megan such a big word, virgin
i'm not even really sure what it means anymore, i used to see everything in such black and white hues, where now there's a gray mass settling in over the line
ok, so let me get this straight
if he makes love to me, then i would be no longer able to claim innocence?
or when he's seen every single part of me, or brushed his hand over me, i am bad?
or when he kisses me and makes me feel like i'm in a completely different place than this earth altogether, am i crossing the line?

i'm just not sure anymore. and the adults all have such "good advice" for you. "save it until marriage." "love is not real now." "you're too young to be worrying about that stuff." "he'll leave you." "everything's worse if you've had sex."

i was never one to depend on boys for survival. then he came along.
my love for you covers my life. it fills me up to brimming and overflowing with so much raw emotion, so many hopes and desires, so many expectations. and i know, and you've told me, that you can't promise me everything. you really can't even promise me anything, not even tomorrow, with this crazy world we live in. but you promise me everyday. every single day.
i want to prove all those people out there wrong. i want to prove that love can be real right now, and it can start now and go forever. but you can't promise me that, and i know realistically i can't completely promise that either? but why?? why??? i want to settle now, i don't want anything more. i couldn't.
maybe that's another aspect that comes along with being on the edge of stepping off the cliff. it's the unknown, and as a rule, we are always afraid of the unknown.
what if something did happen? what if you weren't happy with me any longer. would it be harder to take if your tool had entered my slot previously? i don't see how it could be any worse than what it already would be.

truely, i guess this rant is just me worrying and stressing over things i can't change and wishing i could plan the future now. please forgive me for being weak.
S virgin is astrong word, the meaning of innocence is being a virgin, still pure yet what is the problem with havngs sex because its all a part fo life. if your with the right guy thats all that counts. 040212
karl the weed Tip: Don't listen to people, especially about this. Youre right. 040212
emmi can i make love and still be pure? 040308
jane i found a sock in my room but it's not mine. it says on the sock:
these are very
old socks
ClairE It's not that losing your virginity is a mystical, life_altering experience. (Although I suppose it could be.)

It's just that no_one ever tells you that once you do it, you always do it. Again_and_again_and_again. No stepping backwards.

It's a barter, a plead, a slap and smile and a raised voice. At times.
minnesota_chris What does that mean, "once you do it, you always do it"? Once you have sex, you always have sex, again and again and again? Who are these wild people?

It's true, though, that once you start having sex (and any kind of sexual contact, even kissing), your body starts to crave it, and sex becomes an undercurrent in everything you say and do. It's refreshing to talk to people who don't have these feelings.
Novice See I really don't think I'm gonna have sex til

1.)I'm out of college (maybe still in law school maybe not)

2.)I have a steady boyfriend

3.)I'm on the verge of getting married

This is only because all my virgin friends, who were virgins when I met them, have had sex and became hoes. It's sicken really.
thieums Sex is like drugs : try it once, you're addicted for life.

We know that drugs are bad.

So, then, sex is bad.

Socrates doesn't come to my rescue today...
no-one make it go away... 040428
Me? Huh? 040803
Me? Huh? 040803
czmember yup until i'm probably 25 or so that's a long time 040803
silentbob maybe some day i won't be so lonely 040803
globalfruitbat I (and most of my girls friends) waited till I was 18-not because I wanted to be 18 before I had sex, but i wasn't with someone who meant enough to me--and made me happy enough and with whom I felt right wnough--till then. Actually, with one excpetion, all my friends were either 18 or had graduated from high school--my best friend and I were both and three of my friends are still virgins. it really doesn't matter when you fist have sex as long as it is right for you. if you are ready now, or if you want o wait till you are older, that is a decision that you have to make, and If you make it feeling aware of your body and the body of the other person, if you are happy and safe, and feel good about the decision afterwards, then you made the right choice.

My first time was awesome, and i'm so glad I waited. If I had had sex with my high school boyfriend, I know I would've regretted it. (which is why i didn't.)

never feel bad about any decision you make to keep yourself safe and happy.

actually, just don't regret! cause then you miss too much of your life!
me Maybe It Is Good To Not Know What Your Missing 040816
BarbyDoll Being this gives me more power. And I enjoy my friends who shake their heads and say "you are so innocent." But sometimes it is a very hard thing to be. 041117
emmi i don't think this makes anyone any more innocent than those who are not virgins.
innocence is a state of mind.
shilohlives It's just so hard to pull yourslef back once you want it. I am still and I plan to be for a long time, but It's so hard to stay secure in that, because I really want to share everything with my boyrfriend. 041118
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