinys design..inscrutable will.. keep writing 'Soda

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The Spork Second, shoot stage manager. 031121
fan Came across as one of the random words today. Thought I'd ping it. 040302
garsh im not telling i like rereading this once in a while. 040302
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neesh i love how good people are at flagging up (dotting, egging) good blathes like this one. 051028
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spoken lemon soda your words have lifted my weary soul tis a rare thing to encounter those of free mind and unrepententing creative spirit who follow there own footsteps and are led by the purity of there own internal compass dancing to the melody of there heart strings plucked by there own fingertips keep to your destiny and you will live a glorious fruitful life
I have always held my own council examined my mind and soul with thorough concentration digesting knowledge and searching for answers within
absorbing the views of others and widdling them until they form a shape i can embrace by laying my feet one in front of the other and walking my own path i'll find what I seek and view it with clarity and reverence.
Lemon_Soda It was good to read this, today. 090408
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