twiggie yet another reminder that i will probably never speak to you again.
i love them, i love their music, but everytime i think about it i realize that i wouldn't even know who they were if it wasn't for you.

i'm sorry for whatever i did or said, although i don't even know if that was it. maybe i just got old. maybe you just got tired of talking to me. maybe maybe maybe.

i keep thinking that i've gotten over it, something so small and pathetic, but you know, i don't think i have. believe it or not, you were one of my best friends for awhile. i could tell you anything and you'd always have sound advice for me. i miss that.

i'll play *slopez* for you. it's my favourite will haven song.
twiggie i see angels in your eyes
innocence is your beauty
lose that what will you be left with
go on and find yourself in the vastness of your world
but when it divides you always can come back to innocence
everyone loves a good child
behave and never swear at the hand that feeds
we will never be able to hide behind those eyes so just bat your lashes and we'll always be safe until we find a new cause
twiggie let's go for a walk and paint the stars in constellations of cruelty can you dig the moonlight
pass around the clevers so we can cut each others hearts out
let us dine without love and make it easy and keep it meaningless
only to disintegrate any ground we shared
can you dig the moonlight
paint me your sorrow and i'll make you famous
show me your happiness and i'll forget you exist in my book
the characters bleed for what they desire
dream with me so we can ignite defuse wear friendship thin smother lust
i do not want what is not mine
i never did
i knew what i wanted but filled time with additives to block the pain of rejection
i spent too much time worrying about me i am so selfish i destroyed us and any common ground but half the fun is rebuilding
twiggie the starters pistol fires: your game is afoot, and the clones cheer you on. you radiate intimidation.
don't you think she can sense your eyes pierce to the flesh, or does your ego block?
you paint a pretty picture of yourself to her.
an abstract portrait, regardless of the truth.
don't you think she can sense your eyes pierce to the flesh or does your ego block out the emotions of another?
you'll eat her existence...a slave to your game. another's pain, fears...it's spelled out in her eyes.
when will the child's ego let go for the sake of being loved?
.ego's game.
twiggie i'm going to begin to burn down this house that we built together.
i will ignite each room, one by one.
my heart will not feed my flames..what led you to this betrayal of my feelings?
you want to be so strong and hold to your selfish convictions, what about our commitment?
how can i fill this gray spot in my heart?
i thank you, though i'm frightened because i'm sinking deeper..you've locked the door to my seclusion..my own cell..
i hate everything, everyone, including myself...my heart will not feed my flames that i've ignited to erase..how can i fill this gray spot, in my heart?
no clean break, no clean slate, just a dusty chalk board.
twiggie stepping aside to look at what I've made for stale flowing
where's my progression
I'm so quick to motivate while I falter toward
this is my endless struggle to find
you can be so bold to let your expression show
while I'm content with habitat or will seasons bleed migration
this is my endless struggle to find, life always seeking for something higher
why can't be so simple as only the strong survive
strong survive
twiggie justice for the enslaved
our minds are showered by ideas projected
our lives are material
lived through misguided obsessions
your thoughts and feelings are not yours
they're someone's bought air time
it's time we turn off our lives influenced by special interest
we watch, we die, we stop, they die
twiggie ahhhh
where art thou whvn? i miss you! i need to listen to you!
and why must jeff lie to me? i see no tourdates for minnesota! *sob*
i would be oh so happy if i could see them live! i was looking forward to january for this very reason, and the only show? a sacto show. that's lovely for the people in sacto but i can't fly to cali just for a concert...
they even played at a local highschool. AHHH. play in rochester! make the people here realize what real hardcore is!

little wonder they are finally touring!!!!
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